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Johnny Depp Looks To Make Federal Case Of His Battle With Business Managers

Johnny Depp is taking his battle with his former business managers to the feds. Deadline has confirmed that the actor has enlisted a trio of U.S. government agencies to look into the Management  Group, with which the actor has been embroiled in a bitter dispute over his financial woes. The keyword above is “probe” — it is not a formal federal investigation, and no governmental agency reached out to TMG. The Pirates of the Caribbean star filed a $25 million lawsuit against… Read


With Roman Polanski Case Still Pending, Third Woman Claims To Have Been Victimized By Director As A Minor

Roman Polanski

UPDATED with Polanski attorney statement: A woman identified only as “Robin M.” on Tuesday accused film director Roman Polanski of having “sexually victimized” her when she was 16 years old in 1973. The woman made the accusation during a morning press conference at the Los Angeles office of her lawyer Gloria Allred. Allred said her client had recently been in touch with law enforcement officials and was ready to testify as to her own victimization if Polanski were to be… Read


‘The Walking Dead’ EPs Promise To Be “Partners” With AMC As They Sue Cabler In NY Over Profits – Update

UPDATE, 11:50 AM: As they promised yesterday they would, today The Walking Dead executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert started the process of filing a potentially multi-million dollar breach of contract suit in New York against AMC along with Charles Eglee. But everyone is still pals – for now. "While we disagree with AMC on the merits of our lawsuit, we appreciate its statement that it will continue to work with us as partners on the continued success of The… Read


‘Top Chef’ Trial: Boston Teamsters Acquitted In Extortion Case

UPDATED with statement from U.S. Attorney: After deliberating for more than 19 hours, a jury has acquitted all four Boston Teamsters who were accused of attempting to extort driving jobs from the producers of Top Chef three years ago. The not-guilty verdicts come a day after the jury forewoman sent a note to U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Woodlock that one of the jurors "is assuming guilt over innocence" and that the jurors "are not sure how to proceed from here." The… Read


Fox News Costs 21CF $50M In Sexual Harassment Settlements & Expenses In Fiscal 2017

As the investigation of lewd text by now suspended Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling continues, the costs keep growing for 21st Century Fox, a filing today with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals. “The Company and certain of its current and former employees have been subject to allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination and racial discrimination relating to alleged misconduct at the Company's Fox News Channel business,” the Fiscal 2017 filing… Read


‘Top Chef’ Teamsters Trial: Jury Forewoman Tells Judge About Juror Bias

The jury in the Top Chef attempted extortion trial of four Boston Teamsters is facing a crisis in its third day of deliberations and is not sure how to proceed. The jury forewoman has informed U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Woodlock that one of the jurors "is assuming guilt over innocence" and that the jurors "are not sure how to proceed from here." In her handwritten note, she told the judge that "any suggestions would be helpful." In his handwritten response… Read


Eric Bolling’s $50M Defamation Suit Against Journo “Utterly Devoid Of Merit”

Two days after suspended Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling threatened a $50 million defamation lawsuit, the journalist who revealed the former The Five regular's lewd texts, Yashar Ali today made clear he has one of Hollywood's heaviest hitters in his corner and is ready to land a punch or two. “The lawsuit Eric Bolling filed is utterly devoid of merit, and we demand that you dismiss it immediately," said Patricia Glaser in a blunt letter sent to Bolling's attorney… Read


‘Top Chef’ Teamsters Trial: No Verdict As Jury Ends Deliberations For Day

For a second day, jurors in the Top Chef extortion trial have ended their deliberations without reaching a verdict on the fate of four Boston Teamsters accused to trying to shake down the show for unneeded driving jobs. As first reported by Deadline, the four men — all members of Boston Teamsters Local 25 — had set up a picket line on June 10, 2014, outside the Steel & Rye restaurant in suburban Milton, where the show was filming. When Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi tried to… Read


Fox News “Padded Paychecks” To On-Air Contributor, Andrea Tantaros Suit Says

As the investigation continues and threats of new lawsuits swirl in the allegations that Fox News Channel's now suspended Eric Bolling sent lewd texts to colleagues, the outlet's battle with Andrea Tantaros has taken another strange twist. Fighting back against moves by FNC and a former on-air contributor to toss the Ex-Outnumbered and The Five co-host's federal case claiming "extremely high-tech" hacking and a "professional/career assassination," Tantaros' attorney is… Read


HBO Stunted In John Oliver Coal Lawsuit As Judge Rejects Move To Federal Court

Looks like HBO and John Oliver are going to have to dig a little closer to the core to get out of the defamation lawsuit by coal baron Robert E. Murray after a judge today rejected the premium broadcaster's efforts to move the case to federal court from the jurisdiction of West Virginia. "This Court passes no judgment as to the merits of either motion, but notes that both contain questions of law suited for the state court," said U.S. District Judge John Preston Bailey on… Read


‘Top Chef’ Teamsters Trial: Jury To Resume Deliberations Friday

UPDATE The jury has finished its deliberations for the day without reaching a verdict and will resume Friday morning. UPDATED with details and background: Closing arguments were heard today in the trial of four Boston Teamsters accused of attempting to extort driving jobs from the producers of Top Chef three years ago. The case has gone to the jury. Before a packed courtroom, federal prosecutor Kristina Barclay told the jury that the evidence presented at trial proves… Read


Fox News’ Suspended Eric Bolling Sues Journo For $50M Over Lewd Texts Story

Less than a week after Eric Bolling was suspended pending an investigation over allegations of sexually suggestive texts, the Fox News Channel host today is legally lashing out to the tune of at least $50 million at the journalist who first broke the sordid tale. "The nature of this action is for damages and injunctive relief based on defamation arising from the defendant's efforts to injure the plaintiff's reputation through the intentional and/or highly reckless… Read