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[PHOTOS] 2017 Oscar Nominees Part 1: Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Pharrell Williams, Damien Chazelle & More

Casey Affleck.jpeg

It’s been another busy Academy season, comprised of enough worthy performances and films to stage several soirées at the Dolby Theatre. AwardsLine has been covering the Oscars race throughout the season as it evolves. The categories represented in the gallery above range from Best Actor and Supporting Actor to Best Director, Best Documentary Feature and Best Picture. Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea), Denzel Washington (Fences), Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic)… Read


‘Hail, Caesar!’ Production Designer Jess Gonchor On His Appetite For An Old Hollywood Moviemaking Approach

Jess Gonchor.jpeg

Working with the Coen Brothers over the course of six films, production designer Jess Gonchor has received Oscar nominations for two of these collaborations— 2010’s True Grit and last year’s Old Hollywood caper comedy Hail, CaesarA meticulously designed throwback to the Hollywood of yore, the noir-tinged film is an ambitious endeavor, emulating sets from various cinema classics, including Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, sword-and-sandal stapes and the canon of Esther… Read


‘Hacksaw Ridge’ & Its 15-Year Climb To Hollywood: Oscar-Nominated Producer David Permut Looks Back

Polka King/Hacksaw Ridge

“I didn’t believe it.” That was producer David Permut’s initial response upon hearing about Desmond T. Doss, the World War II medic who saved over 75 men in the battle at Okinawa without ever picking up a gun. “A medic on the front lines of World War II? I knew the combat medics needed to be trained in riflery,” says Permut, who with Hacksaw Ridge counts his first Oscar nomination in his 35-plus years as a producer. “When I found out it was true, I was astounded by… Read


Encore: Taylor Sheridan & David Mackenzie On Raising ‘Hell Or High Water’: “It’s About Fatherhood At The End Of The Day”

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Editor’s Note: This story originally ran on Dec. 23. Hell or High Water currently counts four Oscar nominations including best picture and an original screenplay nod for Taylor SheridanAfter drug war noir Sicario made enormous waves at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival into last year's awards season, you could feel that Taylor Sheridan, a Sons of Anarchy actor-turned-scribe, was bound to repeat his success all over again with this year’s CBS Films/Lionsgate movie Hell or Hig… Read


‘Lion’ Composers Dustin O’Halloran And Hauschka On The Trial And Error Involved When Two Composers Are In The Picture

Dustin O'Halloran, Hauschka - Lion.jpeg

It’s been an interesting season for Lion composers Dustin O’Halloran and Hauschka. Receiving their first Oscar nominations for their work on Garth Davis’ directorial debut, the pair are the only composers who have kept pace with La La Land’s Justin Hurwitz, with nominations at four elite award shows—the Critics’ Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs, and the Oscars. Though O’Halloran and Hauschka are longtime friends, dating back to an initial encounter in Northern… Read


Showtime! Major Oscar Road Closures Hit Hollywood


Call it the calm before the storm, but you have just 48 hours before the security net around the 89th Academy Awards truly kicks in, with road closures shutting down portions of Hollywood Boulevard and more around the Dolby Theatre. As the map above displays, by the day of the Oscars on February 26, a sprawling enforced perimeter will be full effect. In fact, the day of Hollywood's biggest night will see the situation go from gridlock to unparalleled lockdown, especially a… Read


Encore: ‘Moonlight’ Star Mahershala Ali On Responsibility To The Material And Encouraging Steps Forward In Hollywood

Mahershala Ali - Moonlight.jpeg

Editors Note: This story originally ran on November 18.  By any measure, Mahershala Ali is having a banner year. As Remy Danton on House of Cards, Ali went toe-to-toe with the likes of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. But he moved on in a big way this year, delivering a menacing turn as Cornell 'Cottonmouth' Stokes on Netflix’s Luke Cage, before jumping into the press circuit for Oscar contenders Moonlight and Hidden Figures. Speaking to Deadline, Ali touches on the process… Read


Tarell Alvin McCraney On ‘Moonlight’s Message: “I Think People Were Hungry For That”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (8383592d)
Tarell Alvin McCraney
'Lorraine' TV show, London, UK - 15 Feb 2017

Tarbell Alvin McCraney

The movie 'Moonlight' starring Naomie Harris is up for 8 awards at next week's Oscars. This morning Lorraine meets the man behind the incredibly powerful story. 
After a very tough childhood including dealing with a drug dependent parent, Tarell Alvin McCraney wrote a screenplay using his younger years as inspiration. He put it to one side and carried on with his career and then sometime later it was shown to Barry Jenkins (director) and the rest is history. Tarbell joins Lorraine to tell his story.

Not many of us get the chance to re-visit moments from our past—let alone have them play out for the world to see—but for Tarell Alvin McCraney, Moonlight was that vehicle. Based on his play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue, the film follows a young boy's arduous journey of self-discovery while growing up in Miami’s low-income housing projects with a drug-stricken mother. McCraney, who wrote the script during a turbulent period in his young adult life, is up for an Oscar… Read


‘Zootopia’s Jason Bateman On Pic’s “Medicine Goes Down Easy” Approach To Conveying A Pertinent Message

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An Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actor, with two feature directing credits to his name, Jason Bateman checked off another item on his career wish list this year, lending his voice to the critical and box office smash Zootopiathe first Disney animated film he has ever worked on. The actor brings his dry wit and spot-on delivery to the role of Nick Wilde, a con-artist fox dragged into a buddy cop mystery, experiencing the burden of prejudice and stereotyping in… Read


Oscar Best Picture Nominees: The Deadline Reviews

Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Whenever you walk into a theater or screening room to review a movie you never know whether you are about to experience a masterpiece or a complete turkey. In the case of Oscar’s nine nominated Best Picture contenders this year — all of which I reviewed on video and in print for Deadline when they were first released — I am happy to say the Academy and I are totally in sync. There is not a dud in the bunch, and in fact six of them landed on my own year-end Ten Best List… Read


Oscars: Pete Hammond Handicaps The Best Director Race — Awardsline

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As usual, the five directors nominated for Best Directing did so with unconventional projects that did not exactly scream commercial success. In the case of the science fiction drama Arrival, director Denis Villeneuve took the alien genre and turned it inside out. For Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson came back from being a Hollywood outcast to direct a World War II story that remarkably had never been told. Damien Chazelle had a dream of bringing back the musical form in a… Read


Encore: ‘Trolls’ Star Justin Timberlake Talks Inclusive Art And Composing “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”

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Editors Note: This story originally ran on December 8, 2016. If you happen to have come within earshot of a speaker over the last six months, there's a fair chance you'll have heard Justin Timberlake's joyous summer song, "Can't Stop the Feeling!", which must surely be one of the most regularly-played tracks of the year. It's the flagship anthem on the soundtrack to DreamWorks Animation's Trolls, in which Timberlake plays Branch, a curmudgeonly paranoiac for whom the… Read