Jewish JournalHere’s the new annual Purim cover spoof by the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. It sends up this town’s Jew/Oscars/Hollywood ties, especially Jewish discomfort with the moral equivalence in Steven Spielberg’s Munich. “Spielberg to Jews Post-Munich: “I wish I could quit you.” And “Spielberg to Direct “Balanced” Jaws Sequel: Amity Beach”, showing Bruce the Shark about to lay a big wet kiss on Steven. (You know why the shark is called Bruce, of course: after Spielberg’s Great White lawyer, Bruce Ramer.) And “Jewish Kids Riot After Blasphemous Cartoon Depiction” showing South Park tot Kyle Broflovsky, the Jewish kid. Also, disgraced GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff with Mickey Mouse ears: “The Hat Means Nothing!” More hilarious, even though they were trying to be serious, is the Jewish Journal inside review by Tom Tugend (is that a Jewish name?) of the Oscars from the Jewish perspective. Homey Rachel Weisz wins! Serves it right that Munich loses! Jon Stewart more Jewish than Billy Crystal! JJ cover enlarged