More trouble for those two New York Times‘ reporters covering the Pellicano scandal, David Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner. I had the following sketched out for me by phone tonight about another threat to the journalists’ protection of their confidential sources: I’m told two defense lawyers in the Pellicano scandal filed a motion today pressuring the U.S. Attorney’s Office to haul the reporters before a grand jury and force them to reveal the source of their government evidence leaks. While I haven’t yet seen the filing, I’m told attorneys Stephen Miller and Chad Hummel claim in it that the U.S. Attorney’s Office, because of the leaking, is holding back necessary discovery and that’s unfair to their client, LAPD officer Mark Arneson. (He’s accused of trolling through police computers to dig up dirt on Pellicano targets.) I’m told tomorrow’s legal newspaper Daily Journal will have an in-depth story by writer John Hanusz on this latest development.