Mike Fleming’s Bio

Mike Fleming came to Deadline.com after 20 years as a Variety reporter, writer, columnist, and blogger. A native of New York City and now resident of Long Island, he started in journalism as editor of the well-known Media Industry Newsletter (MIN), then joined New York Newsday as a columnist and reviewer and entertainment writer in 1986. He was hired by Weekly Variety in 2000 to write the “Buzz” column about all things infotainment. Later, he took over Daily Variety’s “Dish” column where he regularly broke news and provided analysis about all things Hollywood. After the column was discontinued, Fleming became even more recognized as the trade’s No. 1 film reporter whose major talents include working sources and writing with flair and accuracy. That’s why his original content receives international attention and acclaim. In Summer 2009, he began the “BFD” blog with his longtime mentor Peter Bart. Fleming joined Deadline.com in January 2010. Fleming also is an author. In 1999, Doubleday published his non-fiction book about The Three Stooges, From Amalgamated Morons to American Icons, turned into a movie by ABC and Mel Gibson (who wrote the forward to the book). Fleming also has freelanced for many national magazines, including Playboy, Details,TV Guide, and Esquire.


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