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How ‘Room’ Mates Larson, Abrahamson & Tremblay Architected Book-To-Film Alchemy – Awardsline

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay

"You can imagine the crass studio executive reaction to the pitch for Room: 'Forget it,' " says director Lenny Abrahamson of his film that has commanded so much Oscar buzz since its September unveiling at the Telluride Film Festival. Yes, Room is a hard sell when boiled down: A young woman is trapped in a garden shed for seven years by a sexual predator—along with the five year old son she bore from him in captivity. It's the epitome of bleak and claustrophobic fare. So… Read


Oscar-Winning ‘Sicario’ Editor Joe Walker On Editing For Tension & ‘Story Of Your Life’: “It’s Amy Adams & Aliens”

Joe Walker - Sicario editor

Throughout his career, editor Joe Walker has worked with some of the most critically lauded and commercially successful directors in the business—among them, Michael Mann and Steve McQueen. Walker won an Oscar for his editing of 12 Years a Slave, and after developing a working relationship on three films with McQueen, has begun to work consistently with French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Incendies). Following Sicario, Walker signed on to Villeneuve's Sto… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders: Cary Fukunaga & Abraham Attah On The Challenges Of ‘Beasts Of No Nation’

Cary Fukunaga Abraham Attah Beasts Of No Nation

At our big Deadline Presents The Contenders awards-season event November 7 at the DGA, we welcomed Netflix for the first time. Largely known for their Emmy campaigns, Netflix is dipping its toes now into the Oscar game with Beasts Of No Nation, its first narrative theatrical release (the company has had a couple of documentary nominees in past years). The film about child soldiers has gained considerable industry notoriety this Oscar season. The big question is how will… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders: ‘99 Homes’ Director Ramin Bahrani On Shannon, Garfield & “Web Of Corruption”

Ramin Bahrani

The economic and social ramifications of the Great Recession were very much on display in 99 Homes at our all-day The Contenders awards-season event November 7 at the DGA. Kicking off Broad Green Pictures’ portion of the day, director Ramin Bahrani told the packed house about the extensive research and preparation he did on the film about Florida's housing crisis. Talking about working with stars Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon, Bahrani also told me how he was… Read


‘The Danish Girl’s Tom Hooper On “Moving” Transgender Response To The Film – AwardsLine Screening


Detailing the life and loves of the first individual known to undergo gender affirmation surgery, Focus Features’ The Danish Girl vaults right into the Oscar race in a year that has seen transgender issues scale new heights in our culture. Talking to director Tom Hooper, screenwriter Lucinda Coxon and producer Anne Harrison after our packed November 19 AwardsLine screening of the film, the connection between the realities and politics of the early 20th century depicted in… Read


‘Sherpa’ Doc Director Jennifer Peedom On Filming Through Everest Tragedy & Giving The Sherpas A Voice

'Sherpa' documentary

While Universal's Everest might be commanding more headlines, Jennfier Peedom's documentary Sherpa, which made its North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, always sought to tell a story about the famed mountain that rarely sees the light of day. For the sherpa, who receive modest incomes from the foreign climbers whose climbing kits and oxygen tanks they ferry diligently up to the summit, Everest is both their means of survival and the… Read


‘The Danish Girl’ Director Tom Hooper & Writer Lucinda Coxon On Journey To The Big Screen – AwardsLine Screening


Although it takes place in the early decades of the last century, The Danish Girl's story of the love and lives of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener is in many ways a tale for our times. Yet, at Deadline’s recent packed AwardsLine screening of Focus Features’ exquisite film starring Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander, I learned how it took over a decade to bring what director Tom Hooper calls "a passion project" to the big screen. The Hooper-helmed and Lucinda Coxon-penned… Read


Pixar President On Releasing Two Movies In 2015 & Best Picture Talk For ‘Inside Out’ – Deadline’s The Contenders

the good dinosaur

Pixar is making history, for Pixar that is, by releasing two movies in 2015 instead of the usual single animated winner it turns out year after year. In June, its highly acclaimed Inside Out immediately started generating not only Best Animated Feature buzz, but also even for Best Picture. That drumbeat continues as this week Pixar releases their second film of 2015, The Good Dinosaur. Pixar president Jim Morris stopped by the Disney portion of our big awards-season… Read


‘El Club,’ ‘Son Of Saul’ And Other Noteworthy Films Vie For Shortlist On Foreign Language Oscar – AwardsLine

Son of Saul

There are 81 films vying for the Foreign Language Oscar this year, two fewer than last year's record 83 but no less rich with subjects and auteurs from around the world. Each year the Foreign Language Film Award Committee faces an increasing embarrassment of riches, which it has to whittle down to just nine films for the shortlist, then five for the nominations. And sometimes the committee embarrasses itself, as when it previously shut out such lauded movies as 4 Months, 3… Read


‘Amy,’ ‘Iris’ And Other Docs To Watch: A Round-Up Of This Year’s Top Oscar Hopefuls – AwardsLine

He Names Me Malala

Even with 124 films qualifying for a run at the Documentary Feature Oscar this year, the longlist from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences isn't as extensive as in previous years. But as the doc branch sets to work narrowing the list down further, there's a sense that this year's race is still up for grabs. While CitizenFour came out of last year's New York Film Festival as the doc to beat, the class of 2015 comes from all corners. Amy is the boxoffice hit on… Read


Paul Dano On ‘Love & Mercy’ And Beach Boy Brian Wilson: “I Felt Deeply Connected Right Away” – AwardsLine

Paul Dano

While Paul Dano caught our attention playing a mostly silent Nietzsche-obsessed teenager in 2006's Little Miss Sunshine, the 31-year old actor has actually been practicing his craft since childhood: he made his Broadway debut at the age of 12 opposite Oscar-winner George C. Scott and Charles Durning in Inherit the Wind. Despite his cherubic looks (just one of Dano's strengths) he's never been typecast in Mr. Nice Guy roles. Rather, his face is a window to an array of… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders: How The Filmmakers Put Hollywood Under The Knife In ‘Trumbo’

Jay Roach Trumbo

Kirk Douglas weighed in yesterday on Deadline with his stamp of approval for the new film , Trumbo.  Now see the filmmakers – director Jay Roach, writer John McNamara, producer Michael London – spill the secrets on how the film came together  and how they pulled off a story of one of the most shameful times in the nation’s  and Hollywood’s history. New distributor Bleecker Street devoted its entire session to Trumbo at our big awards season all day event , The Contenders… Read