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Mad Max In Barstow? Man Channeling The Action Character Arrested For Illegal Weapons

In a case of life imitates art, a man dressed like — and claiming to be — the action antihero Mad Max was arrested in the California desert last night. Big deal, you say? That guy done up like the Joker was busted twice in Florida last month, right? Well, this dude took things to the next level. Jack Lee Ernest, 39, was riding a quad on Old Highway 59 in Barstow at about 11 PM Thursday when a San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputy tried to pull him over. But Ernest tried to ride… Read


Tupac Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ & Lionsgate Hit With Copyright Lawsuit By Journalist

All Eyez On Me

Already slammed by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and longtime Tupac Shakur pal Jada Pinkett Smith, the All Eyez On Me biopic about the hip hop icon is now taking hits from a copyright-infringement lawsuit filed in federal court. Claiming significant portions of the film are based on interviews he did with the now-deceased Poetic Justice star more than 20 years ago, former Vibe journalist Kevin Powell wants the movie that opened June 16 via Lionsgate pulled from theaters. As… Read


PETA Files Federal Suit To Get Old Chimpanzees Used In Hollywood Films To Sanctuaries, Alan Cumming Supports

PETA has filed a suit against a Missouri facility that it has been warring with since late last year over the housing of a number of chimpanzees — two of  which were used in Hollywood productions — to get these chimps out of cages and into a sanctuary. Actor Alan Cumming (The Good Wife, Battle of the Sexes) is helping spearhead the action with an appearance today at PETA’s offices because he bonded with one of the chimps named Tonka during production of his 1997 film Buddy… Read


‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Closer To Release After Appeals Court Win

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago has ruled that Brendan Dassey, one of two men convicted of the murder profiled in the Netflix docuseries Making A Murderer, should be released from prison after affirming a lower court ruling that his confession was coerced. Dassey was sentenced to live in prison in 2007 in Wisconsin for his alleged participation in the 2005 death of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbac; his uncle Steven Avery was found guilty of Halbach's murder. In… Read


Bill Cosby Plans Post-Mistrial Tour On How To Avoid Sex Crimes Charges

Less than a week after a mistrial was declared in Bill Cosby's criminal case for the 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand, the actor shamelessly is getting ready to go on the road to teach people how to avoid being charged with sex crimes. “We have received hundreds of calls from civic organizations and churches who want to hear Mr. Cosby speak at town halls about the issue of criminal justice, how the deal he was given was taken away and the Willie Horton style ad that… Read


HBO Defends John Oliver Over Lump Of Coal Lawsuit From Mocked Mine Owner

John Oliver knew perfectly well on June 18 when he ridiculed the CEO of Murray Energy Corporation as a "geriatric Dr. Evil" and more that there could be legal blowback, but the Last Week Tonight host drilled in anyway. Now, with a defamation suit filed in West Virginia yesterday against Oliver, HBO and Time Warner by Robert E. Murray and a number of his coal companies, the host's bosses are staking their own claim in his defense. “We have confidence in the staff of Last W… Read


Bill Cosby Rape Mistrial Jurors Revealed By Court Order Despite D.A.’s Objections

In another setback for the prosecution in Bill Cosby's criminal trial for the 2004 rape of Andrea Constand, a Pennsylvania judge today agreed to release the names of the jury in the case that ended in a mistrial June 17. "The request for names of the jurors is GRANTED and a list of the same shall be provided to the Court Administrator for distribution, following contact by the Court," said an order by Judge Steven O'Neill on Wednesday (read it here). The move by the… Read


Les Moonves Partially Hauled Into Sumner Redstone’s Legal War With Ex-Companions

Leslie Moonves Sumner Redstone

After avoiding being part of the long on-going court spectacle of Sumner Redstone and his former companions, Les Moonves today has been put in the subpoena spotlight of sorts. First permitting a motion to quash the CBS boss being served, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Hess changed his mind and said the subpoena can now go ahead, partially. Originally 11 categories in scope, Redstone's lawyers wanted to quash four of the issues before Sydney Holland's side… Read


SAG Records Dispute Claim That Stuntwoman Worked While Receiving Disability Pay

Leslie Hoffman has been battling the SAG Pension & Health Plans for years, fighting for the benefits she earned during her long and bruising career as one of Hollywood's top stuntwomen. After she became disabled and unable to work in 2002, she began collecting SAG disability pension benefits. But after a slipshod investigation, the plan trustees determined that she had worked and held herself out for work while collecting those benefits and ordered her to repay… Read


Lynyrd Skynyrd Biopic Producer Slams Band Suit As Attacking Freedom Of Speech

As a July 11 trial start date gets closer, the stakes in a legal battle over a proposed Lynyrd Skynyrd biopic are headed toward double trouble and the heart of American democracy, the film's producer said today. "This law suit proves that Freedom of Speech in the United States of America is officially under attack by an increasingly litigious culture that breeds utter contempt for art — and that should indeed worry everyone attempting to make a living in the entertainment… Read


Johnny Depp Team Emails Made Public In Lawsuit Detail Lavish Paydays & Debt

A fight that began when Johnny Depp sued his longtime business managers for more than $25 million for mismanaging his finances for almost two decades took another heated turn today. As part of a motion to oppose Depp’s lawyers’ attempts to quash deposition subpoenas intended to obtain records related to the case, the management team made public key correspondences from Depp’s lawyers at Bloom Hergott, his UTA agent, as well as Depp’s sister who The Management Group says… Read


Judge To ITV: Comply With Gurney Productions Ruling

(UPDATED WITH ITV AMERICA STATEMENT) A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has made it clear to ITV America and its parent company that it must comply with her ruling that restored Scott and Deirdre Gurney to the top of their Gurney Productions — or else. In a sternly worded report filed Friday (read it here), Judge Susan Bryant-Deason said ITV committed eight violations of a preliminary injunction order she issued in March that restored the pair to the top of the production… Read