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‘Furious 7′ Extended Clip: Who’s Up For A Little Skydriving?

Fast & furious

No denying that those Fast & Furious folks pretty much have done it all with four wheels on the road and quite often a ways above it. But parachuting out of a plane in their cars? Here’s an extended clip from Furious 7, in which Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez hold up their end of the mission, while Tyrese Gibson needs a wee bit of nudging. This footage aired tonight near the end of the premiere episode of USA Network’s DIG. The Universal… Read

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Review: Tina Fey Netflix Comedy More Than Funny, Says Dominic Patten

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

More than two years after 30 Rock wrapped up, Tina Fey is back with a new comedy looking at the foibles of modern life and NYC. Except this time the series created by the SNL alum and 30 Rock showrunner Robert Carlock is on Netflix not NBC and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt goes to some rather dark places with a disarming sunny disposition. As my video review about says, the Ellie Kemper-starring series that debuts its entire 13-episode first season early tomorrow on the… Read

‘DIG’ Review: USA Network Event Series Not Very Deep, Says Dominic Patten


Debuting at 10 tonight on USA Network, the 10-episode series created by Gideon Raff and Tim Kring stays pretty shallow despite its international, geopolitical and historical reach and aspirations. Even with its attempts to dig into the mysteries and revelations deep beneath Jerusalem and the potentially world-ending plans of Christian and Jewish extremists, DIG is, as my video review above says, really just a plodding procedural dressed up in solemn garb. The event series… Read

Conan Reports For CNN In Cuba

Conan CNN

Conan O’Brien reported on the scene in Central Havana from a romantic rooftop, during his much-ballyhooed trip to Cuba, which debuted last night as a special edition of his TBS late-night show, coincidentally called Conan In Cuba.  “I am realizing Anderson Cooper has a very easy job,” Conan says as heimagines how CNN would report, from the rooftop, on barking dogs and two men engaged in something he described as Rooftop Competitive Dove Throwing in which birds are tossed… Read

Ian McKellen Does His Own Beekeeping Stunts In ‘Mr Holmes’ Teaser Trailer


Mr. Holmes was one of the bright spots of this year’s Berlin Film Festival where it debuted out of competition. Director Bill Condon reteams with his Gods And Monsters star Ian McKellen who plays the 93-year-old Sherlock as he revisits the circumstances of the unsolved case that forced him into retirement, and searches for answers to the mysteries of life and love – before it's too late. Laura Linney plays his housekeeper and Milo Parker is her young son and Holmes… Read

‘Self/Less’ Trailer With Ryan Reynolds & Ben Kingsley: Would You Take A Life To Live Forever?


“We offer humanity’s greatest minds more time to fill their potential.” Nice pitch. But later it’s revealed that “immortality has some side effects.” Here’s the first full trailer for director Tarsem Singh’s sci-fi thriller Self/Less, which sees a megarich and self-involved architect (Ben Kingsley) who’s dying of cancer undergo a procedure that puts him in the body of a healthy younger man (Ryan Reynolds). Asked how he’s doing, the new/old guy remarks about “that new body… Read

‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailer: Where’s Spider-Man When You Need Him?

Avengers Ultron

This is the third trailer to drop for Disney/Marvel’s mega tentpole Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the second pic after the original’s $1.52 billion (with a B) haul in 2012, the third-biggest total of all time. This one, of course, introduces the mighty Ultron to the party, and today’s trailer reveals better than previous ones that James Spader’s voice fits the ominous tones perfectly. Judging by the footage here, there’s no reason to think Ultron won’t get close to what the… Read

‘American Crime’ Review: John Ridley Drama Guilty Of Being Very Good, Says Dominic Patten


A year after he won the Adapted Screenplay Oscar for 12 Years A Slave, John Ridley returns with American Crime, an ABC drama which premieres at 10 PM Thursday in the spot formerly occupied by How To Get Away With Murder. As I say in my video review above, the 11-episode limited series marks a resounding flag planting by network television and tells cable that it doesn’t own poignant drama on our small screens. Everything starts on American Crime with a brutal home… Read

‘He Never Died’ Clip: Henry Rollins Even More Badass In SXSW Midnight Pic

He Never Died

Henry Rollins is an actor, musician, author, journalist, radio host, world traveler, publisher and a whole lot more — but Los Angeles folks of a certain age might remember him best at the ’80s frontman for punk legends Black Flag. Regardless, it’s unlikely anyone has seen him like this: with a hunger for human flesh. Welcome to He Never Died, writer-director Jason Krawczyk’s film about Jack (Rollins), an outcast and recluse with a violent past who battles his eternal… Read

‘CSI: Cyber’ Review: Patricia Arquette Plugs In Franchise, Says Dominic Patten

CSI Cyber Patricia Arquette

Debuting Wednesday on CBS, the newest installment in the CSI franchise features Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette. Yet, despite being the fourth series in the franchise the show is, as I say in my video review above, surprisingly fresh. And make no mistake about it, CSI: Cyber is truly the Patricia Arquette show. The first CSI to be led by a woman, this latest incarnation is very 2015 while not trying any sort of genre or franchise overreach in what has obviously… Read

‘Conan In Cuba’ Trailer: First Look At TBS Late-Night Special


Conan O’Brien’s much ballyhooed trip to Cuba over President’s Day weekend, will debut tomorrow night at 11 PM ET/PT as a special edition of his TBS late night show, coincidentally called Conan In Cuba. Shot over four days in Havana, with 10 staffers, including the host and producer, Conan has said he did not want the episode to be a snarky-American comedy take, or a political statement — more fish-out-of-water. In the episode, Conan learns to roll a cigar at a cigar… Read

‘Community’ Trailer: Yahoo Joins Yahoos For Season 6


The long, winding road of the Dan Harmon-created Community has led it from NBC to Yahoo, which over the summer revived NBC’s perennial bubble show that was finally canceled after five seasons. The new class of Greendale Community College includes Paget Brewster and Keith David joining the core group that includes Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, Dani Pudi and Ken Jeong. Harmon said in January that there will be a “loosening of the corset” on the new… Read