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‘American Gods’ VFX Gurus On Producing 3,000 Shots In 18 Months

David Stump Kevin Tod Haug

If you ask visual effects designer Kevin Tod Haug and visual effects supervisor David Stump—who also works in a related craft, as a visual effects cinematographer—visual effects in TV tend to be serviceable, at best, due to the simple economics and complex logistics of television production. But as the collaborators will tell you, American Gods is far from your average television series. Featuring more than 3,000 VFX shots put together over the course of 18 months, the… Read

New York Times Shares Spike After It Reports Q1 Boost In Digital Subs

Wall Street’s expectations game worked in favor of the New York Times Co. today: Shares are up 12.6% in afternoon trading after the publisher surprised investors with a Q1 report that exceeded their top- and bottom-line forecasts, helped by a so-called “Trump bump” pickup in digital-only subscriptions. The Times had 1.9 million subscribers for what it calls its “digital-only news product” — as opposed to the “digital crossword product” — which is up 65% versus the period… Read

Detective Noir With A Ditty: How John Hawkes Got “Down With Mary” In ‘Too Late’

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-nominated for his chilly turn in 2010’s Winter’s Bone, John Hawkes will vie for Oscar gold once again in 2017—but this time, in a different category entirely. Contributing the original song “Down With Mary” to Dennis Hauck’s indie drama, Too Late, Hawkes now finds himself competing with 90 other entries in the Best Original Song category. A project of unusual specs—shot exclusively on 35mm, in sprawling, 20-minute takes that take the viewer into the… Read

‘The Man In The High Castle’ Cast: When The Creative Aesthetic Impacts Your Performance – Emmys

Open up a drawer on the set of Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle and you open up to 1960s America. But it’s a nation we never knew. Sure, there’s the title to a Rock Hudson-June Allyson movie on the theater marquee, but it’s playing in a Nazi-occupied region of the United States. While an actor’s emotional mechanism largely takes credit for their performance, the cast of Amazon’s hit series talks about how the show’s scenic design, costumes, props and crafts… Read

Emmy Contender Casting Directors On Biggest Actor Mistakes, Diversity In Casting, And Their Hardest Roles To Cast

Essential collaborators for scrambling showrunners, and feared arbiters of actors' worth, casting directors are responsible for identifying talent, unpuzzling ensembles and launching careers. As the actors they cast enjoy the lion's share of the Emmy limelight, we put three questions to the people responsible for leading them to the stage.   The Casting Directors   John Papsidera — Casual (Hulu) Christopher Nolan's go-to casting director since Memento, Papsidera's… Read

‘Revenant’, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ & ‘Sicario’ Vie For Location Manager Guild Awards

Nominees for the third annual Location Managers Guild International Awards are out. The awards honor productions in film, TV and commercials in six categories where the creative use of filming locations enhances or helps to drive the storyline. Last year, the top feature award went to The Grand Budapest Hotel and Wild. Winners will be announced during a ceremony on April 23. The LMGI is formerly known as the Location Managers Guild of America. Here is the complete list of… Read

After Winning An Oscar For ‘The English Patient’, DP John Seale Returns To The Desert With George Miller On ‘Mad Max’

When Australian cinematographer John Seale got word of the Sisyphean development of Mad Max: Fury Road in its early stages, he was just glad that it wasn’t his cross to bear, not realizing that he would soon find himself working on one of the most infamously challenging productions in recent film history. He was happy, though, to come back to work for George Miller, having previously collaborated with the director on Lorenzo’s Oil  back in 1992, and finding him an ideal… Read

Making The Environment A Better Place, One Note At A Time: J. Ralph & His Oscar-Nominated Song “Manta Ray”

Composer J. Ralph has cut an interesting path for himself, working simultaneously as an artist and social activist while writing and producing the music for seven of the Oscar-winning or nominated documentaries over the past eight years. Ralph has been nominated twice for Best Original Song—first, for “Before My Time” in the 2012 film Chasing Ice, and now “Manta Ray” in Racing Extinction, both films that explore different elements of climate change that are issues of… Read

Composer Carter Burwell On ‘Carol’, ‘Anomalisa’ And The Coens’ Unique Comedic Brand

Carter Burwell

When you've scored some 90-odd films and have a long-standing relationship with the Coen brothers, you could be forgiven for relaxing and taking a break. But not Carter Burwell. This season he snagged his first Oscar nom for his Carol score, worked on Anomalisa, Legend, Mr Holmes, Hail Caesar! and The Finest Hours, with yet more projects in the pipeline. Actually Burwell did take a break in his career once, but it could hardly be classed as a vacation since he was busy… Read

Production Designer Jack Fisk On Creating The World Of ‘The Revenant’: Make It As Real As Mother Nature

Jack Fisk

For The Revenant production designer Jack Fisk, mother nature’s war against the production could have been worse. Sure, there were below zero temperatures and a complete extinction of snow in Canada, but for the native Virginian, there’s nothing like the outdoors. That talent for wrangling exteriors in the wild has made Fisk the go-to production designer for such auteurs as Terrence Malick, David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson and now Alejandro Inarritu in his 20th Century… Read

Epic Theme For An Antihero: Tom Holkenborg’s ‘Deadpool’ Score – Listen

EXCLUSIVE: Last year, among the five titles he wrote music for, composer Tom Holkenborg made Whitey Bulger menacing and kept the adrenaline pumping during Max Max: Fury Road‘s desert chase with a flame-spewing heavy metal guitarist. The Dutch multi-instrumentalist starts off this year first with 20th Century Fox’s Marvel superhero title Deadpoolfollowed by Warner Bros.’ Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which he co-composed with Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer. Once known as… Read

‘Sicario’ DP Roger Deakins On His Craft, Emily Blunt Close-Ups & That ‘Blade Runner’ Project – AwardsLine

Roger Deakins on Sicario set

Even for a master cinematographer like Roger Deakins, Sicario was a tricky project to pull off—a logistical puzzle with many moving pieces, including aerial and night-vision footage and highly choreographed action sequences. For the most part, Deakins weathered the demanding shoot by being extremely methodical, as is his nature. Collaborating with director Denis Villeneuve for a second time, after 2013's Prisoners, the pair had developed a shorthand that facilitated this… Read