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Cirque du Soleil Returns To Action After Tragic Death Of Aerialist

Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil returned to performances on Friday in New Jersey, offering a tribute to the aerialist who died last month on stage. It was the first show since the March 17 accident that claimed the life of Yann Arnaud. The show, titled VOLTA, began with a tribute to Arnaud, the 38-year old aerialist who perished after falling about 20 feet to his death. The accident happened March 17 during an aerial straps routine in Tampa. New Jersey’s show was postponed in the wake… Read


SAG-AFTRA Establishes “Standards And Practices” For Stunt Coordinators

EXCLUSIVE: In a move to bolster safety and foster diversity and gender equality, SAG-AFTRA's national board of directors has established a new set of "standards and practices" for film and TV stunt coordinators. The move comes in the wake of two-stunt related deaths last year, and a growing outcry from stuntwomen about stuntmen donning wigs and women's clothes to double for actresses – an age-old practice known as "wigging." The union's contract with employers has long… Read


SAG-AFTRA: “Knockoff” Stunt Harnesses Pose Safety Hazard

SAG-AFTRA is warning the stunt community about "knockoff" stunt harnesses that don't meet industry standards and pose a threat to safety on the set. Used to suspend actors and stunt performers in the air, one of the phony harnesses already has failed, the guild reported. "Thankfully, no one was hurt," it said. "This SAG-AFTRA safety bulletin is an urgent advisory to alert you to these dangers and to remind everyone to be very diligent about the harnesses and other safety… Read


Time’s Up Turns Down Deven MacNair’s Plea For Help In Fighting Sex Discrimination In Stunt Biz; Spokesperson Responds – Update

UPDATED with Time’s Up statement, 1:10 PM: Deven MacNair claims that the Time's Up movement has turned its back on her. The Hollywood stuntwoman, who launched a one-woman crusade against "wigging" – the age-old practice of stuntmen donning wigs and women's clothes to double for actresses, said that she’d asked for the group’s assistance but was told that her case was “outside the scope of their work”. "Really? It's outside the scope of their work?" Deven told Deadline… Read


‘The Domestics’ Special Effects Coordinator Says He Shares Blame in “Wigging” Incident

Guy Clayton, the special effects coordinator on MGM's The Domestics, says he feels responsible for the "wigging" incident that led to a sex discrimination complaint filed with the EEOC by stuntwoman Deven MacNair, because he told “the powers that be” that he could get the special effects ready on short notice. MacNair, however, isn't having any of it. "How many excuses are we going to hear?" she asked. "They said I was too big to double the actress, that I'm a horrible… Read


Stunts Unlimited’s Pat Romano Said He Never Witnessed “Wigging,” But Photos Say Otherwise

In a recent article about stuntmen donning wigs and dresses to double for actresses – an age-old practice known as "wigging" – Stunts Unlimited president Pat Romano told Deadline that he'd never seen it in all his years in the industry. "I have never seen a guy dress up as a girl, and I've been in the business 30 years," he said. Deadline, however, has obtained photos of him wearing a woman's wig for a stunt he performed on a Progressive auto insurance commercial in… Read


SAG-AFTRA Closes “Wigging” Probe, Says It “Remains Committed” To Ending Practice Of Men Doubling For Women

UPDATED with SAG-AFTRA statement: SAG-AFTRA has closed its investigation into the "wigging" of a stuntman on MGM's The Domestics and concluded that "wigging a male stunt performer to double for a female performer is not acceptable and that this should not happen again." The union, however, did not fine the film's production company for not doing more to find a qualified stuntwoman to do the job, though it says it "will remain committed to doing what it can to eliminate… Read


Stuntwoman Jennifer Badger Accuses SAG-AFTRA’s Atlanta Local Of Putting Politics Before Safety

Atlanta's stunt community, which was rocked last year by the death of stuntman John Bernecker on the set of The Walking Dead, is up in arms over veteran stuntwoman Jennifer Badger's allegation that leaders of the SAG-AFTRA local there are playing politics with safety. Badger, one of Atlanta's top stuntwomen and safety advocates, and a vocal critic of the local's elected leadership, has accused them of not reappointing her to the stunt and safety committee purely  for… Read


Stuntwoman’s Federal Push To End “Wigging” Shakes Up Male-Dominated Industry

Nick Gillard

EXCLUSIVE: A sex-discrimination charge filed with the EEOC by stuntwoman Deven MacNair has Hollywood's stunt community wigging out, with one veteran stuntman claiming that the industry's most dangerous profession – which saw two stunt-related deaths last year – "is now in chaos" and "spiraling out of control." Others, however, scoff at the notion, arguing that the change coming to the stunt community and to the industry at large is long overdue. MacNair's complaint (read… Read


SAG-AFTRA Board Member Peter Antico Accuses Union Of Playing Politics with Safety

A former SAG-AFTRA presidential candidate is accusing the union’s leadership of playing politics with safety. Local board member Peter Antico, a stuntman who finished third in the presidential race last year, has filed a complaint with the union and the Secretary of Labor claiming that the union’s newly formed safety commission has been stacked with political allies of SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris and that too few of them have any expertise in stunts or… Read


AMC Sued For Wrongful Death Of ‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman

UPDATED with more details of lawsuit: More than six months after The Walking Dead stuntman John Bernecker was killed on the Atlanta set of the AMC blockbuster series, his mother has followed through on her promise to "seek justice" with a wrongful-death lawsuit that puts the blame on AMC for allegedly doing things on the cheap. "The production of Season 8 of The Walking Dead, like seasons before it, had an emphasis on keeping production budgets low and profits high," the… Read


SAG Awards Stunt Ensemble Winners: ‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘Game Of Thrones’

SAG Awards

UPDATED with winners list: The sizable stunt teams for Warner Bros. Wonder Woman and HBO’s Game of Thrones walked away with the SAG Awards Stunt Ensemble trophies today. The winners were announced before the televised portion of the show. The female-centric superhero pic beat out the stunt teams from Baby Driver, Dunkirk, Logan and War for the Planet of the Apes. The epic juggernaut drama series GoT topped the stunt performers from GLOW, Homeland and The Walking Dead, the… Read