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’99 Homes’ Trailer: Michael Shannon & Andrew Garfield Mine The Darkest Depths Of The Foreclosure Industry


Evictors assemble. Here’s the final trailer for 99 Homes, the topical thriller starring Michael Shannon as Rick Carver, a ruthless Florida real estate magnate who kicks Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) out of his house before the jobless single father can battle the bank that has cheated him. Nash becomes determined to get his family's home back and protect his mother (Laura Dern) and son (newcomer Noah Lomax) from the fallout. He resorts to teaming up with the guy who… Read


‘Spectre’ Trailer: James Bond Is Coming, And Stuff Is Exploding

'Spectre' trailer: Daniel Craig as James Bond

When you ask James Bond, “Why did you come?” and he replies, “I came here to kill you,” it’s generally time to start getting your affairs in order. Probate sales can be so messy. But Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) isn’t shaken, or stirred. “And I thought you came here to die.” Welcome to the final trailer for Spectre, the latest 007 adventure starring Daniel Craig in his fourth outing as the British superspy with a license to kill. Our well-tailored hero is out to… Read


New ‘Jessica Jones’ Teaser Doesn’t Give A Damn About A Bad Reputation

Jessica Jones 1a

Let’s be real: Netflix is absolutely killing it with the way it’s selling Jessica Jones. The second installment of Marvel’s line of Netflix shows following Daredevil earlier this year, Jessica Jones is looking to be as grounded and gritty as its predecessor. But where Daredevil marketing emphasized the similarities to Batman (tonally, at least), Jessica Jones is being sold as a hell of a lot of fun. Case in point, a new teaser aimed at Japan, which hit Twitter this… Read


‘The Forest’ Trailer – A Trip Into Japan’s Notorious “Suicide Forest”

Natalie Dormer

Japan’s Aokigahara Forest has long been associated with demons of Japanese mythology, which might have contributed to what the site is most well-known for. The 14-square mile region at the northwest base of Mount Fuji is a notoriously popular spot for people to commit suicide. And I mean popular – in 2003, 105 bodies were discovered; in 2010, 54 people succeeded in ending their lives, while more than 200 people made the attempt; in the 1980s it was estimated that 100… Read


‘X-Files’ Extended Trailer: The World Will Probably End On A Friday

The X-Files new teaser image

Fox would like to you to know that the end of the world will kick off a crazy three-day weekend. “It’ll probably start on a Friday,” a faceless voice in the new trailer for The X-Files miniseries intones. Accompanied by scenes of a (likely set off by terrorists) nuclear explosion, angry protests, surveillance technology, armored police officers, we’re faced with the usual stuff we’ve been collectively freaking out about for the last several years. In other words, the… Read


‘The Revenant’ Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Aim At Revenge


It’s the most complete look yet at Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu and Leonardo DiCaprio taking on the tale of American mountain man Hugh Glass in The Revenant, which 20th Century Fox is ramping up for a December 25 limited bow before going wide January 8. The survival tale follows explorer Glass and his hunting team as they chart and do battle in the wilds of the early 1820s Western frontier. The tale as depicted here, based on true events, may take some liberties — DiCaprio… Read


‘Angry Birds Movie’ Trailer: Sony’s Avians-Vs-Pigs Saga Takes Ire To New Levels

Angry Birds 2

Unless you’ve been off the grid since 2009, you probably are overfamiliar with Angry Birds, the so-simplistic game app that clinical studies have proved to be more addictive that opium. Well, probably. Now, finally, we get the first peek at Sony’s feature adaptation of the Finnish feathered friends that has been in the works since the first Obama administration. The Angry Birds Movie stars Jason Sudeikis as Red, an easily irked avian who, well, gets angry early and… Read


Robert Redford As Dan Rather Shows He Can Handle The ‘Truth’: Trailer

truth 2

The new trailer for Sony Pictures Classics’ Truth teases out a great intro for the tragic journalist tale of legacy CBS newsman Dan Rather. 60 Minutes freelance researcher Mike Smith, (Topher Grace) asks senior journo Rather (Robert Redford): “Why did you get into journalism?” “Curiosity,” Rather responds, then asking, “Why did you go into journalism?” Smith answers pointedly: “You.” The film is based on 60 Minutes II producer Mary Mapes’ memoir Truth And Duty: The Press… Read


‘Gotham: Rise Of The Villains’ Episode 2 Red Band Trailer Has Lots Of Laughs

gotham jerome

Gotham‘s second season started last night and, as promised, the show has really switched emphasis from the soft procedural it (mostly) was during Season 1 to a more serialized story about Gotham City’s slowly enlarging cast of colorful villains. Next week’s episode, “Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock,” takes that further, with James Frain’s evil politician Theo Galavan assembling an A-team of psychopaths liberated from Arkham Asylum and turned loose on the city. For a… Read


Surprise Oscar Entry: Paramount Sets Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell & Ryan Gosling Drama ‘The Big Short’ For AFI Finale, December Release

big short

Paramount Pictures has sprung a surprise new entry into the awards-season mix, setting the Adam McKay-directed adaptation of the Michael Lewis book The Big Short to be AFI’s closing-night gala film on November 12 before it opens limited on December 11 and goes wide December 23. That adds another film to what is shaping up to be the most competitive year-end movie market in recent memory. The studio today releases its first trailer for a Paramount/New Regency film that… Read


New ‘Supergirl’ Teaser: A Closer Look At Her Villains

Supergirl (CBS)

We’re still more than a month out from the premiere of CBS’ entry into the superhero game, (not counting 1990’s The Flash), but just to make sure we don’t forget, the network has dropped a new Supergirl trailer, this one heavy on footage of the villains Superman’s cousin Kara will be facing off against in her debut season. Most of the villains look unfamiliar to me – this makes me embarrassed to admit I even read comics. However, we did get a clear glimpse of Peter… Read


‘The Market Basket Effect’ Teaser: Inside The 2014 Supermarket Strike


Batten down the hatches. The documentary We The People: The Market Basket Effect chronicles one of the stranger labor disputes in recent memory – and also one of the most heartwarming, as it turned out. Market Basket, a chain of grocery stores founded by two brothers in 1954 in Lowell, Massachusetts, was a family-owned business but alas, the two halves of the family did not remotely get along. Frequently fighting over the direction of the store and the allocation of… Read