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Power Rangers Fan Video Yanked From YouTube; Filmmakers Vow To Fight


A 14-minute Power Rangers fan video starring James Van der Beek and Katee Sackhoff that received more than 12 million YouTube views in two days has been yanked off the site after a copyright challenge by owner Saban Brands. The short film's producer is now vowing to put up a legal fight. The Power/Rangers video was posted Tuesday on YouTube and Vimeo and was almost immediately taken down from Vimeo after the site received a complaint from billionaire Haim Saban’s company… Read


Sony Digital Boss Bob Osher Pink Slipped As More Changes Hit Studio

Bob Osher

Change comes in waves at Sony Pictures, but the waves are fast. Just two days after Tom Rothman was announced as Amy Pascal's replacement, the president of the studio's digital division has been shown the door. Bob Osher's exit after nearly seven years in the job over in Culver City wasn't altogether unexpected. In emails leaked out from the massive hacking of Sony in November, the now recently reupped Michael Lynton hinted to now-departed Pascal that Osher should be… Read


Net Neutrality Vote: Reactions From The Industry And Interest Groups

Activists Rally At FCC Headquarters In Support Of Net Neutrality

Seems like everybody has something to say about the FCC’s net neutrality vote today. Here’s an edited sampling, which we’ll update throughout the day. Comcast EVP David Cohen:  “Comcast alone has invested tens of billions of dollars in our network, increased broadband speeds 13 times in 13 years, and now offers speeds up to 505 Mbps down. We know that our business has grown and thrived because consumers want access to everything that the Internet makes possible, and we… Read


‘The Killing’ Producer Tells FCC That Net Neutrality Will Protect Competition

Veena Sud

Veena Sud told regulators this morning that her experience with The Killing illustrates how an open Internet promotes media diversity. The AMC series almost didn’t make it to a third season until Netflix offered to help finance. “We were resurrected” and went on to tell “some of our best stories” including ones involving the death penalty, teenage homelessness and drug addiction. She added that streaming services including Netflix and Amazon offer different points of… Read


Charlie Ergen: Next Generation Will Watch TV On Mobile Devices

2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

Sling TV has only been live for two weeks — but Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen said today that he has big plans for the attention-grabbing $20-a-month video streaming service. It’s “part of a strategy to take content to a more mobile basis and a more wireless basis” — which is the way “the next generation is going to watch television” — he said in a conference call today. Ergen has been amassing wireless spectrum to help make the satellite company — which he… Read


FCC Net Neutrality Plan Won’t Lead To Broadband Price Regulation – Analyst

The FCC Holds Open Internet Roundtable

The vigorously argued case out this morning from Bernstein Research’s Paul de Sa goes to the heart of the debate over the FCC’s planned net neutrality rules — expected to be adopted on Thursday. Will the proposal built on reclassifying the Internet as a regulated communications service lead the FCC to control broadband rates, potentially chilling investment? FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says his plan will specifically reject that power. But cable and telco broadband… Read


Past Is Prologue? ‘American Sniper’ Has Best Chance To Win Oscar: MovieGraph

American Sniper Senzari Oscar Chances

EXCLUSIVE: American Sniper has the best chance to win the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday, according to a complex analysis of the components underlying this year’s nominees and the past decade’s winners by Senzari, a big-data company specializing in movies and music. The Imitation Game has the second-best chance of winning under the company’s analysis. The company’s MovieGraph technology, which tracks and analyzes components of thousands of films, looked at this year’s… Read


NBC-Owned Stations Introduce Live TV Everywhere Streaming

NBC Universal

Add NBC O&Os to the growing list of programmers that offer pay TV subscribers opportunities to stream live TV on their computers and mobile devices. The broadcaster says that starting today its stations will provide a full array of national, local, and syndicated shows — except for NFL games which won’t be streamed live to mobile devices. NBC also will offer a library of video-on-demand content. "Our stations are committed to making it easy and convenient for viewers to… Read


Jukin To Feed Viral Videos To AOL, Yahoo In New Service

JUKIN media logo large

Jukin Media has launched a new video-distribution service that will provide its most popular new clips directly to online publishers. AOL, Yahoo, Complex, Flipps, Frequency, and ViralNova have already signed up for the service, the company said. "Our company has developed a proprietary platform and methodology for identifying and acquiring the best viral video content on the web," said Lee Essner, Jukin’s President and COO. The new service will use that technology… Read


Lionsgate And Samsung Offer ‘Insurgent’ Virtual Reality Production

Insurgent Shatter Reality

The announcement takes Hollywood’s flirtation with virtual reality another step closer to a full-fledged relationship. Lionsgate says that Insurgent – Shatter Reality will work on the Samsung Gear VR. It will run four-minutes and offer audiences “a fully-immersive, 360° narrative experience” based on the upcoming Divergent Series: Insurgent, including actors Kate Winslet, Miles Teller and Mekhi Phifer. Lionsgate’s film will be in theaters on March 20. The companies will… Read


‘Fifty Shades’ Locks Up More Records — This Time For Fandango

Fifty Shades of Grey

He powers up my dormant computer. He lays his long fingers across my smooth keyboard. And then he … he … buys movie tickets. While you process that, we’ll tell you that Fandango said today it sold 29% of the domestic tickets for Fifty Shades Of Grey‘s three-day opening weekend, the largest share for any film in its 15-year history. The adaptation of EL James’ novel also set a number of minor records for the online ticketer, including the most sold on Valentine’s Day and… Read


App Helps Disney’s ‘McFarland, USA’ Translate For Spanish-Speaking Moviegoers

McFarland USA Featured Image

Walt Disney Studios has unveiled a new collaboration with myLINGO, a smartphone app that will allow Spanish-speaking audiences to experience McFarland, USA in their native language. The film, which opens February 20, stars Kevin Costner as the coach of a track team at a predominantly Latino high school. The myLINGO dubbing system uses the microphones on moviegoers' smartphones or other devices to connect to the movie once it has begun. The app then matches the unique… Read