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No Faking Ever, PBS ‘Nature’ EP Says Of His Show Vs Competitors’ “Train Wreck” TV – TCA

2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 14

"It's a train wreck – there are people who want to see it and leave," PBS's Nature EP Fred Kaufman said, of fake nature scenes and/or programs. His franchise relies “on a loyal audience that comes back, week after week, so we feel a responsibility to be truthful and accurate, and there are a lot of people who like that and expect that. I don't feel any pressure; we're very proud of the fact we're standing alone.” Kaufman, addressing TV critics on the final day of Winter… Read


PBS Pipeline Brings Ballroom Dancing, Conjurers, Prenatal Surgery – TCA

2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 14

“Since we last met we’ve been busy,”  PBS’ chief programming exec Beth Hoppe happily told TV critics today kicking off her “PBS pipeline” talk at Winter TV Press Tour 2015. Not for the first time during PBS’s two days at the tour, TV critics heard about the previous season of Downton Abbey having been public TV’s highest-rated drama of all time, reaching an average of 13.3 million viewers, and how The Roosevelts gave PBS its most watched week in more than 20 years.  More… Read


Oscar-Nominated ‘Last Days In Vietnam’ To Stream Free On PBS Sites Next Month

Last Days in Vietnam title card

The Oscar-nominated documentary Last Days in Vietnam will stream online for free for three days next month through PBS-related websites and related digital video outlets. The documentary, which had a solid limited theatrical release in September, has grossed more than $441,000 since. It is one of five documentary features up for an Oscar on Feb. 22. The film, directed and produced by Rory Kennedy, details the days leading up to the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from South… Read


Damian Lewis Says Henry VIII As Big A Brand As Coca-Cola, While Plugging PBS’s ‘Wolf Hall’ – TCA

2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 13

"Henry [VIII] as a brand, is right up there with Coca Cola," Damian Lewis said, of the oft-portrayed Tudor king he plays in PBS’s six-part miniseries Wolf Hall.  "My vanity will always relish a challenge," Lewis said, of trying to turn in a fresh performance of the historical figure. "In fact, that probably encourages me." Not so fresh, maybe, were his answers to question about his character, on stage this morning at Winter TV Press Tour 2015; his “syphilitic… Read


Ridley Scott Civil War Drama Joins PBS Sunday Slate – TCA


PBS will add a Civil War hospital drama from Ridley Scott to its Sunday night lineup. The unnamed drama, slated for 2016, is based on true stories and set in Alexandria, VA. The drama, which has an initial six-episode order, follows two volunteer nurses on opposite sides of the war in the union hospital which is a family-owned hotel-turned-hospital. One nurse is a staunch New England abolitionist; the other a willful young Confederate belle. Alexandria was the longest… Read


It’s Husband V. Wife For ‘The Americans’ Coming Out In Season 3 – TCA

Keri Russell The Americans FX

SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains potential plot developments for The Americans in its next season. A very clear plot development was revealed in The Americans Season 3 trailer that screened today (see the video above): The FX series will pit husband against wife over whether to tell their 16-year-old daughter they are Soviet KGB spies working undercover in the United States. At today's TCA panel on the show, Deadline did not expect co-showrunners/EPs Joe Weisber… Read


‘The Comedians’ Shoot For Painfully Funny, Billy Crystal And Josh Gad Say – TCA


Billy Crystal tried to explain to TV critics why he’s starring in a new FX comedy series based on a 2004 Swedish series Ulveson And Herngren, that starred comedians Felix Herngren and Johan Ulveson as they put together a sketch program – rather than start from scratch.  Crystal, who’s also one of the writers and EPs on The Comedians, explained it’s because he hadn’t had any thought of doing a TV series “and then this show came along and there were 12 episodes” and it was… Read


‘Justified’ Ending Not Yet Set , EP Graham Yost Says – TCA


"We don't have the ending yet,” Justified EP Graham Yost said today of the show that’s starting its final FX season Tuesday. “We've shot [episode] 10, and have a script for 11 … And we're outlining 12, and then get to 13.” “We've all been talking about it. But Elmore didn't outline,” Yost said at Winter TV Press Tour 2015. The prolific crime writer Elmore Leonard, who died in August 2013, wrote the novels that are the basis for the series, which stars Timothy Olyphant as… Read


‘Better Things’ Coming For ‘Louie’ Veteran Pamela Adlon – TCA

Louie, Better Things, Californication

After today's FX panel on Louie, actor-writer Pamela Adlon offered a few more details on her latest collaboration with Louis CK, announced earlier today at TCA: Better Things, which has been given a pilot order by FX. It stars Adlon as an actress raising three daughters, which she is in real life. Like Adlon, the character will be divorced with sole custody of the girls, she said.  The character will be a working actress but as a middle-class player, she still has to take… Read


‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’ Creator Denis Not Leery Of F-Bombs In TCA Panel


No need to wait long for an f-bomb when Denis Leary is presiding over the TV Critics Association panel on his new FX series, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. In fact, reader advisory, this panel was more of an f-minefield, thanks to Leary vigorous use of a particular term. Break out the asterisks for a salty ride. Because FX's sessions arrive late the two-week TCA grind, Leary began by saying: "I know you're bored f *** ing titless right now." He then launched into a tirade about… Read


‘Man Seeking Woman’ Creator Simon Rich Glad Dad’s Not A Critic Anymore – TCA

Man Seeking Woman

Simon Rich, creator of FXX’s new Man Seeking Woman, says he’s “very relieved” his father “is not a current television critic.” Rich’s series stars Jay Baruchel as Josh Greenberg, a naive romantic desperately looking for love in the digital dating era. Early episodes include a scene in which both of Josh’s hands walk out on him rather than help him masturbate, and an ex-girlfriend who now is dating Hitler. Rich calls the show, based on his book Last Girlfriend on Earth… Read


‘It’s Always Sunny’ At TCAs With Smart Vulgarity, Two More Seasons


About midway through FX's TCA panel on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, cast member Danny DeVito fell off his chair. Was it humor, or a heart attack? Luckily, DeVito hoisted himself up before anyone dialed 911, although fellow cast member Kaitlin Olson admitted: "You scared the s*** out of me." "Wasn't that funny?" De Vito asked, somewhat apologetically. DeVito was doing his best to prove the main point of today's panel: When you've got what FX describes as the… Read