Remember I told you that Geraldo Rivera is looking for regulars to be part of one- or two-times a week panel discussions about the Pellicano scandal for his syndicated Geraldo at Large? Well, he’s still seeking suckers, er, suitable people. He recently went to the author of the Anthony Pellicano Web Links Blog who emails me: “What you wrote about Geraldo wasn’t just an ugly rumor. It’s an ugly-soon-to-be-true fact. A [producer] from the program contacted me on Friday for an interview. My 17 year old son’s response I think sums up my sentiments about the possibility. He muttered in pure adolescent disgust, ‘Loser.'”

Remember I told the producer I’d rather have someone split open my head than be part of Geraldo’s show? Maybe this is the start of an Anti-Sleaze TV trend. In 2003, “Dateline NBC” correspondent Josh Mankiewicz asked for my help on Michael Jackson. I told him I’d rather thread a needle through my eye than report that story. When I asked why he wasn’t spending his time on more important matters, like Iraq, he said his bosses would rather air the MJ crap. “Just say no,” I told him. He laughed sadly.

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