Note to Jon Klein, honcho at CNN: You might want to get a succession plan together sooner than later. Around Beverly Hills, they’re noticing that 72-year-old resident Larry King seems increasingly frail physically. (I could go into detail, but I consider it unseemly.) Also, back around Thanksgiving, guest Jerry Seinfeld appeared less than amused at having to repeat stuff to King again and again because it wasn’t registering with the talk show host. Plugging the sitcom’s latest DVD release, Seinfeld had the nerve to actually tsk-tsk King on-air: “I talked about that. You’re not listening to me, Larry.” Losing King for whatever reason would be a huge blow to Klein (but a boon to serious journalism), especially since that show is often the highest rated CNN nightly offering. Suffice it to say that Klein better get into serious talking mode with guest hosts Nancy Grace, Bob Costas (King’s official fill-in), or, heaven forbid, Ryan Seacrest.

Photo: Larry arriving at the Herbie: Fully Loaded premiere in Hollywood, June 19, 2005. Photo credit: William Kallay at