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Stephen Colbert Leaks His Own Meltdown Tape After Someone Leaks Lawrence O’Donnell’s For Him

Having watched what happened to MSNBC primetime star Lawrence O'Donnell when someone leaked footage of him having an on-camera meltdown during a glitch-riddled taping, CBS late-night star Stephen Colbert decided to get out in front of his own similar embarrassing Late Show incident. In video leaked this week, The Last Word anchor was seen grimacing, swearing, thumping his desk, jumping out of his chair, and otherwise losing his cool when the “insanity” begins. “Who is… Read

Jimmy Kimmel: Donald Trump Would Sign Copies Of Koran At Barnes & Noble In Fallujah To Kill Bill Named For Obama

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel tonight tangled with President Donald Trump, as well the co-authors of the latest GOP Obamacare kill bill who, the Washington Post writes, do not understand their own bill’s impact as well as the late-night host. Again tonight, Kimmel explained he found himself in the middle of this battle after his son, Billy, had open heart surgery at age 3 days, when Sen. bill Cassidy guested on his show to make assurances to Kimmel’s audience that he failed to keep. “The… Read

‘Young Sheldon’ Review: CBS Prequel Far From Pint-Sized ‘Big Bang Theory’

Young Sheldon TV Review

If you are expecting a smaller but similar The Big Bang Theory in CBS' new series Young Sheldon, you might want to re-calibrate your expectations. Debuting with a preview September 25 following the Season 11 premiere of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady’s Emmy-winning science geek blockbuster, the prequel series created by Lorre and Steven Molaro is way more Wonder Years meets Friday Night Lights. As I say in my video review above, that might not be the best theory in action… Read

Salma Hayek Raises Funds For Mexico City Earthquake Victims; J.K. Rowling, Edward James Olmos Make Pleas

Salma Hayek’s fundraising efforts for the victims of Mexico’s recent disasters were approaching the $300,000 mark today, a day after the actress-producer launched the Crowdrise project for Unicef. “After the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City,” Hayek says in a video on the Crowdrise page, “I was evacuated from my building. A lot of friends died, including an uncle that was very, very close to me. I have lived through the aftermath of a disaster of this magnitude and it’s… Read

‘Peter Rabbit’ Trailer: James Corden Hops In As The Kid-Lit Legend

This party animal is sportin’ a blue jacket but no pants. He treats fellow woodland creatures to an “all you can eat” in a garden, even the fox who tried to make hasenpfeffer out of him. He hosts a swingin’ bash — well, “hosts” is not the correct verb, as the place clearly isn’t his. Then again, neither is the garden. Meet Peter Rabbit, titular star of Sony’s live-action/animation hybrid. Check out the first trailer above. While this likely isn’t the way Beatrix Potter… Read

Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle Of Dogs’ Trailer Is Most Fetching

Isle Of Dogs

It’s been eight years since Wes Anderson went stop-motion for Fantastic Mr. Fox, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s book that ended up with two Oscar nominations, including Best Animated Feature. He returns to the genre along with partner Indian Paintbrush armed with that success (and know-how) for Isle Of Dogs, which upon first blush maintains Mr. Fox‘s visual sensibility but creates a new world in some sort of version of Japan. The pic centers on Atari… Read

‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Trailer: Kenneth Branagh Steers A Trainful Of Stars, Drops A Clue

"A passenger has died,” announces Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot near the start of this new trailer for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Murder on the Orient Express. “The murderer is on the train now. Everyone is a suspect. So let’s catch a killer.” That’s about as efficient a bit of dialogue as you’re likely to hear in any trailer, neatly setting up the premise for this star-studded Orient Express for anyone who hasn’t read the book or seen Sidney Lumet’s 1974 screen… Read

Jimmy Kimmel: Senator Bill Cassidy “Got Caught With His GOPenis Out” In Obamacare Replace Bill

Jimmy Kimmel opened his Wednesday late night show pounding Sen. Bill Cassidy for playing the Comedians are Dummies Card on CNN earlier in the day, while trying to defend his indefensible Obamacare repeal and replace plan. “Last night on the show I took a Senator from Louisiana, Bill Cassidy to task for promising, to my face, that he would oppose any healthcare plan that allowed insurance companies to turn away people with pre-existing conditions, and any healthcare plan… Read

‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Trailer: “Dad, She Hears Everything You’re Saying”

The Meyerowitz Stories

Films from streaming services that premiered at Cannes and are headed to the New York Film Festival are having their day. After the trailer for Amazon/Roadshow’s Wonderstruck landed this morning, Netflix has released its full trailer for The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), the pic from writer-director Noah Baumbach that stars Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman. The film revolves around three adult siblings (Sandler, Stiller and Elizabeth Marvel)… Read

Hillary Clinton To Colbert: Trump Speech “Dangerous”; President Snipes Back – UPDATE

Hillary Clinton Stephen Colbert

UPDATE, with Trump tweet Apparently responding to Hillary Clinton’s appearance on CBSLate Show with Stephen Colbert, President Donald Trump says Clinton allowed North Korea to “research and build Nukes” while she was Secretary of State. “Crooked Hillary now criticizes,” Trump tweeted today. And he takes a swipe at “Bill C” as well, possibly an acknowledgement that Bill Clinton was, well, the president. See his tweet below. PREVIOUS Tuesday Hillary Clinton’s appearance… Read

‘Anna And The Apocalypse’ Trailer: Zombie Christmas Musical Dawns At Fantastic Fest

EXCLUSIVE: From Scottish director John McPhail, Anna And The Apocalypse will have its world premiere in competition this Friday at Fantastic Fest in Austin. The zombie Christmas tuner about a group of friends trying to survive with an undead horde in relentless pursuit is based on the 2010 BAFTA-winning short Zombie Musical. That film was directed by the late Ryan McHenry who shares screenwriting credit on Anna with Alan McDonald. Check out the exclusive teaser… Read

‘Wonderstruck’ Trailer Strikes After Running Festival Gauntlet


Todd HaynesWonderstruck has weaved its way through the fall festival season after its world premiere in competition at Cannes, with stops in Telluride and Venice and a New York Film Festival centerpiece slot still to come. Now Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions — the duo that teamed for last year’s Oscar Best Picture nominee Manchester by the Sea — have released the first full trailer of their latest collaboration, Haynes’ adaptation of Brian Selznick’s novel. The… Read