So everyone and their mother wants to do a profile on the Pellicano prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel A. Saunders. But I’m told he won’t even cooperate with the legal paper Daily Journal, and they profile judges, for chrissakes. I’ve also learned he doesn’t even have an official bio ready. And I can’t find an online photo of him to feature here. It’s really astounding how this guy who has got Hollywood by the balls right now has avoided any personal publicity. (That rarely happens in this town.) Speaking of the Daily Journal, which unfortunately requires major moolah to subscribe to even online, staff writer John Hanusz has a not-very-surprising but seriously earnest story that the Justice Department and the FBI are pissed about those leaked memos quoted in two New York Times stories. Those memos were about interviews given the FBI by L.A. grocery (and soon to be newspaper?) billionaire Ron Burkle, Paramount Pictures boss Brad Grey, and Hollywood bad boy Michael Ovitz. Saunders notified the U.S. District Court judge in the Pellicano case, Dale S. Fischer, that her order to keep the memos confidential was violated — get this!— a week after those same memos were turned over to defense attorneys. Pellicano’s lawyer Steven Gruel strenuously denies he was the leaker. Well, we already know from Washington D.C. news of late that the DOJ doesn’t tolerate leaks to the press these days (as long as it’s not the White House doing the leaking, eh?) Oh yeah, subpoenas are definitely in the futures of NYT‘s Pellicano probers David Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner. I’m baking cakes with saws hidden inside for them.

Re Pellicano press: NYT reporters may be going to jail, Vanity Fair has a juicy article coming out next week (I got advance copy of it this AM here), the Daily Journal is scoring some scoops, and all the Los Angeles Times can come up with this week using three of its reporters is … Chris Rock and some model? Spring Street is way behind.

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