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Stephen Colbert Reveals Result Of ‘Late Show’ Russian Pee Pee Tape Probe

Stephen Colbert Russia

UPDATED with video: Kicking off his Night 4 of Russia Week, Late Show host Stephen Colbert said he took the trip to investigate the infamous alleged dossier report that President Donald Trump hired prostitutes to pee on the bed at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite where the Obamas once stayed. He again credited his showrunner Chris Licht with the idea of the Russian road trip, Colbert having insisted that “no one’s going to be talking about Russia in the… Read


Stephen Colbert: Senate Trumpcare Bill Deader Than Americans It Would Have Killed

Stephen Colbert kicked off the second night of Late Show‘s Russia Week celebrating the death of the Senate’s Trumpcare bill,  succumbing to a condition known as “terminal sucking.” It always was a long shot “because Republicans control only all three branches of government.” The final blow was delivered when two GOP senators released statements opposing the bill at the exact same time “in a rare case of simultaneous no-gasm.” It’s a stunning failure for a political party… Read


Stephen Colbert Can’t Get His ‘Late Show’ Russia Week Story Straight

Stephen Colbert Russia

It's Russia Week on Late Show and Stephen Colbert thought it would be a good idea to get out ahead of the story. Except it keeps changing. “This week, we will be showing you one Russian field piece. I'm sorry meant to say two Russian field pieces. My lawyer is telling me it’s five Russian field pieces, Colbert began, sounding like presidential progeny. Speaking thereof, “back in United States: Russia,” the CBS late-night show host segued. “Things ares not looking good for… Read


‘Conan’ At Comic-Con: ‘Kingsman’ Sequel’s Halle Berry, Colin Firth & Channing Tatum Surprise Guests

Conan O'Brien Halle Berry Colin Firth

EXCLUSIVE: We learned today that Kingsman: The Golden Circle is coming to Comic-Con, and now we know that the stars of the Secret Service sequel plan on spending some time with Conan O'Brien on July 20. SDCC vet Halle Berry along with Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, Taron Egerton and Colin Firth are set to appear on the TBS host’s show on Thursday, I’ve learned. The Conan sit-down is set to happen just hours after the cast, screenwriter Jane Goldman and Kingsm… Read


John Oliver, Stephen Colbert Sling Wax President Insults On ‘Late Show’

If you were wondering what Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight were going to do with those Wax Presidents they recently purchased, when the Wax POTUS Museum went under in Gettysburg, PA, your question was answered on Friday night, when the two late-night hosts got into a heated argument as to which one had purchased the most despicable Wax President. Both late-night hosts had, independently, bought the life-sized waxed POTUS figures because… Read


Translating Donald Trump Without Looking Like An Idiot Is Tough, Professionals Tell ‘The Daily Show’

While in France to celebrate Bastille Day, the President of the United States attempted to charm the French First Lady, assuring Brigitte Macron her body looks “beautiful,” and telling President Emmanuel Macron, approvingly,  “She's in such good physical shape!” Translating this boorish caught-on-camera remark for a French audience must have been challenging, thought The Daily Shows Desi Lydic, in an insightful segment about the peril of translating Donald… Read


Jon Stewart Crashed ‘JKL’ To Argue Against Jimmy Kimmel-Themed Bar Mitzvah

Jon Stewart Jimmy Kimmel

UPDATED with video: Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s studio audience erupted when Jon Stewart crashed the show to chide 13-year-old Will Rubin for having a Kimmel-themed bar mitzvah. The segment was supposed to be about Will, 13, of Media, PA, talking via satellite with Kimmel about the happy occasion, for which Kimmel had sent a video greeting and an ice sculpture of Guillermo. But Stewart hijacked the bit, scolding Will for his choice of themes: “You have your choice of idolizing… Read


‘Saturday Night Live’s Female Cast Members Seize The Day At Emmy Noms

If Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig carved out serious mainstream space for the modern female comic, then Kate McKinnon is making the most of that relatively new arena. If Saturday Night Live is having a renaissance of buzziness in Donald Trump’s America, the NBC late-night show’s female actors seized the day on Emmy noms morning. Of the show’s 22 Emmy noms – the most of any any program in this year’s crop of contenders – nine are for acting. And five of those are… Read


Stephen Colbert & Samantha Bee Snag Emmy Love Mining Donald Trump For Parody Gold

Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee, largely overlooked at last year’s Emmy nominations, got lots of love this morning as the TV Academy, per usual, finally got caught up in a very big way. The respective Late Show and Full Frontal hosts both received overdue noms in the Variety Talk Series category, joining a list that noticeably lacks a nom for NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Some industry insiders suggested that might have been payback for Fallon’s infamous D… Read


Donald Trump’s Favorite Puppets Audition To Be New Voice Of Kermit On ‘Late Show’

UPDATED with video: Earlier this week it was announced that Muppet Studio was replacing Kermit the Frog’s longtime voice actor after more than two decades. Steve Whitmire had voiced America’s favorite frog since character creator Jim Henson died in 1990. Stephen Colbert’s Late Show got video of the auditions process to find a replacement voice actor, and shared the footage with his late-night viewers. Among those auditioning were some of President Donald Trump’s favorite… Read


‘Conan’ Comic-Con: ‘Game Of Thrones’, ‘Supernatural’ Casts Among Guests

Casts from Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Netflix’s Bright and The Lego Ninjago Movie will be among Conan O’Brien’s guests in a week of episodes from San Diego’s Comic-Con later this month. A surprise film cast is still to be announced. The Conan episodes will be taped at San Diego’s Spreckels Theatre from Wednesday July 19 to Saturday, July 22, and air that Wednesday through Sunday at 11 pm ET/PT on TBS. This marks the third consecutive year for the “Conan at Comic-Con”… Read


Stephen Colbert Apologizes To Eric Trump After Donald Jr. Releases Emails: “We Thought You Were The Dumb One”

"Last night I told you about how Don Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. Seemed pretty bad. But, it turned out – much worse,” Stephen Colbert said in opening Tuesday’s Late Show. “Because then, The New York Times reported Trump was told in email this was a Russian effort to aid Trump's campaign. Wow who could have predicted an email scandal would taint a presidential campaign?” he snarked. “But we did not know what these emails were… Read