Disney issued a statement today denying the Los Angeles Times report that its promo relationship with McDonald’s is ending. “To set the record straight, we have had a very positive relationship with McDonald’s for the last 10 years and are looking forward to our upcoming movies Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean which will be supported by McDonald’s promotions. While our contract with them will expire at the end of the year, we look forward to a more flexible, non-exclusive relationship where we will be working with them on a case by case basis.”  The LAT, citing “multiple high-ranking sources” within Disney, reported that the company was responding to health activists who attributed the growing number of overweight children, in part, to fast-food chains. McDonald’s, in turn, said that the article was “based on Hollywood hearsay” and was “a misrepresentation of the truth.” In other words, McD’s went ballistic that anyone at Disney ratted it out.