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Latest Virtual Reality News


Patti Smith Narrates Darren Aronofsky’s VR Experience ‘Spheres: Pale Blue Dot’

American singer/songwriter Patti Smith narrated an episode of Darren Aronofsky’s virtual reality experience Spheres. The three-part series, which is directed by Eliza McNitt, made headlines earlier this year when the VR financing and distribution venture CityLights announced it would acquire Spheres in a seven-figure deal. That represented a milestone for the emerging medium, which had never sold at a major festival. Jessica Chastain narrated the first installment, Spheres… Read


VR Experience ‘Vestige’ Acquired Ahead Of World Premiere At Tribeca Film Festival

The virtual reality documentary Vestige has been acquired by U.K.-based distributor Other Set ahead of the project’s world premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, a sale that marks the third virtual reality experience to be acquired at a major film festival. Vestige takes the viewer on a journey into the mind of Lisa as she remembers her lost love, Erik. Within an empty void, fragments of past memories appear of their life together. As participants explore these… Read


STXSurreal Unveils Development Slate With Ed Helms, Dave Bautista, Peter Berg, And Kevin Smith’s ‘Jay And Silent Bob’

Ed Helms Peter Berg

STXsurreal, the VR and immersive content division of STX Entertainment just unveiled its new its VR slate which contains several new, original short-form series in development, including a new comedy series from 'The Office' star Ed Helms, an untitled Dave Bautista action-comedy, a spinoff of STX's 'Mile 22' film franchise from director Peter Berg, a Jay and Silent Bob project from writer and director Kevin Smith, and a sci-fi thriller from John Wick writer Derek… Read


‘Ready Player One’ Review: Steven Spielberg’s Dizzying, Dazzling VR Fantasia Of Pop Culture Is Something To Behold

It is virtually impossible to see Ready Player OneSteven Spielberg’s wild ride into the world of virtual reality, just once. There is so much going on in this movie, both retro and futuristic, that it is hard to compute in one sitting. A pop culture treasure hunt of the past 30 years as seen through the prism of a VR Disneyland called Oasis, Ready Player One rotates from the real world of 2045 to a virtual one filled with references to movies, music, personalities… Read


Noir Thriller VR Series ‘Memory Palace’ In Works From Telexist & Good Deed

Telexist Good Deed Entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: Telexist, the VR production studio behind the Sundance Film Festvial-premiering narrative film Dinner Party, and its parent company Good Deed Entertainment have zeroed in on their new reality. The companies are teaming on Memory Palace, a 10-episode VR noir thriller series that will be designed to be part cinematic VR and part interactive. Production is set to begin in April. The series will center on Owen Knowles, a gifted young lawyer with the knack for… Read


With Hollywood’s Help, Alien Beasts Invade Century City, Offer Preview Of VR Entertainment To Come

Alien Zoo

A new virtual reality experience in Century City does for alien creatures what Jurassic Park did for dinosaurs — bring them so close you’re dwarfed and awed by their presence (and, at least in once case, worry you might wind up on the menu). Alien Zoo takes visitors on a 12-minute journey to a virtual world, where they interact with the environment and each other — touching the snout of one curious herbivore, rolling a ball to an otherworldly feline, and working together… Read


Robert Rodriguez, Michelle Rodriguez Together On Original Scripted VR Series ‘The Limit’ For STXSurreal

Robert Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has mounted an original first-person POV virtual reality action series called The Limit in which Michelle Rodriguez will star. The Limit will premiere on STX's previously announced pay-per-experience VR channel Surreal which launches an app on VR headsets in mid 2018. STXsurreal, the VR division acquired by Robert Simonds' STX Entertainment in 2016, is behind the live-action, short-form virtual reality series from their Ugly Dolls… Read


Sundance VR Documentary ‘Zikr: A Sufi Revival’ Acquired By Dogwoof

Zikr A Sufi Revival

Dogwoof has acquired rights to Zikr: A Sufi Revival, a multiplayer, virtual reality documentary that premiered at the just-wrapped Sundance Film Festival. The deal, its first of its kind for a VR docu in Park City, includes a funding component to support further development that will include an online version allowing multiple players to be networked at once. The distribution portion includes Dogwoof overseeing location based installations at international cultural… Read


VR Has Its Pixar Moment With Adaptation Of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Wolves In The Walls’ As Part Of Sundance Slate

UPDATED with more Sundance VR projects: Virtual reality, an emerging medium that has taken viewers on virtual excursions to the International Space Station, the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Pyramids of Giza, may finally be having its Pixar moment with an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s children’s book The Wolves in the Walls. The project from the newly launched Fable Studio is among those selected for the New Frontier section at the now underway Sundance Film Festival… Read


Jaunt Strikes First-Look VR Deal With XYZ Films

EXCLUSIVE: Jaunt Inc., a producer and distributor of immersive content, has partnered with XYZ Films in a first-look deal for all of its upcoming virtual reality projects. The Silicon Valley-based Jaunt plays in various aspects of the emerging medium, with a production studio in Santa Monica and an engineering group in San Mateo, CA that developed the new distribution platform it showed off to entertainment industry executives last week at the Consumer Electronics… Read


Samsung Makes VR Seem Like The Coolest-Ever Amusement Park Ride – CES

Up until now, virtual reality headsets have had all the sex appeal of a pocket protector. Nerds only need apply. But Samsung found a way to give the digital equivalent of horse blinders some serious sizzle. The Samsung Galaxy Experience Zone, in the main lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, took attendees of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show on the equivalent of an immersive theme park ride. People lined up for an hour or more for the opportunity to ski or… Read


Paramount Pictures Launching First Virtual Reality Movie Theater — ‘Top Gun’ 3D Date Set

Paramount Big Screen

UPDATED, Wed. 2:00 PM: The date has been set for Paramount’s first offering in its virtual reality movie theater. The immersive experiment goes live at 6:00 p.m. EST on Dec. 29 fans can enter Bigscreen's virtual theater lobby and have the option of meeting friends before entering the cinemas to watch a screening of Top Gun in 3D. The film will be shown at regular intervals for a period of 24 hours. The event is only available to people in the U.S. and requires a VR… Read