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Bill Maher Calls Trump Inaugural Address “Joyless And Ugly And Dividing”


Bill Maher celebrated his birthday – and the 15th season premiere of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher – with an opening salvo against his old nemesis and new president: “What does every kid want for his birthday?,” the comedian asked in his first monologue since the Oval Office changeover. “A clown.” Maher, who earlier this week in a candid and chemically-enhanced interview with The New York Times expressed fears that Donald Trump would target him in some sort of… Read


Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Inaugural Address Positively Lincolnish


“Like Lincoln huffing paint thinner, this stirring orator invoked an inspiring picture of the country he now leads,” Late Show host Stephen Colbert said hours after President Donald Trump delivered his Inaugural Address. Among Trump’s zippier turns of phrase: America's infrastructure has fall into disrepair and decay… Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities… Rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape… Our young and beautiful stu… Read


Stephen Colbert Brings Back Alter Ego To Thank President Obama


UPDATED with video: “Anyone who thinks they can sum up the last eight years in a few minutes would have to be a delusional egomaniac,” Stephen Colbert said on tonight’s Late Show, by way of bringing back his much loved conservative gasbag caricature, also known as  Stephen Colbert. “Well, well, well,  at long last our America-hating, secret Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist fist-bumping, hopey-changey apologist in in chief is leaving office, Gasbag Colbert began. But… Read


Samantha Bee Celebrates Donald Trump’s “Spokes-Cobra” Kellyanne Conway On ‘Full Frontal’

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway speaks to members of the press in the lobby of Trump Tower Donald Trump transition meetings, New York, USA - 15 Dec 2016 (Rex Features via AP Images)

In an era in which "feminist" now means anything, Donald Trump's “omnipresent spokes-cobra’ Kellyanne Conway is the greatest feminist if all time, Samantha Bee announced. As the first woman to run and win a presidential campaign in this country's history, "She is f*cking amazing at her job and deserves credit," Bee said, launching her look at Conway's career over the years. Trump’s final campaign manager in December was named Counselor to the President in the Trump… Read


Samantha Bee Checks In On Donald Trump’s Swamp Draining On Eve Of Steve Mnuchin Confirmation Hearing

Samantha Bee featured image

Less than two days before Donald Trump is sworn in as our 45th POTUS, and on the eve of the Senate confirmation hearing on Steve Mnuchin’s appointment as Treasury Secretary, Samantha Bee checked in on his promise to drain the swamp, and found a new Swamp King. Reminding viewers Trump warned Wall Street hot shots had rigged regulations, and Goldman Sachs had “total control over Hillary Clinton,”  Trump had advised his followers, as they were casting their ballots, to… Read


‘Last Week Tonight’ Promo: John Oliver Strut Thwarted By Larry David, ‘GoT’s Throne

Last Week Tonight John Oliver logo

Three days before Donald Trump is sworn in as our next president, HBO added to the depression of Never-Trump-ers with release of a promo for the fourth season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, reminding it won't be back on linear for Inauguration Weekend Sunday, and not until February 12. Promo also serves to tout HBO’s Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and the return of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm: After being informed, “Sometime we don't want a British man… Read


Andy Cohen’s Donald Trump Inauguration Plans: Deep Breathing And Yoga – TCA

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (7890194a)
Andy Cohen
NBC Universal's 'Watch What Happens Live' Panel, TCA Winter Press Tour, Day 13,  Pasadena, USA - 17 Jan 2017

Andy Cohen plans to avoid watching the festivities when Donald Trump is inaugurated on Friday. This is a shame, given that Cohen is perhaps best suited — as a former NBCUniversal programming exec, a reality TV series creator and executive producer and a nonscripted series star — to explain the made-for-TV coronation of the billionaire NBC reality star-turned-alt-right darling-turned 45th president of the United States. Asked how he planned to spend the day, Cohen listed… Read


Seth Meyers & Trevor Noah Take On Donald Trump-John Lewis Flap

Seth Meyers Donald Trump

The ongoing, seemingly never-ending feud between President-elect Donald Trump and civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis not surprisingly dominated late-night Monday. Late Night host Seth Meyers doubled down on Trump and his Twitter attacks on Lewis, after Lewis questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election, during Meyer’s signature “A Closer Look” segment: “If you’re wondering whether it’s racist to assume Lewis’ district is ‘crime-infested and falling apart’ just because… Read


Donald Trump Trying To De-legitimize CNN, Jake Tapper Tells Seth Meyers


Donald Trump was trying to get CNN to stop broadcasting its report about the heads-up Trump allegedly had gotten from the intelligence community, when he accused CNN’s Jim Acosta of working for a Fake News outfit at last week’s newser, CNN chief Washington correspondent Jake tapper told Seth Meyers on Late Night. “He was obviously trying to get us to stop focusing on the story and to discredit all of us,” Tapper said of Trump’s reax to CNN’s report intelligence met both… Read


Donald Trump Joins Spokesman In Calling ‘SNL’ Unfunny: “Complete Hit Job,” PEOTUS Tweets – UPDATE

Donald Trump

Updated 4:57 pm with Trump response That didn’t take long. President-elect Donald Trump has re-joined the SNL fray, swiping at both NBC News and Saturday Night Live. “Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” .@NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 15, 2017 Previous Donald Trump has… Read


Felicity Jones Gets ‘SNL’ Warning From Princess Tina: Trump’s Watching


Felicity Jones, the star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and guest host of last night’s Saturday Night Live, got some monologue guidance from Tina Fey, done up like a white-scarfed Leia hologram. (“Are you a Star Wars princess?” Jones asked. “No, I bought this at Eileen Fisher – they have amazing deals after the holidays,” said Fey.) Though Kenan Thompson dropped by in Saw Gerrera drag, the topic was less Star Wars than SNL, with veteran Fey offering show advice to newbie… Read


‘SNL’ Takes On ‘The Bachelor’, Bearded And Brainless; “Shondra & Malik” Short Continues Show’s Digital Winning Streak


Politics was absent from two of the better Saturday Night Live skits last night, unless we’re including sexual politics. The first, titled “Beard Hunk,” is a take-down of The Bachelor, with one vacuous female hopeful after another (“sorry, can I steal him for a sec?”) flirting for the attention of the equally vacant, no-prize dude of the title (Beck Bennett, with sculpted facial hair). “I have a twin sister and this is really hard to tell you,” says one bachelorette… Read