UPDATE: Pat Dollard vs Sharon Waxman, Trailer for Pat Dollard’s Iraq Documentary

Everyone is writing about ex-Hollywood agent Pat Dollard (Steven Soderbergh’s former rep) while everyone in Hollywood is worrying he’s gone all Colonel Kurtz (some say Travis Bickle) on us. My view? Agenting makes everyone who does it crazy, and Dollard is just trying to regain his sanity. Trouble is, he’s doing it in Iraq and making like a pro-war Michael Moore with a camcorder. Coverage of him began in January with a squib in U.S. News & World Report, which then solicited Dollard’s own account of the trials of filming what is described as his TV documentary.

One nadir: his Humvee convoy (above: Dollard’s photo of it courtesy of U.S. News) was blown up by a “monster” IED in Ramadi, killing two Marines and sending him into the hospital. He confided to U.S. News he worries about the soldiers, and tells that to his camera a lot. Read here and here (scroll down for both). There’s this week’s update from him on HollywoodInterrupted.com. Thankfully, Dollard is up and around again. I, for one, can’t wait to see his footage no matter its political POV. If HBO were ironic, it’d run it as the half-hour companion to Entourage.