LADJ.jpgWhile the media seems to have suddenly gone silent on the Pellicano scandal (The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, even bloggers), the one guy plugging away at it with scoops is John Hanusz, whose beat for the local legal newspaper Los Angeles Daily Journal is the federal courts. So I phoned him today for the 411 about him. He’s a 33-year-old attorney-turned-journalist who came to the Downtown Los Angeles paper from a legal practice in Atlanta in July 2005. ( that must be one disappointed mother…) The problem for Hanusz is that his stories don’t get much Internet play because it costs major $$$ to subscribe to the LADJ. He’s kinda close-mouthed (due, no doubt, to all that legal training) about opining. But he did express his feelings about reporting the story. “The key to this case is don’t get your hopes up. That’s the key to covering it, anyway. That’s been my mantra in all of this.” And, yes, he’s having “fun. Absolutely. It’s fascinating.”

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