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Brexit Reactions: Late-Night Comics And Pals Race To Keep Pace With Donald Trump

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Amer Ghazzal/REX/Shutterstock (5736467a)
Brexit pin badge
EU Referendum Voting, London, UK - 24 Jun 2016

Donald Trump doesn’t have the corner on Brexit reactions that made people sit up and take notice today. Late-night TV hosts and other comics contributed energetically. Trump set the bar pretty high when, flying to Scotland for the opening of Trump Turnberry, he forecast the vote would be great for his golf resort’s business: “Look, if the pound goes down, they’re gonna do more business,” the presumptive GOP nominee enthused. “You know, when the pound goes down, more… Read

‘The Shallows’ Review: Blake Lively Makes For Lovely Shark Bait In Zillionth Ripoff Of ‘Jaws’

The Shallows Review

You have to give director Jaume Collet-Serra and the producers of this exploitative shark vs. surfer-woman movie credit — they know how to do it for a price. You can just imagine the pitch meeting on Columbia Pictures’ The Shallows. “Hey let’s plug a summer release hole with this cheap shark movie where we only have to hire one star, keep it in one location, and bring it in under 90 minutes for maximum showtimes!” And that is what they have done by casting Blake Lively as… Read

John Oliver’s Brexit Screed Gets Post-Vote Reaction

John Oliver Brexit

Unlike Americans, TV viewers in the UK were not able to see John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight edition from last Sunday, in which he blasted Brexit, until after they’d cast their votes on Thursday. Sky said it was compelled to delay the blistering 15-minute screed, owing to UK’s pesky Ofcom regs that prevent broadcasters from airing things that might actually impact voting. Unlike newspapers, which are allowed to print things that might actually impact voting. Which is just… Read

Louis C.K. On Launching Web Series ‘Horace And Pete’ – Emmys

horace and pete 2

After winning over Emmy voters, critics and fans with his FX series Louie, why did comedic filmmaker Louis C.K. decide to air his bar room drama series Horace and Pete on the web?  At a recent Awardsline screening  — C.K.’s only appearance during the Emmy voting nom phase in Los Angeles — the stand-up comedian explains. The reasons are both partially artistic and commerce-related. However, all news about C.K. going bankrupt from producing this passion project are false… Read

‘American Pastoral’ Trailer: Ewan McGregor Stars And Makes Directorial Debut In Powerful ’60s-Set Drama

American Pastoral

Actor Ewan McGregor makes a startling directorial debut a film adaptation of Phillip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, American PastoralThe wide-ranging film revolves around a family caught up in the social and political whirl of the 1960s. McGregor stars as Seymour “Swede” Levov, a former star high school athlete-turned-successful businessman, father and husband to a former beauty queen named Dawn (Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly). Dakota Fanning plays his teenage… Read

‘Free State Of Jones’ Review: Summer School History Lesson Is Tailor-Made For Matthew McConaughey


It is easy to see why Matthew McConaughey might have been attracted to the new Civil War drama, Free State Of Jonesbecause if ever there was a role that fits this actor like a glove it has to be Newt Knight, the Mississippi farmer who led a group of white farmers and runaway slaves in a revolt against the confederacy during the Civil War. Writer-director Gary Ross (The Hunger Games, Seabiscuit) reportedly spent ten years researching this true, but relatively unheralded… Read

‘Difficult People’ Season 2 Trailer: Nathan Lane, Lin-Manuel Miranda & More

Difficult People

Lots happening in this first look at Season 2 of Hulu’s wacky comedy series Difficult People, starring Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner as two besties living in NYC. We get a glimpse of Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda in a cameo (“Who said I said this show was better than mine?”), Nathan Lane being forced to put his hand down a toilet, Fred Armisen doing the Nay Nay, you get the idea. Difficult People hails from executive producers Amy Poehler, Dave Becky (Louie), Tony… Read

‘Ouija: Origin Of Evil’ Trailer: If You Mess With Darkness, Things Will Get Dark

Ouija Origin of Evil

Los Angeles, 1965. Over at Chavez Ravine, Vin Scully is calling Dodgers games as the team heads toward a World Series title. But elsewhere in the city, things aren’t so rosy — despite the cheery strains of Herman’s Hermits. A widow and her two daughters add a Ouija board to their scam séance business, and wouldn’t you know, things go south. The younger child is possessed by something of pure evil that makes a Slinky out of her spine. It’s up to Mom and Sis to send that… Read

Ben Affleck Calmly Discusses Career Low Point, Less Calmly Tackles Deflategate

Ben Affleck Deflategate

Sports columnist-turned-talk show host Bill Simmons said he needed a fellow Bostonian for the series premiere episode of his new HBO show Any Given Wednesday, and with Whitey Bulger “not available” he went with Ben Affleck, a sports nut who also happens to be Batman. Simmons got Affleck to open up about what he felt was the low point in his movie career (thanks to Robert Wuhl and United Airlines, of all things) before he found his voice directing via Gone Baby Gone, and… Read

‘Inferno’ Trailer: Tom Hanks Follows Dante’s Clues As ‘Da Vinci Code’ Hero Returns


“The world’s greatest mind is facing his greatest challenge.” So touts the first full trailer for Infernoagain starring Tom Hanks as symbologist/humanity savior Robert Langdon. He’s the unlikely action hero created by Dan Brown, and this is director Ron Howard’s third film adaptation of the author’s mega-selling books, following 2006’s The Da Vinci Code and 2009’s Angels & Demons. This time, the clues come not from the art world or the Vatican but 14th century… Read

Stephen Colbert Bashes House Republicans, Endorses Democrats’ Sit-In To Force Action On Gun Control – Update

Stephen Colbert

UPDATED with video and today’s details: One day after Stephen Colbert pounded on the Senate for its inaction on gun control legislation, the CBS late-night host applauded House Democrats who, since early Wednesday morning, had staged a sit-in demanding action on gun control before their scheduled Fourth of July 4 break. That sit-in still is going on this morning, though Republicans, who control the House, thumbed their nose at the effort and declared an early start to… Read

‘Roadies’ & ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’ Season 2 Review: Rock Is Sad In Cameron Crowe Series; Long Live Rock On FX

Roadies Sex&Drugs 2-shot

Rock 'n' roll on television is a pretty hard gig, as the gang at HBO's just-canceled Vinyl can tell you. All that is so burning, poetic and preposterous about the music, the musicians, the industry and the fans often can seem so descended and diminished when turned to a drama on the small screen — or it can surprisingly shine. The former sadly is true of Showtime's June 26-debuting Roadies and the latter is thankfully even more so with the return of FX's comedy Sex&Drugs&R… Read