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James Corden Teases Britney Spears’ Carpool Karaoke

The Late Late Show With James Corden

James Corden’s CBS late-night show teased Britney Spears’ Carpool Karaoke this evening. A couple weeks ago, CBS announced at TCA that Spears would be the next celeb to ride along with Corden for some Carpool Karaoke. The pop star is set for The Late Late Show segment on Thursday, a day before her ninth studio album Glory is released via RCA Records. Grammy winner Spears has sold nearly 100 million records worldwide. She has had six No. 1-debuting albums on the Billboard… Read

‘StartUp’ Review: Crackle Drama Gritty But Not A Great Investment


As we all know about today's economic environment, starting a new company comes with a lot of risk and, with rare exceptions, distant or mixed rewards. In many ways, launching a new TV series in the Peak TV Era faces a lot of the same problems and possibilities. When it comes to StartUp, the Crackle original series that debuts September 6, the drama is not a venture I recommend you invest in. With the plot revolving around the creation of a digital currency system that… Read

Stephen Colbert Does Best Ryan Lochte “Interview” About Rio Gas Station Incident

Ryan Lochte Stephen Colbert

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert last night did the best “interview” with U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte about his gas station encounter in Rio – based on which, it’s probably safe to say, Lochte never will actually sit down for an interview with Colbert. Speaking to Edited Lochte, Colbert “asked” the question we all were shouting in our heads while watching Matt Lauer’s much-touted sit-down with Lochte for NBC. Colbert wondered, for instance, how the story of Lochte’s… Read

‘La La Land’ Trailer: It’s Emma Stone’s Turn To Sing

La La Land

Like the earlier first look at Lionsgate/Summit’s La La Land, a star is singing over a dialogue-free trailer. Last time it was Ryan Gosling, so this time Emma Stone takes center stage, singing the song “Audition” from the pic, which is now ramping up ahead of its world premiere August 31 at the Venice Film Festival. The pic tells the story of Stone’s Mia (Stone), an aspiring actress, and Sebastian (Gosling), a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet… Read

Ryan Lochte For President?

FILE - In this Aug. 9, 2016, file photo, United States' Ryan Lochte checks his time after a men' 4x200-meter freestyle relay heat during the swimming competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A Brazilian police official told The Associated Press that Lochte fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro.   (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

UPDATED with video: While ABC’s late-night host Jimmy Kimmel welcomes Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton back to his show tonight in Hollywood, in New York, CBS Stephen Colbert wonders if U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte did not demonstrate in Rio, and on NBC’s Today this morning, that his talents are wasted on in the pool, and better suited for Washington. The day after the Rio Olympics officially wrapped – and hours after Today aired the final bits of Matt Lauer… Read

Jimmy Kimmel Has Hillary Clinton Open Jar Of Pickles To Demonstrate Her State Of Health

Hillary Clinton Jimmy Kimmel 2016

Updated with video: “Who would have thought this audience would be so excited about the co-founder of ISIS,!” ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel enthused when Hillary Clinton walked out on his stage tonight. Turns out, preparing to interview Hillary Clinton on a late night show is not so hard these days what with Donald Trump’s camp writing so much good comedy. Like that ongoing storyline Clinton is very ill. Clinton played along, though mostly she tried to stay… Read

‘Kidnap’ Trailer: If You Snatch Halle Berry’s Child, She Will Come After You – Hard

M10 Halle Berry stars in Relativity Studios'  "Kidnap"..Copyright (c) 2015 Kidnap Holdings, LLC.  .Photo: Peter Iovino.

It’s been a long, strange trip for Kidnap, the thriller starring Halle Berry as a mom who won’t sit idly by after her son is abducted. It was among the films caught in the Relativity kerfuffle, and its release date has been less carved in stone than in wet sand on a shoreline. But here it is: The official first trailer. Take a look above. From the first terrifying moments on not being able to locate her child (Sage Correa) to catching sight of him being hurried into a… Read

‘Southside With You’ Review: Date Night With The Obamas Sweet & Enlightening

Southside With You

One of the most unexpected movie ideas of the year, Southside With Youwriter-director Richard Tanne’s account of the 1989 first date between Barack Obama and future FLOTUS Michelle Robinson, turns out to be lovely to watch and absorb. I doubt the Obamas themselves would think this would make compelling summertime screen entertainment, but it is sweet stuff with lots of food for thought. As I say in my video review above, what makes it really hum are the exceptional… Read

Pundits Weigh In On Degree Of Desperation In ABC’s ‘Scandal’-less Thursday Promo. Mission Accomplished.


A new promo for ABC’s Thursday night lineup which, this fall will include a drama not produced by Shonda Rhimes, has TV pundits arguing as to whether it’s too desperate. To recap: It’s a promo. Reporters Who Cover Television are writing posts/columns/article/blogs boasting they got a scoop on the video (reminder: it’s an ad) or debating its lack of subtlety in promoting the temporary absence of a series in which these very subtle things have happened: — A Washington fixer… Read

‘War Dogs’ Review: Jonah Hill & Miles Teller Take On The Military In Darkly Funny Excellent Adventure

War Dogs

Take a little American Hustle, add a bit of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, then throw in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and you have the recipe for War Dogsa rather incredible true story and the first semi-serious movie from The Hangover director Todd Phillips. I say semi-serious because despite some fascinating insights into the business of war, this is really a funny buddy picture at heart. But as I say in my video review (click the link above to… Read

Donald Trump’s First TV Ad As GOP Nominee Narrated By Bruce McGill

Donald Trump ad 2

Donald Trump finally has entered the TV ad wars for the November general election, and he got a familiar face — if not necessarily a familiar name or voice — to narrate it. Bruce McGill, the prolific character actor who co-stars on Rizzoli & Isles but is locked into movie comedy lore as D-Day from Animal House, does the voice-over for the spot titled “Two Americas: Immigration.” The ad begins with verbiage that has been pounded into our collective brains during the past… Read

Jon Stewart To Larry Wilmore On Final ‘The Nightly Show’: “What Did You Do, Piss Off Peter Thiel?”

Larry Wilmore John Stewart

"What did I miss? What's going on?" Jon Stewart said, on Larry Wilmore’s final The Nightly Show, after getting caught trying to walk off with the bottle of champagne John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight sent over. Wilmore told him Comedy Central had canceled the late-night program. “Did you piss off Peter Thiel? Does revenge know no bounds?" Stewart marveled. [Billionaire PayPal co-founder Thiel reportedly secretly bankrolled Hulk Hogan's invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against… Read