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‘Super Dark Times’ Stars & Director Kevin Phillips On An Act Of Violence That Changes Everything — Tribeca Studio

Owen Campbell, Charlie Tahan, and Elizabeth Cappuccino go through some Super Dark Times in Kevin Phillips' Tribeca-premiering feature debut. Also starring Max Talisman, Sawyer Barth and Amy Hargreaves, the harrowing feature follows Zach and Josh, two teenage best friends growing up in mid-'90s suburbia whose lives are forever changed following an unexpected and horrific moment of violence. "The film's about some friends, and they kind of get into some sh*t with a samurai… Read

‘Keep The Change’ Director Rachel Israel On Telling A Universal Love Story Within A Very Specific World — Tribeca Studio

At the Tribeca Film Festival, and at film festivals in general, there is never a real shortage of New York-set stories, or New York romances—and while Rachel Israel's feature debut Keep the Change falls in both of those categories, it's unlike any other romantic comedy you'll see this year. Based on Israel's acclaimed 2013 short film of the same name—from Israel's time as a Columbia MFA student—the feature "set up here, in Upper West Side Manhattan) tells the story of a… Read

Deadline Studio at Tribeca 2017 – Day 2 – John Turturro, Jamie Lee Curtis, Geoffrey Rush, Zachary Quinto & More

Deadline is holding its Tribeca Film Festival portrait and video interview studio at the festival hub in NYC, opening its doors to this year’s most riveting and groundbreaking filmmakers. Guests stopping by the Deadline Studio on Day 2 included John Turturro (Hair), Jamie Lee Curtis (Hondros), Geoffrey Rush (Genius), Zachary Quinto (Aardvark) and many more. Click on the image above to open the gallery, and follow Deadline for more breaking news, photos and video… Read

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Expected To Cross $750M Internationally For Uni Record, $1B Worldwide Next Week

Universal Pictures' The Fate of the Furious, which is expected to take in another $35.5M to $36M domestically, has risen to a big $636.3M overseaas. The estimated take for the weekend is $171M as it plays out in its 65 markets. That means it will push past $750M by Sunday, which would be the fastest for any Universal film on that trek. The worldwide total as of this weekend should be in the neighborhood of $912M with the $1B threshold reached by early next week. Like past… Read

‘Avatar’: The Next Four Installments Receive Release Dates

BREAKING: James Cameron is shooting the films concurrently and now the release dates have been pegged for the sequels the biggest box office hit of all time: Avatar, which took in $2.7B worldwide when it was released in 2009. 20th Century Fox’s plan has been to churn out sequel after sequel after Avatar 2 hits theaters every year and that’s what was announced on the Avatar Facebook page this AM as the Avatar team said production is underway. The first sequel will now be… Read

John Turturro On His ‘Hair’ & How Indie Filmmaking Has Changed: “The Medium-Sized Film Has Gone Away” – Tribeca

It’s hard to think of an independent film during the 1990s that didn’t star John Turturro, the actor being one of the stock players for Spike Lee and the Coen Brothers. It was during the heyday of independent film that Turturro made his feature directorial debut with Mac, a drama about a family of Italian American carpenters which he made for $2.3M. Turturro attributes the rise of great indie filmmaking and the fact that Mac got made to Columbia TriStar video executive… Read

‘Flames’ Directors Josephine Decker & Zefrey Throwell On Confronting The Extremes Of Intimacy — Tribeca Studio

As filmmakers and multi-talented artists, you can't get much more nakedly transparent than Josephine Decker and Zefrey Throwell, who bare their bodies and souls with their Tribeca-premiering documentary Flames. Shot over the course of five years, the project charts the immensely passionate and profound relationship between the two artists, watching the spectacular romance, excitement and adventure of their relationship at its peak, and the fallout as Decker and Throwell… Read

ICM Partners Signs ‘American Crime’ Actress Ana Mulvoy-Ten

Ana Mulvoy-Ten, who recurs on American Crime, has inked with ICM Partners. She plays trafficked teenage sex worker Shae Reese in the current third season of ABC anthology drama series created by John Ridley. The England-born actress co-starred as Amber Millington in the 2011-13 Nickelodeon drama House of Anubia and appeared in Freeform’s Famous in Love and the digital series Vanity. Her recent feature credits include Ascension, Outlaw and playing the younger version of… Read

Jon Favreau Talks Movie Economics With Scarlett Johansson: “If You Can’t Make A Profit, You Don’t Get Opportunities” – Tribeca

Unlike last year’s Marvel star and director pairing at Tribeca Talks, which resulted in Joss Whedon expressing his regrets to Mark Ruffalo for dissing the comic-book movie label and its execution of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Scarlett Johansson brought a legal notepad of smart industry questions about the indie and major studio machines to her Iron Man 2 and Jungle Book director Jon Favreau. Without even uttering the words Ghost in the Shell, her latest career low at the B.O… Read

A Fierce Trailer And A “Found” Documentary Offer Two Views Of Strife-Torn ’60s Detroit

Detroit John Boyega

So much to hope, so much to fear from Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit — at least, that's how many of us who grew up in and around Detroit feel about the film Bigelow is directing, based on a script by collaborator Mark Boal, about the 1967 riot. When the trailer dropped earlier this month, a shudder ran through some in the Motor City. "Here, people are so used to negative portrayals, and given the subject matter they're just numb to another one like all the others," offered one… Read

‘Hoosiers’ Creators Call Technical Foul On Highflying Superfan Mike Pence

Vice President and former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence really, really loves Hoosiers, the 1986 underdog classic about the state’s 1954 high school basketball champs. He even had the poster in his old congressional office. But the film’s director and writer are wondering today if the Veep, his boss and the rest of Washington might be missing the point. According to White House pool reports, Pence brought along his own personal DVD copy of the film to screen for fellow… Read