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Fox Runs Ad For ‘Unfinished Business’ On Super Bowl Pregame Show

Don’t worry parents. The content for this Unfinished Business ad is OK for families watching the Super Bowl, even if the R-rated movie isn’t for kids. Starring Vince Vaughn, the comedy is about a small business owner and associates who go to Europe on work-related trip that includes — as the studio’s promo puts it — “unplanned stops at a massive sex fetish event and a global economic summit.” The ad invites viewers to go online to see some of the scenes that couldn’t go… Read


Ryan Reynolds Hears ‘The Voices’ In Horror Comedy Trailer

the voices

Marjane Satrapi’s English-language debut The Voices premiered at Sundance last year and is gearing up for release in the U.S. via Lionsgate and in the UK via Arrow Films (see trailer above). Ryan Reynolds plays a lovable, but disturbed, factory worker who yearns for the attention of a woman in accounting. When their relationship takes a sudden turn, the man's talking pets — a sinister cat and benevolent dog — lead him down a fantastical, murderous path. Gemma Arterton… Read


Hybrid Horror ‘The Nightmare’ Brings Boogeymen To Sundance – Hot Clip

The Nightmare Sundance

EXCLUSIVE: Director Rodney Ascher returns to Sundance with another macabre offering after filling viewers’ heads with Kubrickian conspiracy theories in his 2012 documentary Room 237. This time he’s aiming to keep Park City up all night with The Nightmare, a horror-docu hybrid that re-creates in chilling detail the terrifying dreamscapes of sleep paralysis sufferers. You’d think it’d be bad enough laying awake at night, paralyzed and helpless, in the space between spaces… Read


‘White God’ Clip: Hungarian Dog Uprising Tale Heads To Sundance


EXCLUSIVE: Hungary’s Cannes award-winning Oscar entry White God is bounding toward Sundance, where the brutal drama about a 13-year-old girl and her loyal pup-turned-leader of the canine revolution will make its U.S. debut. The Un Certain Regard winner has earned raves for Kornél Mundruczó’s direction and its metaphorical undertones of political and cultural unrest and opens stateside via Magnolia Pictures on March 27. Homeward Bound this ain’t. Zsofia Psotta makes her… Read


Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber Star In Self-Distributed ‘The Ever After’ – Trailer

The Ever After trailer Teresa Palmer Mark Webber

EXCLUSIVE: Married actors Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer make a bold foray into indie filmmaking in the digital era with The Ever After, a mostly self-financed drama the couple co-wrote, star in, and will release online worldwide on Valentine’s Day via direct-to-consumer platform VHX. Webber, seen recently in Jessabelle and Happy Christmas, and Palmer, known for her roles in I Am Number Four and Warm Bodies, star as Thomas and Ava, a photographer and an actress with a… Read


Simon West To Helm ‘The Blob’ Remake; Goldcrest Selling At EFM – Berlin

the blob 1958

EXCLUSIVE: It crawls! It creeps! It’s getting a remake. Goldcrest Films is set to co-produce an update of 1958 horror/sci-fi classic The Blob. Simon West (Wild Card, The Mechanic, Expendables 2) is directing with principal photography eyed for this summer. Producers are Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten (Cell). Korea's Taewon Entertainment and A-List Corporation are co-financing with Goldcrest. The original film, which was released by Paramount, starred a young Steve McQ… Read


‘Listen To Me Marlon’ Reveals Intimate Brando, In His Own Words – Sundance

listen to me marlon

EXCLUSIVE: Documentary filmmaker Stevan Riley (Blue Blood, Fire In Babylon) got the chance of a lifetime when he was granted access to more than 200 hours of audio tapes Marlon Brando made during the course of his life, a personal archive of never-before-heard musings, acting studies, self-hypnosis and insights the enigmatic Oscar winner had hoped to turn into an autobiographical film before his death in 2004. With the blessing of Brando’s estate and help from Searching Fo… Read


‘Underdogs’ Trailer: Foosball Figures Pitch In To Save The Day


The Weinstein Co acquired rights to Argentine/Spanish animated feature Underdogs in March last year and has now dropped the first trailer (see above). The film, directed by Oscar winning The Secret In Their Eyes helmer Juan José Campanella, was a huge hit in Argentina and Latin America in 2013 where it went by the title Metegol (the international moniker was Foosball 3D). It is the No. 2 highest-grossing Argentine film of all time in that market with over $14.2M. The… Read

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China Lion Sets ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ & ‘Running Man’ In U.S. – Video


LA-headquartered China Lion Film Distribution has picked up Chinese titles Running Man and Somewhere Only We Know for release in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Both will go day-and-date with their Mainland debuts later this month and in mid-February, the latter taking advantage of the early Chinese New Year corridor. (See teasers below.) Each of the films has a strong hook for Chinese, and Korean, audiences. Running Man mixes talent from both countries and… Read


An Eye On ‘I': Thriller Is Biggest-Ever Tamil Release In U.S. & India (Video)


While Tamil stars and films are perhaps not as well known outside of India as their Bollywood counterparts, they nevertheless have a huge fanbase within India (especially the south) and across the diaspora. Also known as Kollywood, the Tamil industry produces hundreds of feature films per year. The latest high-profile title is big-budget adventure/romance thriller I, from Robot helmer Shanmugham Shankar (commonly known as just Shankar). It opened Wednesday to sell-outs at… Read


‘Spy’ Redband Trailer: Melissa McCarthy & Paul Feig, Together Again

Spy Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy teams up with her Bridesmaids and The Heat helmer Paul Feig for another solo comedy vehicle in Spy, about an unassuming CIA analyst who gets her shot to go deep undercover to stop a global disaster. Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Allison Janney, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Miranda Hart and Jude Law also star in the Fox summer release, which hits theaters May 22. Get a taste of the trademark McCarthy pratfalls, f-bombs, and dick jokes in store… Read


‘The Throwaways’, Crackle’s Cyberattack Movie Delayed By Sony Hack, Gets New Premiere Date

The Throwaways

Originally slated to debut December 19, the release of Crackle’s original movie The Throwaways was put on hold because of the massive hack attack on parent Sony Pictures Entertainment. Now the cyber-attack film, executive produced by Jeremy Renner, has been re-dated and will start streaming January 30. Director Tony Bui’s pic stars Sam Huntington as a notorious hacker who uses his smarts to track down another cyber-attacker. Katie McGrath, Christian Hillborg, Jack Kesy… Read