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SeaChange Buys TV Social-Media Toolmaker Timeline Labs

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SeaChange International, the big TV software-services company, has scooped up Timeline Labs for $22 million in cash and shares, with another $2.5 million in possible additional stock payouts based on future performance. Just last week Timeline and SeaChange announced NewCoin, an initiative to better measure local TV ratings, through a joint venture that also includes Fox TV Stations, Univision and Tribune Media. Timeline's software tools pull together stories and posts on… Read


ITV Invests In Ex-Maker CEO’s Zealot Networks

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Continuing its spending spree in the U.S., the UK's ITV has completed its third Stateside digital investment deal this year. The broadcaster has taken a leading position in a strategic funding round undertaken by Zealot Networks. Zealot is a digital-first media company and growth accelerator that delivers multi-platform revenue, distribution and development opportunities to content creators. Launched in August by former Maker Studios founder and CEO Danny Zappin, the… Read


MPAA Hits “Shameful” Google Over Sony Hacking Revelations – Update

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UPDATED, 7:50 PM: The Motion Picture Association of America tonight struck back at accusations from the tech giant that it was seeking to "censor" the Internet and suppress free speech based on information from emails leaked in the Sony hacking. "Google's effort to position itself as a defender of free speech is shameful,” an MPAA spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline tonight (read the full statement below). A Google executive in a blog post earlier Thursday… Read


Russell Simmons’ GlobalGrind Online Site Bought By Interactive One

Radio One

Interactive One, the online unit of Radio One, has bought Russell Simmons-founded GlobalGrind, an online site focused on hip hop culture that will anchor iOne's collection of websites targeting urban millennials. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition cements a previous partnership covering sales, content, tech, product and marketing between the two companies that began in April 2013. Since then, GlobalGrind says its reach has jumped 60 percent to a… Read


Vessel Launches For Video Creators As YouTube Challenger Heads Toward 2015 Debut

Vessel app

The long-gestating Vessel, a subscription-based online-video site backed with big bucks and aggressively recruiting YouTube stars with fat contracts, came out of stealth mode today. In a blog post by CEO Jason Kilar, the company said it is launching a “creator preview” so online video talent can set up a presence on the site ahead of a public launch in “early 2015.” Despite trying to keep a low profile, the company has been closely tracked in Silicon Valley and across the… Read


Google’s Year In Hollywood Search: ‘Frozen,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ JLaw, Robin Williams

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Google has issued so many lists today you almost need a search engine to get through them all. We've pulled together some of the most pertinent ones for Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry below. There are two kinds of lists here. Ones that are “trending” had incredibly heavy search volume for a short period of time as compared to 2013. The “most searched” or “top” lists had the year's most total searches, ranked by sheer volume of queries. The most intensely… Read


UltraViolet Says It Will Continue To Grow, Even Without Disney And Amazon

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People can't see ultraviolet light, and many also have overlooked some recent developments at the entertainment industry's digital locker service called UltraViolet. The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem operation, launched in late 2011, today spotlighted a few signs of progress — including the fact that more than 20 million U.S. consumers now have UltraViolet accounts, enabling them to stream videos that they also buy on DVDs and Blu-ray discs or electronic… Read


Sony Hacks, Amy Pascal & Scott Rudin’s E-mails: Whose News Is It Anyway?

Sony Whose News Is It 3-shot 1

EXCLUSIVE: Something Chris Rock recently said to Frank Rich in New York magazine has been haunting me for the past few weeks. “The thing about comedians is that you're the only ones who practice in front of a crowd,” Rock said. “Prince doesn't run a demo on the radio. But in stand-up, the demo gets out. [Emphasis added.] There are a few guys good enough to write a perfect act and get onstage, but everybody else workshops it and workshops it, and it can get real messy. It… Read


UK Journo Clarifies Story On Sony Shoot Shuttering

Sony Hacked

UPDATE: Times of London journo James Dean says that he did not report last Friday that Sony production had shut down because of hacking, even though his article was hotly refuted by Sony after it was aggregated around the world. Dean says he was talking about agencies that shoot for Sony, not actual Sony film productions. You decide if he is on the side of the angels. The headline: Sony 'suspends filming' after hackers hit payments. The opening paragraph: “The Hollywood… Read


Amy Pascal Breaks Silence On Rallying Sony After Devastating Hack Attack: Q&A

amy pascal

EXCLUSIVE: It's fair to imagine that Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Amy Pascal hasn't had a peaceful moment since November 24, when a hacker's skeleton emblem appeared on Sony Corp. computers around the world and signaled the arrival of a hack attack that has created unprecedented havoc for a media empire. The breach shut down every computer and e-mail; digital copies of unreleased films were posted; confidential data, ranging from employee information to e-mails… Read


Sony Considered Sale Of Majority Interest In Crackle

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Sony Pictures TV recently shopped a 51% stake in Crackle — hoping to raise $100 million that one exec said could “save the year” for the online service — according to a Bloomberg report based on emails obtained and released by hackers. One email that Crackle GM Eric Berger sent on November 3 mentioned talks with Evolution Media Capital. The company received, and turned down, offers to buy all of Crackle, we're told. Instead, execs wanted to sell a majority stake to raise… Read