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‘Dope’ Teaser Trailer: First Look At Sundance 2015’s Biggest Buy


Open Road Films and Sony Pictures scored one of the highest-profile and largest deals of the Sundance Film Festival this year when they won a bidding battle for Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope. The deal is worth $7 million in minimum guarantee, with a $15 million P&A. Open Road releases domestically, and Sony releases internationally, and the pic is due out June 19. Here’s the first look at their efforts to get the word out about the indie, about three Los Angeles high school… Read


‘Maggie’ Trailer: Schwarzenegger Is Out To Save His Kid From Zombiedom


Here’s the first trailer for Maggie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in a quite un-Ahneld-like role. So the zombie virus has landed, and the erstwhile Governator’s daughter gets it. But she isn’t a full-blown undeadster yet. The doctor lets him take her from the hospital, but with a warning: When she starts showing signs of aggression and hunger — and she will — get her to quarantine immediately. But our hero doesn’t necessarily play by the rules. I mean, it’s his… Read


‘Bombay Velvet’ Trailer: Ranbir Kapoor In Anurag Kashyap’s Period Crime Epic

bombay velvet ranbir anushka

The Hindi-language trailer for Anurag Kashyap’s Ranbir Kapoor starrer Bombay Velvet logged more than 3M views in its first three days on YouTube over the weekend. A subtitled version (above) is now out for one of the most anticipated movies of the year in India and across the diaspora. The period crime drama hails from the indie helmer who has been compared to Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese. Bombay Velvet even boasts Scorsese’s legendary, Oscar-winning editor, Thelm… Read


‘M:I 5′ Goes Rogue Nation With Official Name In New Ad

Tom Cruise Rogue Nation Misssion Impossible

Mission: Impossible 5 is now officially Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, per this just-released (and plenty-long) video, an ad featuring stars Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Ferguson. The film also features Sean Harris as head of a shadowy (of course) organization called “The Syndicate,” described in the teaser as an “anti-IMF” group plotting…something (of course). The ad shows some eye-popping stunts, including one with Cruise hanging on… Read


‘Paper Towns’ Trailer: Romantic YA Mystery From Author Of ‘Fault in Our Stars’

Paper Towns

Fox had, let’s say, fair-to-moderate success with its previous adaptation of a John Green YA novel. The Fault In Our Stars made more than $300 million worldwide last year on an incentives-aided budget of about $14 million. This time the big studio has made his coming-of-age tale Paper Towns, and here’s the first trailer. Nat Wolff, who co-starred in Stars, leads the new pic as Quentin, whose adventuresome but enigmatic neighbor Margo (Cara Delevingne) — for whom he has… Read


‘Max’ Trailer: Even Service Animals Can Experience PTSD


While films like American Sniper have examined the impact of recent military conflicts on US soldiers, the story of the animals serving alongside them remains somewhat obscure. That might change this summer with the release of Max, a heartstrings-tugging drama about a US military service dog afflicted by PTSD. When a US marine dog handler (Robbie Amell) is killed in the line of duty, his service dog, Max, is so traumatized by the loss that he’s unable to work with any… Read


‘Pixels’ Vs. ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailers: The Tale Of Two Tentpoles

Avengers Age Of Ultron Pixels

Disney last week touted the record 35 million views its third trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers: Age Of Ultron snagged in the first 24 hours of its release March 4. Now comes word that Sony’s big summer pic Pixels, which dropped its trailer Tuesday, generated 34.3 million views in its first 24 hours. That smashes the studio’s record for streams, easily slinging past The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sony’s Columbia is staking a lot on Pixels, the CGI/live-action pic helmed by… Read


‘Insidious: Chapter 3′ Trailer: “It’s Feeding On Her Soul”


The darkest chapter goes back to the beginning. So says the poster for Insidious: Chapter 3, which is a prequel to the two previous installments of the Focus Features/Blumhouse horror franchise. Why a Round 3? Insidious grossed $97 million worldwide on a $1.5 million budget in 2011, and Insidious: Chapter 2 was made for $5 million and made off with nearly $162 million. Tough to argue with that. Leigh Wannell, the writer of those pics — along with the first three Saw… Read


‘Pixels’ Trailer: First Look At Adam Sandler Pic Heralds An 8-Bit Invasion

Pixels Pac Man

Space invaders! Run for your lives! Wait, these attackers are strangely familiar; no, they’re not little green men from Mars but actual Space Invaders — and Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Qbert and more of their brethren. Welcome to the first trailer for Columbia’s summer tentpole Pixels. Based on Patrick Jean’s 2010 short film, it chronicles an alien race misinterpreting video feeds of classic 1980s arcade games as a war declaration and setting out to destroy Earth… Read


Dick Van Dyke Stars In ‘Merry Xmas’ Short: Tribeca Trailer

Valerie_Harper_dick van dyke

EXCLUSIVE: Christmas in April? Why not — if it’s got Dick Van Dyke and Valerie Harper? Here’s a sneak peek at their new short film Merry Xmas, which is set to unwrap, er, unspool at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. Glenne Headly and Matthew Modine co-star in director Boman Modine’s comic look at how the holidays can be murder. Expect danger! romance! tragedy! and … junks. Joe D’Angerio and Matthew Modine produced the short. Have a look, but beware the “Jingle Bell… Read


‘The Final Girls’ Clip: SXSW Black Horror Comedy Takes Camp To Camp

Final Girls

Here is an exclusive clip from The Final Girls, the black horror comedy that makes its SXSW premiere tonight in Austin. It’s directed by A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas' Todd Strauss-Schulson and produced by Groundswell's Michael London and Janice Williams. Pic stars American Horror Story: Coven's Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Pitch Perfect's Adam DeVine, Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch and Vampire Diaries heroine Nina Dobrev is also in the ensemble. Max is a high… Read


‘Steve Jobs’ SXSW Clip: Alex Gibney Documentary Slices Apple Chief

Steve Jobs documentary Alex Gibney

EXCLUSIVE: After debuting his Scientology documentary at Sundance in January, the Oscar-winning director is bringing an examination of the iIcon to Texas for its world premiere on Saturday. The Alex Gibney-helmed Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine will debut at SXSW at the Vimeo Theater in Austin. It probably won't attract as much controversy as Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison of Belief, which airs March 29 on HBO, but the CNN Films-produced pic undoubtedly will… Read