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Academy Further Clarifies New Rules For Membership – Update

Oscars 2

UPDATED with Academy letter to members at bottom: Well, it doesn’t look like Oscar will be kicking any nuns or many senior citizens to the curb after all. With Tuesday’s clarification of what “active voters” really means, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences might have dodged a potential bullet. In January, when the organization announced emergency measures to diversify its membership and purge the rolls of Oscar voters no longer active in the industry, it stirr… Read


Academy Apologizes After Letter Accuses Oscar Telecast Of Being “Tone-Deaf” Toward Asians – Update

Oscars Asian Jokes Offensive

UPDATE with Academy statement: Twenty-four people in the entertainment industry, the majority of whom are of Asian decent, have gone to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to air their grievances about jokes made during the Oscar telecast at the expense of Asians and how they perpetuated stereotypes. For instance, Oscar host Chris Rock used Asian children as props for a sweatshop and math joke, while presenter Sacha Baron Cohen joked about "those yellow men… Read


How Mark Rylance Got An Oscar For ‘Bridge Of Spies’ Without Ever Stepping Onto The Campaign Circuit

Mark Rylance accepts the award for best actor in a supporting role for Bridge of Spies

Final Notes On The Season column of 2015-16: The postmortems are winding down on the just-finished awards season as winning campaigns pat themselves on the back, while losing campaigns hold meetings to figure out what went wrong. There was one Oscar handed out Sunday night, however, that was about as pure as you can get in this era of hand-shaking lunches, brunches, dinners, receptions and Q&As, in which campaigning for Oscars is virtually indistinguishable from running… Read


Sacha Baron Cohen Secretly Transforms Into Ali G For Oscars – Exclusive Video

Ali G

EXCLUSIVE: Sacha Baron Cohen revealed after the Oscars that he had to sneak past Academy officials to transform himself into his Ali G alter ego, and now Deadline has the video proof. In this brief clip, seemingly taped with Cohen’s consent through a bathroom-stall door, the tuxedoed actor sits while his wife Isla Fisher applies his fake Ali G beard. On Monday, Cohen told Good Morning Britain that Academy bosses — and, apparently, co-presenter Olivia Wilde — had no idea… Read


Oscar Ratings: Chris Rock’s Return As Host Draws 34M Viewers In 8-Year Low

Chris Rock Oscars TV Ratings

UPDATE, MARCH 1 1:27 PM: Like last year, the Oscars had a few stragglers when it came to viewership. Nielsen is now reporting that the total audience for the 88th Academy Awards has eked up to 34.4 million with a key demo rating of 10.5/31. That’s a rise of a tenth among adults 18-49 and just 100,000 in total viewership and still has Sunday’s Chris Rock hosted show as the third least watched Oscars ever and an 8-year low for the telecast. Additionally, it looks like that… Read


Oscars: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Truth About Why Producers Tried To Cut Alejandro Iñárritu’s Historic Speech

Alejandro González Iñárritu Oscars Speech

Alejandro G. Iñárritu made Oscar history in a couple of ways Sunday night becoming the first director to win back to back Oscars in 66 years, and only the third ever to do it after Joseph L. Mankiewicz and John Ford. He also became the third Mexican director in a row to win (his victory last year for Birdman, and Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity), a true statement of diversity in a broadcast that basically pummeled the industry audience with jabs at the mostly white nature of… Read


DiCaprio’s Best Actor Win Is Most-Tweeted Oscar Minute Ever; Eclipses DeGeneres’ Starry Selfie

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars 2016

It took Leonardo DiCaprio five tries and 23 years to win an acting Oscar — and when he took the Best Actor Academy Award last night, the Twittersphere breathed a collectively massive sigh of relief, sending out huzzahs fast as it could from around the globe. DiCaprio’s win for The Revenant generated more than 440K tweets per minute, the social media site said this morning. That makes it the most-tweeted minute of an Oscars telecast ever, beating the previous record of… Read


Stacey Dash Cameo Bewilders Oscar Attendees – And Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash Oscars Appearance

In a night of awkward moments, maybe the most cringe-inducing was when Oscars host Chris Rock brought Stacey Dash onstage. "It's hard to get a job,” he said, “and that's the truth out there for black actors. But let me tell you some good news: The Academy has taken steps to fix this problem, and that is why it is my honor to introduce the director of our minority outreach program. Please welcome Miss Stacey Dash!" You know, Dash — Clueless actress-turned-Fox News Channel… Read

Box Office

‘Spotlight’s Surprise Best Picture Win At The Oscars: What Does This Mean For Its Box Office?


Open Road’s Spotlight is already out on DVD/VOD, and it’s in its 17th weekend at the box office with $39.1 million. So, despite its Best Picture Oscar win, how much juice can possibly be left in this film at the domestic box office? While exhibitors typically have a policy against booking titles that are already out on home video, there’s always a want to get a Best Picture winner back into theaters. An Open Road insider confirmed earlier tonight that there’s a plan to… Read


Oscars Host Chris Rock Smooths The Waters As Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Gets His Win – Review

Leonardo Dicaprio Oscar TV Review

“Welcome to the Academy Awards,” Chris Rock said near the top of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony, “otherwise known as the ‘White Peoples’ Choice Awards.’ If they nominated hosts, I wouldn’t even get this job — you'd be watching Neil Patrick Harris.” That comment, along with a few others sprinkled through the 3 1/2-hour ABC telecast, set the tone for the evening: Culminating a season that saw the Academy take heavy incoming for its all-white acting nominees the second year… Read


Oscar Winners 2016 – Photo Gallery

Leonardo DiCaprio Alejandro G. Inarritu Oscars 2016

The 88th Oscars ran the gamut from the expected to the surprises, with first-time winners including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Alicia Vikander and Ennio Morricone to repeaters like The Revenant helmer Alejandro G. Inarritu, who won the Best Director last year with Birdman. Most pundits would have thought Lady Gaga and Sylvester Stallone would have been part of this slideshow, but it wasn’t meant to be Sunday at the Dolby Theatre. Check out the photos of those who did… Read

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Oscar Winners By Film & Studio – Chart

Mad Max Fury Road

Tonight’s Oscars ceremony was filled with a mix of expected wins and a few key surprisesMad Max: Fury Road rode the craft categories to the most wins of the night with six, twice its closest rival. That means it was good news for its studio Warner Bros in the final tally. It was also a good night for A24, the young distrib that won three awards — Brie Larson’s Best Actress for Room, Best Documentary for Amy and Best Visual Effects for the sci-fi pic Ex Machina. WINS BY… Read