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Bruce Jenner: ‘I Am A Woman’

Jenner Sawyer Interview

During tonight’s interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner talked about wanting, as a small child growing up in Tarrytown, to dress in his sisters’ dresses, and cover his short hair with his mother's scarves. "I was a lonely boy. I'm still a lonely big boy,” Jenner said. “I don't socialize a lot. I'm not an outgoing person. I never fit in." "I see women and think how lucky they are that they can wake up in the morning and be themselves." Bruce Jenner – The Interview had… Read

Bruce Jenner To Anyone Who Thinks Otherwise: ‘This Is Not A Publicity Stunt’

Bruce Jenner This Is Not A Publicity Stunt

One of the next things Diane Sawyer asked Bruce Jenner as the long-awaited and -promoted interview finally got under way was that there are people who just don’t believe this is anything but another publicity stunt. To which Jenner responds with an exaggerated, joking gesture that Oh, no, we would never do that. More seriously — Really? People think that he would go through the physical, medical and surgical changes over a period of months or years, just for publicity… Read

‘Happyish’ Review: Showtime’s Dark Comedy Is Just Sad


With Mad Men about to end its seven-year run, a new dark comedy from This American Life contributor Shalom Auslander is debuting at April 26 to try to skewer the advertising industry and almost everything else. However, unlike AMC's Matthew Weiner-created drama, there isn't a lot to recommend about Showtime's Happyish. Despite a cast led by Steve Coogan, Kathryn Hahn and Bradley Whitford, the flabby show about middle aging, economic insecurity and social media bald spots… Read

Content In Deal With ‘Devil In The Deep Blue Sea'; ‘Spiral’ Unspools At Col-Coa – Global Briefs


Content Media has acquired international rights to romantic drama The Devil In The Deep Blue Sea starring Jason Sudeikis, Maisie Williams, Jessica Biel, Orlando Jones, Paul Reiser and Mary Steenburgen. Currently in post, it's directed by Bill Purple (New Girl) from a script he wrote with Robbie Pickering and is described as a "deeply emotional, funny, and, ultimately, a life-affirming tale about the human spirit and the power of life and love." Biel produced through her… Read

‘Black Mass’ Trailer: First Look At Johnny Depp As Boston Gangster Whitey Bulger

Black Mass Johnny depp 2015

Given how many films and TV show plots the man inspired, it’s kind of surprising that James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger never has been the subject of a narrative film. That changes with Black Mass, based on the true-crime book and starring an almost unrecognizable Johnny Depp as the Boston gangster-turned-informant-turned-fugitive. The first brutal and slightly terrifying official trailer has been released from captivity, and we have the UK version here. Set during the 1970s, B… Read

‘Something Rotten!’ Review: A Musical Comedy Creampuff Set In Shakespeare’s Era

Something Rotten Broadway

Facing competition from that red hot up-and-comer down the street, one Will Shakespeare, the Bottom brothers have to come up with a new hit or see their troupe out on the streets. The amusing result is Something Rotten!, a creampuff-light play within a musical comedy opening on Broadway that, as I say in my video review above, I think many theater-goers will happily sink their teeth into. The play just opened at the St. James Theater and stars Brian d’Arcy James and John… Read

‘The Disappearance’ Uncovers Big Ratings; Is It France’s ‘Broadchurch’?

DISPARUE The Disappeared

From Quad Television, the TV arm of the production company behind 2011’s hit feature The Intouchables, Disparue (aka The Disappearance) may just be France’s answer to UK dramas like Broadchurch and The Missing. The series debuted on Wednesday night on France 2, drawing 5.26M viewers and a 20.8 share for the first episode, and 5.4M viewers and a 22.2 share for the second. They handily won the night, beating two new installments of Grey’s Anatomy on leading broadcaster TF1… Read

‘Tut’ Trailer: First Look At Ben Kingsley In Spike TV’s Sword-And-Scandals Saga

Tut 1

“They need a savior,” young King Tut avers. “They crave a hero. And they will worship the man who can bring them to victory.” Here’s our first look at Tut, Spike TV’s sword-and-scandals event series starring Ben Kingsley and Avan Jogia as Ancient Egypt’s Boy King. The Gandhi Oscar winner plays Ay, the Grand Vizier to King Tutankhamun who wields tremendous power and influence as his top adviser. There’s sex, violence, politics, intrigue, conspiracy, slashing, slapping and… Read

Chris Rock Explains Why Black Americans Abandoned Baseball, On HBO’s ‘Real Sports’

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

Chris Rock debuted on HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel last night, and wondered what became of African-Americans in baseball. Rock’s the latest comedic voice tapped by HBO to close the sports show’s episodes with some take on an element of the sports industry. In February, HBO announced Bill Maher would debut this new segment on the program as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. “I'm an endangered species: a black baseball fan,” Rock began. “When I was growing up, we… Read

David Spade Channels His Inner Britt McHenry In Mean-Boy Tirade: Funny Or Die

Funny or Die

As ESPN’s suspension of suddenly notorious reporter Britt McHenry’s winds to a close, Funny or Die takes a look back at each breathtaking moment of the mean-girl tirade against a towing-company clerk that started it all, as interpreted by David Spade, with an assist from Jon Lovitz. ESPN last week suspended McHenry after what appeared to be security-camera footage surfaced of her exchange with the towing-company clerk. Even after the clerk mentioned that their exchange was… Read

‘NBC Nightly News’ Transgender Children Series Strong On Social Media


NBC Nightly News debuted the first of Kate Snow's series on transgender children last night. According to fast affiliate stats — which measure timeslot early ratings — NBC Nightly News logged 7.884 million viewers; 1.943 million in the news demo. ABC’s World News Tonight appears to have outstripped it on both counts (though the NBC newscast’s numbers tend to adjust upward to a larger degree than ABC’s when final stats come in) and by bigger margins than ABC had on Monday… Read

‘The Age Of Adaline’ Review: Blake Lively’s Love Story For The Ages

The Age of Adaline Blake Lively

Avengers fans don’t kill me, but if I had my choice between Age Of Ultron and The Age Of Adalinea splendid new romantic drama opening Friday, I just might choose Adaline. Guess I am just a romantic at heart but as I say in my video review above, this magical, quirkily original and beautifully acted love story is irresistible. It’s almost like an elongated Twilight Zone episode merged with Somewhere In Time but at its core, it has its own beating heart. It’s one of those… Read