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Sex, Drugs, Glamour, Emptiness: Bryan Singer’s Teen Ex-Lover Bares All About Life In Director’s Orbit

EXCLUSIVE: When Bret Tyler Skopek first met director Bryan Singer at a Halloween party in 2013 shortly after the aspiring songwriter arrived from Arizona, the 18-year-old had no idea who the guy wearing the Catholic priest costume was — though he realized it obviously was someone famous, since a friend urged him to pose for a photograph. Skopek soon became intimately involved with Singer one of Hollywood’s top film and TV directors whose credits include The Usual Suspect… Read

Encore: Casey Affleck On ‘Manchester By The Sea’ And Lonergan: “He’s Playing A Different-Sounding Song”

Editors Note: This story originally ran on November 18, 2016. Casey Affleck's haunting and haunted performance in Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester by the Sea might have been amongst the first crop of fresh Oscar candidates when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in January. But the fact that he's still a Best Actor frontrunner 10 months later must surely be pleasing Amazon Studios, which picked up the movie there for $10 million with plans to make its first… Read

‘Allied’ Costume Designer Joanna Johnston On Delivering Polished, Glossy Look For Sweeping Old Hollywood Drama

An Oscar-nominated costume designer known for collaborations with Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Richard Curtis, Joanna Johnston this year realized her ninth collaboration with Robert Zemeckis, with the thrilling, romantic actioner, Allied. A timeless film of old Hollywood appeal, Allied tells a tale of love and deceit set against a gorgeous intercontinental backdrop. Speaking with Deadline, Johnston shares her admiration of Zemeckis and his innovative drive, which has… Read

‘The Headhunter’s Calling’ Star Gerard Butler On Latest Passion Project &; How “There’s Just No Safety Anymore In This Industry” – Toronto

At an airport in London, unable to find a quiet space to chat, Gerard Butler retreats to an abandoned children's playroom, without a chair to accommodate his frame. Possessing a sharp and generous sense of humor, manifest particularly in his independent features, and rom-coms like The Ugly Truth, Butler is quick to find the laughs in an absurd situation. The actor has just completed filming on Hunter Killer, a submarine action thriller, opposite a couple of his acting… Read

‘SNL’s Kate McKinnon: Hillary Clinton Was “Warm And Sincere” & “Very Funny” – Awardsline

Kate McKinnon - Hillary Clinton - Saturday Night Live

If Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have carved out serious mainstream space for the modern female comic, then Kate McKinnon is making the most of that relatively new arena. Her hilarious Saturday Night Live pastiche on Justin Bieber in his Calvins comes second only to a pitch-perfect turn as Hillary Clinton – the latter so loved that Clinton should thank McKinnon for bolstering her campaign. Add to that a long list of laugh-out-loud characters including Ellen… Read

‘Lip Sync Battle’ Host LL Cool J Discusses Transition From Grammys Hosting And On-Set Spontaneity

A two-time Grammy winning recording artist—infatuated with rap and hip-hop since his formative years, growing up in Queens—LL Cool J last year took over hosting duties on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle, never anticipating that the series would become an Emmy-nominated pop culture phenomenon two seasons in. Every week, the series pits A-list couples, siblings and co-stars against one another in a tremendously entertaining musical throw down, in pursuit of glory and the Lip Sync… Read

Maker Studios’ ‘Epic Rap Battles Of History’ Looks To Rule Emmy’s New Short-Form Variety Turf

In the wake of Adult Swim’s 15-minute length series Childrens Hospital rallying two wins and four noms in recent Emmy history, the short form categories have become a popular place to be with such companies as AOL and NBC jumping into the fray. This year, the Television Academy expanded the short form slot to variety series, and by doing so has allowed more independent voices to flourish, specifically the Maker Studios’ series Epic Rap Battles of Historycreated by Peter… Read

‘All the Way’ Makeup Designer Bill Corso Delves Into His Latest Emmy-Nominated Actor Transformation

Coming off a stellar year, with the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise and the stupefying box office draw of Deadpool, Oscar-winning makeup artist Bill Corso has gone All the Way at this year's Emmys, securing two of the HBO film's eight total nominations for prosthetic and non-prosthetic makeup. An adaptation of Robert Schenkkan's Broadway play, which led Bryan Cranston to a Tony Award in 2014, the film stars Cranston as Lyndon B. Johnson, who assumes the mantle of… Read

Emmy-Nominated Cinematographers Delight In Darkness

With the rapid proliferation of well-written, compellingly dark dramas emerging from avenues old and new, the brightest stars of cinematography have followed suit, projecting the dark side of the soul onto the screen. This year's Emmy nominees in cinematography for single-camera and limited series have brought a new cinematic aesthetic to television, pursuing the darkest projects and the darkest images—made possible by the incredible visual range of modern camera… Read

Maisie Williams On ‘Game Of Thrones’ And The Future: “It Needs To Happen Organically”

Maisie Williams has every reason to be cheery, even as she's battling a cold. Her Emmy nomination for playing Arya Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones is as long overdue as any acting recognition has ever been: how many actors can claim to have taken a character from awkward little princess to dangerous warrior in the space of just six ten-episode seasons—and as part of a mammoth ensemble cast—without it ever feeling false or unjustified? Think of Arya, watching her father's… Read

‘Mr. Robot’ Star Martin Wallström On Personal Tragedy And The Pathology Of Tyrell Wellick

Working steadily in his native Sweden for almost two decades, Martin Wallström made a visceral, forceful debut stateside last year in USA hacker drama series Mr. Robot. Assuming the role of cunning, intense and dangerously ambitious tech exec Tyrell Wellick—a Patrick Bateman type with a penchant for power and classical music—Wallström admittedly sees a few shades of himself in the character. "I'd say we share the same country of birth, we share a fascination of watches… Read

‘Bloodline’ Star Linda Cardellini On Meg’s Turn To The Dark Side In Season 2 And Hopes For Season 3 – Awardsline

From the beginnings of her career, to her recent, sparkling roles in everything from Mad Men to Avengers: Age of Ultron to oddball indie darling Welcome to Me, Bloodline star Linda Cardellini's work in film and television has so often been met with an unusual sort of fan fervor. Examining Cardellini's substantial resume, her career-transforming role as Lindsay Weir—in Judd Apatow's short-lived 1999 comedy series Freaks and Geeks—stands out in this regard. Canceled in the… Read