For the record, Tom Freston, Brad Grey and Grey’s lawyer all discussed what Brad did or didn’t do, knew or didn’t know, re Pellicano before Grey was hired to head Paramount Studios, Freston confirms to Business Week. The brief article describes Grey’s short Paramount tenure so far as “brutal even by Hollywood’s barracuda standards” and features yet another stand-by-your-man statement from a Viacom topper. “I believe in Brad,” Freston tells Ron Grover for the piece headlined Mission: Precarious, “and I believe he’s telling me the truth.”

Less so with reporters re all those Paramount denials that anything was amiss with Grey’s No. 2, Gail Berman. “The phone lines began lighting up in his newly decorated suite at the stately Paramount studios with agents complaining that Berman was abrasive and feuded with her top assistants on which pictures to choose — both no-nos in a world where turmoil inside a studio drives hot projects away to rivals. In no time, agents say, Grey was speed-dialing his way through town, soothing feelings, even as the studio denied any rifts,” Grover writes.