Well, at least she has Harrison Ford to hug her. I’m told that the chances of Calista Flockhart’s new TV pilot Brothers & Sisters making the ABC schedule were once slim but now better. And the reason has to do with Flockhart herself. Once so popular as Ally McBeal, I hear she “tested poorly” and the show was “as good as gone,” one source tells me. Now another source says the pilot was recut “and the testing came way up.” Flockhart had a good cast, creators and director behind her on what’s being described as this primetime soap opera about siblings who wind up running the family business after their father dies. On the other hand, Calista has been in near-reclusion since Ally McBeal went off the air in 2002. Is that much time kind to anyone’s career? (Example: Linda Evans on that Dynasty reunion show tonight looks like a drag queen.)