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Tribeca Film Festival

Latest Tribeca Film Festival News


XYZ Films Spotlights Undiscovered International Talent — Deadline Disruptors

It’s been less than 10 years since plucky entrepreneurs and UCLA grads Nate Bolotin, Nick Spicer and Aram Tertzakian co-founded XYZ Films at the ripe old age of 25, and since then, the three have built the integrated production and sales outfit into one of the premier destinations for undiscovered international talent. Based in Los Angeles, XYZ has demonstrated the gumption to look beyond its home turf in search of new voices, never shying away from local-language product… Read


‘Devil’s Gate’ Star Milo Ventimiglia On Playing A Different Kind Of Jack (Or Jackson) — Tribeca Studio

From writer-director Clay Staub—an award-winning commercial director, and the the second unit director of genre films, including The Thing and Dawn of the DeadDevil’s Gate was one of the more chilling genre-benders to premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. Premiering in the Midnight section, the film follows a Gone Girl-type investigation into the disappearance of a mother (Bridget Regan) and child in a small, ominously-named North Dakota town. When all signs point… Read


‘Dabka’ Helmer Bryan Buckley On The Tricky Politics Of Incorporating Somali Non-Actors Into The Film — Tribeca Studio

Bryan Buckley

When Paul Greengrass took on Captain Phillips—starring Tom Hanks as the true-life captain who combatted Somali pirates at the height of their influence—the result was six Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture. At the same time, writer/director Bryan Buckley knew that there was an entirely different angle on this story, hinging on a character who could propel a film through sheer force of will. That individual would be Jay Bahadur (Evan Peters),  a frustrated… Read


‘Saturday Church’ Stars On Pic’s Honest, Thoughtful Depiction Of The Struggles Of LGBTQ Individuals — Tribeca Studio

With the massive box office, critical and awards success of La La Land—which won six Oscars, though bested in the category of Best Picture—it’s interesting to see a resurgence of musically-driven storytelling in film and television. A producer, writer and director last on the festival circuit for Rebecca Miller’s Maggie’s Plan—which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival—Damon Cardasis was in New York last week for the premiere of his distinctive feature… Read


‘Literally, Right Before Aaron’ Stars On Tough Breakups And The Actual Meaning Of The Word ‘Literal’ – Tribeca Studio

Primarily known for his work as an actor on The Blacklist and 90210, Ryan Eggold just premiered his feature directorial debut, the romantic comedy Literally, Right Before Aaron, at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. Equal parts beautiful, bitter and profoundly sad, the film tells the story of Adam and Allison, in the initial passion of their deepening relationship and in the aftermath of a traumatic breakup, as Adam struggles to come to grips with what he had and has no… Read


‘11th Hour’ Helmer Jim Sheridan On Dark Times & Hopes For A “Different, Positive Image” – Tribeca Studio

Days before Deadline broke the news about Irish writer-director Jim Sheridan’s latest feature outing H-Block, an Ireland-set drama about the Maze Prison escape, the six-time Oscar nominee sat down at Deadline’s Tribeca studio to discuss his Tribeca-premiering short film 11th Hour, based on a true story of a different nature. Starring Salma Hayek, the pic based on Lisa Hand’s story is a small, intimate and haunting chamber piece, watching the patrons and owners of a pub on… Read


‘The Endless’ Directors Justin Benson And Aaron Moorhead On Creating Their Own Version Of The Cult Film — Tribeca Studio

Longtime collaborators Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are no strangers to the Tribeca Film Festival. Pushing the descriptor of the ‘multidisciplinary artist’ into progressively more realms, while continuing to surprise audiences, the directing duo debuted their 2012 horror thriller Resolution at the fest, and were back this year with The Endless, another genre-bender which can best be described as a ‘different kind of cult film.’ Long heralded by Tribeca Enterprises EVP… Read


‘The Divine Order’ & ‘Hondros’ Take Tribeca Fest Audience Awards

The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival announced the winners of its two Audience Awards: The Divine Order (Die göttliche Ordnung), directed and written by Petra Volpe, was chosen to receive the Narrative award and Hondros, directed by Greg Campbell, written by Greg Campbell, Jenny Golden, won the Documentary award. Each award comes with a cash prize of $10,000. The winners were announced at the celebration of the 45th anniversary of The Godfather at Radio City Music Hall, which… Read


‘Reservoir Dogs’ Reunion: Quentin Tarantino Recalls When He “Knew Making Movies Was Going To Work Out” — Tribeca

Quentin Tarantino took the 25th anniversary Reservoir Dogs roadshow to the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, bringing along cast members Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi and Tim Roth. The film played at Sundance in January, returning to the place where it had its world premiere in 1992. Journalist Lynn Hirschberg began the post-screening chat at the Beacon Theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side asking Tarantino to recall the first screening at the festival. "It… Read


Tom Hanks Rocks Bruce Springsteen, After Saluting Jonathan Demme – Tribeca

The Tribeca Film Festival conversation between Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen was planned long in advance but took on an unanticipated poignancy in the timing Friday afternoon, as an overflow crowd jammed the Beacon Theatre on New York’s Upper West Side. Welcoming the crowd, festival producer Paula Weinstein dedicated the event to Jonathan Demme, who died Wednesday at home in the city. “I realized what we really want as a festival is to dedicate today’s talk to the… Read


‘A Gray State’ Director Erik Nelson On David Crowley Doc As A “Core Sample Of American Crazy” — Tribeca Studio

David Crowley was many things—”a visionary filmmaker, a political activist, an Iraq veteran, a family man—what documentarian Erik Nelson calls “an American hybrid.” In 2010, the up-and-coming voice in fringe politics embarked on a film project titled Gray State. Set in a dystopian near-future, the would-be project depicted a world where civil liberties were being violated by an overly powerful federal government, gaining a mass following from an online community of… Read


‘A Thousand Junkies’ Stars On Rehashing A Painful Period In Their Lives And The AA Meeting Where They Met — Tribeca Studio

The feature directorial debut of screenwriter Tommy SwerdlowA Thousand Junkies strikes a nerve and strikes a delicate tonal balance, often making the viewer laugh and cringe from painful identification within a matter of seconds. Boasting a successful career in the ’90s as the writer of a number of beloved family films—including Cool RunningsLittle Giants, and Snow Dogs—Swerdlow was, at the same time, a full-blown heroin addict. And Swerdlow wasn’t alone—his co-stars B… Read