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Content In Deal With ‘Devil In The Deep Blue Sea'; ‘Spiral’ Unspools At Col-Coa – Global Briefs


Content Media has acquired international rights to romantic drama The Devil In The Deep Blue Sea starring Jason Sudeikis, Maisie Williams, Jessica Biel, Orlando Jones, Paul Reiser and Mary Steenburgen. Currently in post, it's directed by Bill Purple (New Girl) from a script he wrote with Robbie Pickering and is described as a "deeply emotional, funny, and, ultimately, a life-affirming tale about the human spirit and the power of life and love." Biel produced through her… Read


‘Black Mass’ Trailer: First Look At Johnny Depp As Boston Gangster Whitey Bulger

Black Mass Johnny depp 2015

Given how many films and TV show plots the man inspired, it’s kind of surprising that James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger never has been the subject of a narrative film. That changes with Black Mass, based on the true-crime book and starring an almost unrecognizable Johnny Depp as the Boston gangster-turned-informant-turned-fugitive. The first brutal and slightly terrifying official trailer has been released from captivity, and we have the UK version here. Set during the 1970s, B… Read


‘The Disappearance’ Uncovers Big Ratings; Is It France’s ‘Broadchurch’?

DISPARUE The Disappeared

From Quad Television, the TV arm of the production company behind 2011’s hit feature The Intouchables, Disparue (aka The Disappearance) may just be France’s answer to UK dramas like Broadchurch and The Missing. The series debuted on Wednesday night on France 2, drawing 5.26M viewers and a 20.8 share for the first episode, and 5.4M viewers and a 22.2 share for the second. They handily won the night, beating two new installments of Grey’s Anatomy on leading broadcaster TF1… Read


‘Tut’ Trailer: First Look At Ben Kingsley In Spike TV’s Sword-And-Scandals Saga

Tut 1

“They need a savior,” young King Tut avers. “They crave a hero. And they will worship the man who can bring them to victory.” Here’s our first look at Tut, Spike TV’s sword-and-scandals event series starring Ben Kingsley and Avan Jogia as Ancient Egypt’s Boy King. The Gandhi Oscar winner plays Ay, the Grand Vizier to King Tutankhamun who wields tremendous power and influence as his top adviser. There’s sex, violence, politics, intrigue, conspiracy, slashing, slapping and… Read


‘The Little Prince’ Flies In With New International Trailer – Cannes

the little prince

Kung Fu Panda-helmer Mark Osborne’s animated The Little Prince has a Special Screening berth in Cannes next month, the second time he’s had a movie open out of competition at the festival. The adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic and timeless novella comes with a twist: It’s framed by the story of a young girl with an overachieving mother whose new next door neighbor is an old aviator. He recounts to her his tale of crashing in a desert and meeting a boy from… Read


‘The Overnight’ Trailer: Schwartzman, Schilling, Scott As SoCal Swingers

The Overnight

After several years spent playing the most wholesome man in Indiana on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, it makes sense that Adam Scott’s resume is now filling up with roles that go a full 180-degree turn away from his Ben Wyatt. His latest, The Overnight, a very well-received sex comedy that provoked a minor bidding war this year at Sundance, finally has a trailer. And it’s hilarious. The film follows a married couple (Scott, and Orange Is The New Black star Taylor Schilling)… Read


‘Jurassic World’ Trailer: Let The Dino-Feasting Begin

jurassic world

Here are a couple of chilling and telling lines from the first full trailer for Jurassic World that pretty much sum up the movie — and the franchise. “These animals are thinkin’, 'I gotta eat, I gotta hunt." That’s one from Chris Pratt’s Owen, a park staffer who specializes in behavioral research. This one is from Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire, the operations manager, who shouts it to colleagues on her car’s radio, “We have an asset out of containment.” Suppose we add one… Read


‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Game Trailer Looks Like A Live-Action Movie

Star Wars Battlefront videogame trailer AT AT exploding

It’s been quite the weekend for Star Wars trailers of various sorts, no doubt in part because of the big four-day fan event in Anaheim this weekend focused on the franchise. First there was Thursday’s (really pretty thrilling) teaser for The Force Awakenswhich did plenty to awaken the force of fan frenzy for the film debuting in December. Then there was today’s teaser for first spinoff, Rogue One, which screened in a panel at the Anaheim show but hasn’t officially been… Read


Doctor Doom Revealed As Fox Unleashes New ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer After Leak

Fantastic Four Trailer in astronaut suits

Not one to be left out of a trend, following the leak earlier this morning of a new trailer for 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot, the studio has made the official video available online. Now revealed, the look of iconic Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom. The answer: kind of awesome. The trailer gives us slightly more details about the origin of Marvel’s first family, though nothing that hasn’t already been revealed. They’re a team of government-funded scientists… Read


‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Spinoff A Prequel, With Teaser Trailer Shown


Shocking no one, except perhaps those who aren’t force-sensitive, details for Star WarsRogue One – the first of several planned stand-alone films set in a galaxy far, far away but not connected to the new official trilogy – were revealed today at Star Wars Celebration, the big four-day fan frenzy in Anaheim. As it turns out, the film will be a prequel set just before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope (for those losing track, that’s the franchise’s original film). The… Read


‘Tale Of Tales’ Trailer: Salma Hayek Dines On A Dragon Heart – Cannes

tale of tales cassel

French distributor Le Pacte has dropped a teaser for Cannes Film Festival competition entry Tale Of Tales. The movie is one of a trio in the section that hails from an Italian director. Reality and Gomorra helmer Matteo Garrone here turns his lens on a collection of 17th century fairy tales by Giambattista Basile. In English, though there’s virtually no dialogue in the trailer above, the film is a fantasy that stars Salma Hayek (digging with gusto into the bloody heart of… Read


‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Gets Official Release Following Leak

Batman V Superman: Dawn  Of Justice

Nearly 24 hours after the trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was leaked via a shaky cellphone camera recording, Warner Bros has kneeled before reality and released the teaser officially. The trailer for the film, starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as DC’s contentious superheroes, originally was planned to be unveiled during a 15-minute long event in Imax theaters on Monday. The studio’s official release spoils that planned surprise. Warner Bros and DC can… Read