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Virtual Reality

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Latest Virtual Reality News


‘Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire’ Takes VR Storytelling To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains details of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi opening in theaters in December and the official unveiling of Star Wars Land  in Disneyland coming in 2019, the intergalactic phenomenon continues its transmedia dominance with Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, an all-immersive, hyper-reality virtual reality experience from ILMxLAB and The Void that merges storytelling, an amusement park attraction, and virtual… Read


Paramount Pictures Launching First Virtual Reality Movie Theater

Paramount Big Screen

EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Pictures has just created another platform — or maybe even a new distribution window — to display its feature content. The studio, in partnership with Bigscreen, is collaborating with several tech companies leading efforts in the virtual reality space — Oculus, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft, among others — to launch a first VR movie theater. A viewer puts on a VR headset and  sits in a “theater” in front of a huge screen watching a movie as you would in… Read


‘Bashir’s Dream’ Director On Alien Abduction And His New VR Short

Dinner Party

EXCLUSIVE: The first widely publicized report of an alien abduction in America provides the backdrop for director Angel Manuel Soto’s latest virtual reality short film, Dinner Party. Soto said he was drawn to the September 1961 account of Barney and Betty Hill’s encounter with extraterrestrials in rural New Hampshire, both as a sensational story that captivated the nation — and as an opportunity to explore race and privilege. Barney, a postal worker, was African American… Read


Apple’s Tim Cook Says Augmented Reality Will “Change Everything”

Add Apple CEO Tim Cook to the list of Silicon Valley technologists who believe in the transformative power of augmented reality, saying it’s going to “change everything.” Augmented reality — that technology that overlays virtual images and information onto the real world, like a magical television chyron — long has seemed the stuff of science fiction. But since incorporating AR into Apple’s iOS 11 mobile operating system in September, developers have released more than… Read


Universal Music & Within Pact To Develop AR, VR Music Experiences

Under Neon Lights Chemical Brothers

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Music Group and virtual reality company Within today announced they would work together to create and develop augmented and virtual reality experiences around music. The strategic alliance between the world's largest music company and the Los Angeles startup is an attempt to get more artists and others involved in producing, marketing and promoting music to think about how best to harness the medium to create something new. Within has attracted notice… Read


‘The Walking Dead’ To Drop Extra 100th Episode Footage On New AMC VR App

The debut of the eighth season and 100th episode of The Walking Dead this weekend is set to make the jump into virtual reality for AMC. After the October 22 premiering 100th TWD episode ends, the newly launched AMC VR app will feature an extra scene from the “Mercy” episode directed by EP Greg Nicotero. Focusing on Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan villain, the Kevin Cornish co-directed 360-degree bonus footage is clearly a strategic magnet to pull some of the blockbuster's… Read


Discovery And Google Team On 38-Episode VR Series ‘Discovery TRVLR’

Discovery Communications and Google are teaming on the launch of Discovery TRVLR, an immersive, ambitious 38-episode virtual reality travel series that explores cultures across the globe through a “360-degree storytelling experience.” The project from the Discovery VR and Google's VR teams launches November 3 exclusively on YouTube, and on the Discovery VR app. The series can be experienced in virtual reality with the Google Daydream View headset as well… Read


Roland Emmerich Dives Into Virtual Reality With VRenetic

Independence Day filmmaker Roland Emmerich and entrepreneur and producer Marco Weber are diving deep into virtual reality by launching the virtual reality company VRenetic, which will specialize in “accessible, social-media enabled 360-degree streaming.” The company is privately held and headquartered in West Hollywood and Emmerich is its chairman and co-founder. The company’s first product – VResh – combines a free broadcasting and viewing application with mobile… Read


AMC Buys Into VR, Investing $20 Million In Dreamscape Theatrical Rollout

Exhibition giant AMC Entertainment is investing $20 million in Dreamscape Immersive, a VR startup backed by a range of Hollywood A-listers. AMC is putting $10 million toward a Series B investment round and another $10 million toward VR content. The company will also help underwrite, open and operate up to six theatrical locations in North America and the U.K. over the next 18 months. Mall developer Westfield, an investor in Dreamscape, plans to open a flagship location at… Read


Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In VR Company MindMaze

Leonardo DiCaprio has become an investor and also advisor in MindMaze, a neuro-computing company that has been building mind-machine interfaces. Yes, it sounds all Arthur C. Clarke, but this company which captures brain activity and has already been used successfully in the healthcare industry to speed up rehab from strokes and brain injuries, is now looking to expand into virtual reality. The VR industry is getting ready to explode and in the next year we expect a big… Read


‘Fall In Love’: Will This Virtual Reality Program Make You Fall In Love?

Tool of North America, Mark Zuckerberg-owned Oculus and director Kevin Cornish today are launching an experiential virtual reality effort, Fall in Love VR, which was inspired by The New York Times‘ article “The 36 Questions That Lead to Love” and Arthur Aron’s study entitled "The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness.” Fall in Love VR was shortlisted for a Cannes Innovation Lion at this year's festival. So what’s it all about? Fall in Love uses VR in a way to… Read


‘Dragonflight’ Breathes New Life Into VR With Oscar-Winning VFX Team, Former TV Land President Larry Jones


It’s a company of re-invention. Many of the former VFX artists from the bankrupted Rhythm & Hues and behind such Oscar-winning or nominated fare as The Matrix trilogy, Life of Pi, the first Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman and the former president of TV Land have joined hands in Blackthorn Media to create a new level of VR. The first big project is Dragonflight, which just launched worldwide this past week on three different VR platforms and… Read