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‘Westworld’s Thandie Newton On HBO’s Series Strengths, Season 2 & Freedom — Emmys

"Nothing's ever taken for granted on this show let me tell you," says Thandie Newton from the Season 2 set of Westworld. Certainly, with a drama topping 22 Emmy nominations this year, the much watched and much discussed HBO series based on Michael Crichton's 1973 movie has emerged as the premium cabler's new blockbuster in more ways than one. For the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama nominee, the Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan showrun series drills into deep notions of… Read

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ VFX Supervisor Brendan Taylor On Dismantling Church With Potent, Invisible Effects

In the brave new world of visual effects, where the only limitations are those of the imagination, visual effects break down broadly into categories—the flashy sort involved with Valerian-style world building, or Game of Thrones‘ dragons, and the kind that operates entirely behind the scenes, invisibly. In the case of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, visual effects supervisor Brendan Taylor was largely working with the latter. In Season 1, one of Taylor’s biggest projects was… Read

‘Big Little Lies’ Director Jean-Marc Vallée Discusses First Television Endeavor: “There’s No Transition”

Making his way along the press circuit for HBO limited series Big Little Lies—which earned eight Emmy nominations last month—director Jean-Marc Vallée has repeatedly been asked one question: “What was your transition to television?” An Oscar nominee known for Dallas Buyers ClubWild and Demolition, the auteur has a simple answer: There isn’t one. Making another major splash with his first television series, Vallée treats all of his projects as films—whether they arrive… Read

Emmy Predictions: Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series Or Movie Perhaps the most fiercely contested acting Emmy category in a long time, no less than four Best Actress Oscar winners and a Best Actress Oscar nominee and Emmy winner go up against a relative novice in the awards game enjoying her first major nomination for anything. Who will come out on top in this tricky and almost impossible to call race? Carrie Coon Fargo FX In a key female role in the TV version of a film that won… Read

‘This Is Us’ Star Milo Ventimiglia On Jack’s Death: “We’re All Carrying This One Big Secret”—Emmys

Milo Ventimiglia has been through plenty of ups and downs in his career. Following a popular stint on Gilmore Girls, then a lead role in Heroes, Ventimiglia seemed to go quiet. While he continued working, his star never seemed to rise to its previous heights.  But now all that has radically changed with the role of Jack Pearson in NBC's This Is Us. Ventimiglia has experienced a kind of renaissance, and with it, much critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination for his nuanced… Read

Emmy Predictions: Actor In A Limited Series Or Movie

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series Or Movie Two past winners in the category face off against a certified movie legend and a two-time Oscar winner on his first Emmy nomination. Plus two stars of the same acclaimed HBO limited series, and another screen star joining the run of Fargo make this a distinguished lineup that may not be as competitive as the ladies', but holds its own intrigue nonetheless. Riz Ahmed The Night Of HBO The new British star may be best known… Read

‘This Is Us’ Makeup Artist Zoe Hay On Finding The Right Approach To Subtle Aging Makeup

Receiving an Emmy nomination a piece for her work on two Ryan Murphy series—as part of the makeup team on Glee, and then as department head on The People v. O.J. Simpson—Zoe Hay linked up with a new TV titan on NBC’s runaway phenom This Is Us, crafting the looks for one of America’s favorite TV families. Known for his wholesome and compelling big screen work, which transferred powerfully into this series, scribe-turned-series-creator Dan Fogelman offered Hay the… Read

Emmy Predictions: Actress In A Comedy Series

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series The biggest question in this category is whether history will actually be made with Julia Louis-Dreyfus taking to the Microsoft Theatre podium for a sixth straight year. The category is one of the more crowded with seven entries, meaning someone came within two per cent of the sixth place nominee and won an invite as well. With three other returnees looking to knock Louis-Dreyfus off her perch, a couple of newcomers including a… Read

‘Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk On His Approach to Dramatic Acting And Identifying As Writer First

In Season 3 of AMC's Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk's "Slippin'" Jimmy McGill continues burning his bridges—as his broken brother Chuck (Michael McKean) self-immolates—setting the Albuquerque attorney further down his crooked, predestined path. He is now on steady course to becoming the sleazily cunning, bottom-dwelling lawyer—"Saul Goodman"—that we first met in Breaking Bad. But in Better Call Saul, still, we see the reticence with which Jimmy is walking that road. Where… Read

How ‘Feud’ Composer Mac Quayle Mined New Territory With ’60s Orchestral Score

Leaving an indelible mark on USA’s Mr. Robot and a string of Ryan Murphy series—most notably, his two American stories—composer Mac Quayle met his match when approached for the prolific creator’s latest project, Feud: Bette and Joan. The style was “early ’60s, old Hollywood orchestral type music,”—a form outside of Quayle’s wheelhouse. Murphy was intent on transporting viewers to that time in Hollywood history, a directive that comes through in every aspect of the… Read

Emmy Predictions: Actor In A Comedy Series

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series This race hasn't changed much from last year's, when Transparent's Jeffrey Tambor took his second consecutive Emmy for his groundbreaking transgender lead. There are two new boys on the block to add some flavor to the mix of a category that tends to offer repeat invitations year after year—until it doesn't. Just ask Jim Parsons, who won the last of his four Emmys as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory but hasn't even been nominat… Read

‘StarTalk’ Host Neil Degrasse Tyson On The Value Of Curiosity & The Tag Line He Originally Had In Mind For Series

With three seasons of StarTalk and as many Emmy nominations behind him, host Neil Degrasse Tyson occupies a rarefied space in the world, as a scientist who is known by name the world over. An ambassador for science describing himself as “your personal astrophysicist,” Tyson has found a way to balance humor, entertainment and education in such a way that science becomes exciting and accessible—to science buffs, to those who don’t know they like science, and “better yet,”… Read