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‘Casual’s Tara Lynne Barr Talks Singing On Set And A Season Driven By Female Directors

Currently in its third season, Hulu’s standout original comedy series Casual is notable for its unique exploration of familial tensions, but also for its portrait of teenage life today, as seen through the lens of Laura (Tara Lynne Barr)’s experience. Season 3 follows up on previously established questions about Laura’s self-destructive patterns and shifting dynamics in her dysfunctional family, which leave her more alone and less self-assured than we’ve ever seen… Read

Barry Levinson On ‘Wizard Of Lies’, Bernie Madoff And The Modern American Crime

"Do you think I'm a sociopath?" Bernie Madoff asks, in HBO TV movie The Wizard of Lies—a question posed to journalist Diana Henriques, but equally, to himself. Sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009 at the age of 71, Bernie Madoff is one of America's most reviled and mythologized villains. As seen in Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson's film, based on the book by Henriques, Madoff is a man who lies constantly, every day, even to those he loves most. A Ponzi schemer… Read

‘The Leftovers’ Star Justin Theroux On Playing Twin Brothers & “The Andy Griffith Version” Of Kevin In Season 3

Several weeks ago, Justin Theroux joined his castmates in celebrating the end of The Leftovers, a consistently and surprisingly ambitious series that became a staple for HBO over the course of its three seasons. Signing onto the series, Theroux had a handshake deal with creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, promising that the series would only last three or four seasons. Nonetheless, when the series began winding down to its conclusion, the actor had his share of… Read

‘Fargo’s David Thewlis On The Season Finale & Sinking His Teeth Into A Villain For All Times

Closing out its third (and possibly final) season tonight, Noah Hawley’s Fargo has always been marvelously specific with its characters, and particularly its villains. From Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton)’s bizarre bowl cut in Season 1 to V.M. Varga’s (David Thewlis) rotten teeth in Season 3, the series makes surprising visual choices that defy understanding and elicit conversation. Alongside his henchmen, portrayed by Goran Bogdan and Andy Yu, Thewlis made the most of… Read

‘The Young Pope’ Jude Law On Paolo Sorrentino’s Process & Mystery As Commodity

Bow down and humble yourself before Jude Law. Taking on the full weight of papal regalia as Pope Pius XIII (né Lenny Berardo) in HBO’s limited series The Young Pope, the Oscar-nominated actor delivers one of the most memorable performances of his career. In the first television series from acclaimed Italian writer/director Paolo Sorrentino—a six-time Palme d’Or nominee—Law dives deep into the “deeply knotted,” contradictory Belardo, who is simultaneously one of the most… Read

‘The Night Of’ & ‘Legion’ Composer Jeff Russo On Channeling “Chaos And Madness” And Pure American Tragedy

Between two critically lauded FX dramas—Noah Hawley’s Fargo and Legion—the network’s anticipated Snowfall and potent HBO miniseries The Night Of, two-time Emmy nominee Jeff Russo may be one of the busiest composers working in television. Like all composers at the top of their craft, Russo is a master at conjuring strong emotion; in Legion, it’s dread and manic chaos, in The Night Of, bleak tragedy, and hope for a better day to come. Speaking with Deadline, the composer… Read

‘Fargo’s Carrie Coon On “Funereal Ritual” Of Leaving ‘The Leftovers’ Behind

After three years as Nora Cursed on HBO’s The Leftovers, Carrie Coon departed this year in powerful fashion, to start a run on Fargo. Having worked with two of the most notable showrunners in television between these two series, Coon considers herself “spoiled rotten,” finding equal excitement in the disparate processes of Lindelof and Fargo‘s Noah Hawley. Speaking with Deadline, Coon discusses how she felt shooting her final scenes with her Leftovers castmates, the… Read

‘#Millennials’ Creators Casey Geraghty & Julia Valentine Larson On Their Path To A Network-Supported Short-Form Series

If you don’t see an obvious window of opportunity to break into entertainment, make one for yourselves. This was the ethos of #millennials co-creators and co-stars Casey Geraghty and Julia Valentine Larson, who made five short episodes of the series on a lark before AT&T Audience Network picked up their short-form project. “We were making [shorts] on our own, just for fun, to make our friends laugh,” Geraghty recalls. “We had no intention of making anything more than the… Read

Jason Isaacs On His Experience In ‘The OA’: “I’ve Never Encountered Something As Imaginative”

For those wondering whether The OA star Jason Isaacs gravitates toward villainous roles, or if these roles come to him, the answer is neither. A Golden Globe- and BAFTA Award-nominee with a gift for portraying darker characters with added nuance, the ever modest actor simply looks for well-written material which he feels he can pull off “without looking terrible.” Taking the leap with the Netflix series from co-creators Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling—who also… Read

‘The Night Of’s John Turturro On How His Character Got Under His Skin – Emmys

John Turturro's portrayal of Manhattan criminal court attorney John Stone in HBO's The Night Of is one of the Brooklyn native's most sublime 180-degree turns. Wrinkly clad and plagued by eczema like it's a cross to bear, Stone is a joke among cops and his legal peers. But one night the attorney encounters Nasir Khan (Riz Ahmed), a Pakistani-American academic college student who has been accused of murder. In a racially divided post-9/11 city, Stone may be Naz's only hope… Read

‘The Young Pope’ DP Luca Bigazzi Gives A Window Into A Collaboration “Made Up Of Few Words And Mutual Understanding”

Working alongside writer/director Paolo Sorrentino—one of Italy’s most revered cinematic talents, nominated six times for the Palme d’Or—for nearly 15 years, The Young Pope cinematographer Luca Bigazzi feels that their collaboration has taught him a lot, spurring the evolution of his craft by virtue of Sorrentino’s unrelenting ambition. Having never worked on a television series, Bigazzi initially had reservations about the project Sorrentino was pitching, though the… Read

‘As Told By Emoji’: Disney EVP Andrew Sugerman On Pairing Universal Language Of Emojis With Universal Storytelling

While The Walt Disney Company is one of the most powerful entertainment conglomerates in the world, even Disney has changed with the times, as illustrated by one of Disney’s marquee video series, Disney’s As Told By Emoji. Featuring 16 videos to date, As Told By Emoji reimagines both classic and contemporary Disney films through the language of the contemporary digital age, with all the associated playfulness and humor, from Cinderella and Aladdin… Read