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CBS Corp. COO Joseph Ianniello On OTT “Arms Race” And How All Access And Showtime Will Stay In The “Oligopoly”

CBS Corp. COO Joseph Ianniello forecast more investment in the company’s direct-to-consumer services, CBS All Access and Showtime, albeit not in the thin air of Netflix’s level of spending. “This is an arms race to get there,” he said in a keynote appearance at Deutsche Bank’s 26th annual Media, Telecom & Business Services Conference in Palm Beach, Fla. “I'm not sure there are going to be 30 direct-to-consumer channels that are going to be out there. There will be some… Read


Les Moonves Predicts Tech Giants One Day Might Seek Sunday NFL Rights

CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves predicts that the network might find itself bidding against deep-pocketed tech giants for NFL rights when its contract with the league ends in five years. Google’s YouTube, Amazon and other tech players making major investments in entertainment programming were absent from the bargaining table when 21st Century Fox outbid CBS for rights to Thursday Night Football. But Moonves predicts that day is coming when they look to secure rights to… Read


YouTube Super Bowl Ad Views Up 16%, With Amazon Alexa Most Watched

YouTube said Amazon’s extravagant, star- and Jeff Bezos-filled Super Bowl commercial, “Alexa Loses Her Voice” was the most popular ad on game day on the video platform’s AdBlitz hub. Viewership of Super Bowl ads on YouTube overall increased 16% over 2017 levels, and living-room viewership (an increasing priority for the Google video unit) soared 52%. Ranking a surprising second behind Amazon was Groupon’s ad featuring Tiffany Haddish, who has made the discount site a… Read


Jimmy Fallon Channels Bob Dylan In Live Post-Super Bowl Show: “#TimesUp, Our Silence We’re Breaking”

Jimmy Fallon rose to the task of putting on a live edition of his late-night show after the Super Bowl, palling around with longtime mate Justin Timberlake, the cast of NBC’s This is Us and Dwayne Johnson. As agreeable as the show was overall, no moment resonated quite as much as an earnest musical number (see video below) that combined the live show’s setting — the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis — with Fallon’s Bob Dylan imitation. (Dylan helped rescue the former… Read


Super Bowl Celebration In Philadelphia As Eagles Fans Take It To The Limit

Philadelphians poured into the streets to celebrate the city’s first Super Bowl win, happily braying their joy despite a freezing rain and light poles covered in hydraulic fluid to prevent climbing. The city has waited 57 years since their last football championship for this moment, and the joy was celebrated from Broad Street in South Philly through Center City as soon as Super Bowl LII was over. Reports of screaming, pots and pans banging, fireworks and champagne… Read


‘Deadpool 2’ Skips Expensive Trailer, Live Tweets Through The Super Bowl

The trailer for Deadpool 2 wasn’t one of the numerous heavy hitters showcased during commercial time at Super Bowl LII. But that didn’t stop the film’s offiical Twitter account from having some fun. The trailer for the sequel to the $783 million-grossing first film is now expected around Valentine’s Day (it’s also being showcased before the Black Panther in theaters). But wisecracking Wade Wilson had a field day during the Super Bowl, tweeting away. Here’s some… Read


Super Bowl LII: Eagles Beat Patriots, 41-33, Win Their First Lombardi Trophy

No one will ever call Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles the Greatest of All-Time. That title belongs to New England’s Tom Brady. But Foles, or St. Nick as fans can now call him, out-dueled The G.O.A.T. at Super Bowl LII, bringing the Eagles their first Super Bowl championship in history, 41-33, and winning the MVP for the game. It was the biggest offensive shootout in Super Bowl history, with the teams combining for more than 1,000 yards in total offense, and… Read


Justin Timberlake’s Botched Super Bowl Halftime Show Return Not Princely – Review

If the recently ratings-challenged NFL wanted to avoid any semblance of controversy with the Super Bowl LII halftime show, today's performance by Justin Timberlake certainly succeeded – kind of. Back at the big game for the first time since the infamous Nipplegate wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson in 2004, the man behind the new Man of the Woods album sang and danced many of hits but never really found a groove on Sunday in Minneapolis. In fact, it looks like… Read


Super Bowl First Half: Missed Kicks, Missed Commercials, Quarterbacks At Receiver

It was “a little bit of an unusual game” in the first half of Super Bowl LII, according to NBC commentator Cris Collinsworth. For one, there were three missed kicks, two on extra-points, the latter considered virtually automatic in the league. For another, the most-watched game of the year had a major glitch in the broadcast. During a commercial break in the second quarter, there was a 10-second to 15-second dark spot before returning to the game without a commercial… Read


Super Bowl National Anthem: Pink Sings, No Protests From Players

Some of the most drama-filled moments of Super Bowl LII occurred just before kickoff. Questions were in the air about whether a flu-ridden Pink would manage to show up and lip-synch to the national anthem, which is mandated to be pre-recorded.  The singer had reportedly struggled during a Thursday rehearsal, but rallied for a concert appearance at the Armory in Minneapolis on Friday. Pink – who hastily removed a wad of gum before singing, a moment captured for millions… Read


Nervous Eyes On The Stock Market As Big Week Of Media Earnings Arrives

Friday’s massive selloff by the major U.S. stock markets punctuated a weekly drop that was the steepest in two years. Shares in virtually all media companies were dragged down as well. Against that backdrop, the media business will be keeping a nervous eye on stocks as it prepares for a big week of quarterly earnings. Disney reports earnings after the close of trading on Tuesday, with 21st Century Fox up the following day and then Viacom and Lionsgate on Thursday. The… Read


How To Watch The Super Bowl – Options For Viewing The Big Game

Television’s original binge-watching extravaganza is officially under way, with NBC’s five-and-a-half-hour Super Bowl pregame show officially on the air. There are many ways to catch the action, of course. Those tuning in via cable, satellite or over-the-air broadcast will see the kickoff of Super Bowl LII at 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM PT. The game matches the Philadelphia Eagles (15-3) against the defending champion New England Patriots (also 15-3), who are making a record 10th… Read