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FCC Adds Two Weeks To Comment Period On Net Neutrality Policy Changes

The FCC today gave people who want to comment on its plan to relax enforcement of net neutrality rules an additional two weeks to make their views known — rejecting pleas by open-Internet activists for an extra eight weeks. Regulators now plan to close the comment period on August 30. The additional time will “allow parties to provide the Commission with more thorough comments, ensuring that the Commission has a complete record on which to develop its decisions,” says… Read


Critics Of Sinclair-Tribune Deal Tell FCC It Would Politicize Local News, Raise Prices

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s $3.9 billion acquisition of Tribune Media will give the company unprecedented power to politicize local TV news,  raise pay TV and ad rates, slow the growth of wireless broadband, and determine what new broadcast technologies can succeed, opponents of the deal charged in filings at the FCC ahead of last night’s deadline for critics to file their concerns. Companies including Dish Network and T-Mobile, cable TV trade organizations, public… Read


FCC Returns To Full Strength As Senate Confirms Republican & Democrat

Jessica Rosenworcel

UPDATE with MPAA statement: The FCC has a full contingent of five commissioners again after the U.S. Senate, in a voice vote today, confirmed Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel and Republican Brendan Carr. Both already knows their way around the agency. Rosenworcel was a commissioner from 2012 to the beginning of this year. Her term expired in mid-2015, but the Senate Commerce Committee allowed her to stay until the end of 2016 while it declined to deal with President Barack… Read


Sinclair And Nexstar Vow To Share Spectrum To Help Next-Gen TV Transition

Sinclair Broadcast Group and Nexstar Media Group said today that they will share airwave spectrum in 43 markets where they both have stations to promote a transition to a new broadcast standard — ATSC 3.0 — that supporters say could revolutionize over-the-air TV. The new standard will make it easier to meld 4K programming and interactive broadband data in over-the-air transmissions. But it will not work on current TV sets. As a result, companies expect the FCC will allow… Read


NYC Unveils ‘CreateNYC’ 10-Year Plan To Expand And Diversify Arts & Culture

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl released Wednesday what they dubbed the city’s first-ever comprehensive culture plan. Enfolded in a glossy, 175-page manifesto called CreateNYC, the ambitious, 10-year plan addresses issues ranging from increasing access to arts and culture programing to the farthest reaches of the five boroughs to making the upper ranks of New York cultural institutions more reflective of the city’s… Read


Will Net Neutrality “Day Of Action” Make Internet Rules A 2018 Campaign Issue?

Public relations pros on both sides of the net neutrality debate are earning their pay today. This is the “Day of Action” for Silicon Valley’s mightiest powers and other supporters of the FCC’s tough net neutrality enforcement rules. Oversight is needed, they say, to ensure that cable and telco internet service providers don't play favorites — for example by providing speedier transmissions for some content providers over others. Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft… Read


Appeals Court Upholds FCC Ruling That Limits Local Cable Price Regulation

The U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C. today upheld a 2015 FCC ruling that all but eliminated local cable regulators’ ability to set rates. The commission determined that the vast majority of operators face "effective competition" from satellite and telco companies. That so-called "rebuttable presumption" stripped local officials of the right from the 1992 Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act to regulate prices where there's insufficient competition. They… Read


FCC Chairman Taps Veteran Of Koch-Supported Think Tank To Be Chief Economist

FCC chairman Ajit Pai turned today to a research fellow at a Koch Industries-supported think tank to serve as the agency’s chief economist. Jerry Ellig has worked since 1996 at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, which bills itself as “the world's premier university source for market-oriented ideas.” In a major 2010 story about Charles and David Koch’s influence in what she called the “war against Obama,” The New Yorker‘s Jane Mayer said that controversial… Read


Are Bots Flooding The FCC With Bogus Calls To Weaken Net Neutrality Rules?

Seems like there’s a lot of fakery in Washington these days — not just involving the President’s dim view of the Fourth Estate or bogus Time magazine cover. Today, House Committee on Energy and Commerce ranking member Frank Pallone (D-NJ) asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe to investigate whether bots flooded the FCC with thousands of fake comments favoring a weakening of net neutrality protections. Those behind the filings “may be… Read


22 Million People Lose Health Care Under Senate Trumpcare Plan, CBO Says

The Congressional Budget Office says 22 million people would lose health care under the Senate’s version of Trumpcare that Senate Republicans are racing to bring to a vote this week without hearings. That’s just 1 million fewer people than the non-partisan CBO estimated would lose healthcare by 2026 under the House version of Trumpcare. President Donald Trump called the House bill “mean” and said he hoped the Senate version would have more “heart.” The Senate’s plan… Read


FTC Sues To Block Merger Of Fantasy Sports Giants DraftKings And FanDuel

Updated with DraftKings/FanDuel statement: The Federal Trade Commission just threw a flag on the proposed merger of fantasy sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel. The regulatory agency — working with Attorneys General for California and D.C. — authorized a suit to stop the deal, charging it would violate antitrust laws. The complaints were filed today at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. An administrative trial is scheduled to start November 21. "This… Read


‘House Of Lies’ Creator Calls Donald Trump’s Cuba Policy “Idiocy”

House Of Lies Cuba

House Of Lies creator Matthew Carnahan is furious about President Donald Trump's decision to roll back relations with Cuba. Carnahan shot the Showtime series’ fifth-season finale in Havana last year – and plans to return to shoot a new series there entirely – but fears the new restrictions could make it more difficult for future collaborations between Cuban and American filmmakers. "I'm f*cking pissed," he told Deadline. "I'm really f*cking pissed. It's idiocy, plain and… Read