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Scarlett Johansson To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ For Fifth Time

amfAR New York Gala, Arrivals, USA - 08 Feb 2017

Scarlett Johansson will host Saturday Night Live March 11, scoring a fifth time in the spot. The episode’s musical guest will be Lorde, making her debut solo performance on the show. Johansson’s episode follows the previously announced March 4 episode with Octavia Spencer and musical guest Father John Misty. Johansson will be promoting her new movie Ghost in the Shell, hitting theaters March 31. Her previous SNL hosting gigs were January 14, 2006; April 21, 2007; November… Read


Stephen Colbert Wonders If Donald Trump Will Get WaPo’s “Democracy Dies In Darkness” Message


UPDATED with video: After a spittle-spewing segment about Infowars star/conspiracy theorist/President Donald Trump “validator” Alex Jones, Late Show host Stephen Colbert noted Trump had named the media “the enemy of the American people.” To which Washington Post responded today with the addition of a nuts-to-you slogan which, sadly, did not read “Nuts To You” but rather, more self-importantly: "Democracy Dies In Darkness." Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted President Trump… Read


Seth Meyers Unveils ‘Oscar Bait’ In Time For Academy Awards


A few hours after Oscar voting ended, in advance of this weekend’s Academy Awards ceremony, NBC late-night host Seth Meyers parodied the process with a first look at Oscar Bait, “a movie that's not afraid to pander to your emotions, a film that is shamelessly timed for awards season.” Oscar Bait checks off all the boxes, the spoof notes: racial tension, latent homosexuality, a child actor with three names, a character forced to overcome a rare disease (balloon foot), a… Read


Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Promises Ben Carson Will Find “True Meaning Of HUD”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (8418300b)
United States President Donald Trump looks at the Ben Carson exhibit with Ben Carson and Ivanka Trump (center) as he visits the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.
President Donald Trump visits Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, USA - 21 Feb 2017

UPDATED with video: “It was an exciting day for President Trump, because he went on a field trip,” Stephen Colbert said at the top of Late Show. “He was so worried Steve Bannon would not sign his permission slip,” Colbert snarked. He took a previously postponed tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, at the end of which, he honored the greatest figures of African-American history, including Sojourner Truth, Booker T. Washington – and Ben Carson… Read


Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump Unveils “112% Factual” Trump News Network


In his first original show since President Donald Trump declared the press the enemy of the American people, Jimmy Fallon unveiled Trump News Network – the only news network that is 112% factual – in which Tonight Show Trump will “talk about big things in the world of things.” Lead story: “Another crazy week for Donald Trump. I shot four under par, my best golf score yet…but fake media would not report it.” In other news: “Sweden is still reeling from Friday’s incident… Read


Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump’s “Erratic Behavior” Has Republicans Worried

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during Friday's 01/20/16 show in New York. Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS ©2016CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

UDPATED with video: MSNBC morning show host Joe Scarborough told Late Show host Stephen Colbert he's having trouble transitioning from calling POTUS  “Donald" to "Mr. President.” "I'll be really honest with you; the way he's acted over the past month has made it even harder to call him Mr. President,” Scarborough said, noting, disapprovingly, that Trump has questioned judicial review and the legitimacy of a federal judge. Republicans in the Senate, in particular, need to… Read


Uma Thurman Regrets Turning Down ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Role

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman made an appearance on Monday night's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where the host brought up Thurman's missed opportunity to star in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Years ago, the Kill Bill actress had passed on playing the role of Eowyn (which eventually went to Miranda Otto) in the lucrative Peter Jackson franchise. "I would've played Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings," joked Colbert, a big fan of the franchise. "It was a very long time ago, and I do… Read


Stephen Colbert Details Massacres That Have Not Occurred Since Donald Trump Took Office

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airing tonight, Monday, July 11, 2016, including guests Bryan Cranston, Busy Phillips, and musical performance by Blink-182 taping in New York. Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS ©2016CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Donald Trump spoke over the weekend about the sobering news about a recent attack on one of our allies, Sweden,” Stephen Colbert said as he opened Late Show on Presidents Day. “Tragically, Sweden is the third not-a-terrorist attack that has not shocked the world last month,” Colbert said somberly. “First, there wasn't the Bowling Green Massacre. Then, no one was lost in Atlanta. And now, It's not Sweden's turn. When will it begin!” Trump’s weekend campaign speech remark… Read


Seth Meyers: Donald Trump’s Past Few Years In Office Have Only Been One Month

Donald Trump Seth Meyers

UPDATE with video: “Today is Presidents Day and you just know Trump was up at the crack of dawn, ready to open presents,” Seth Meyers said at the top of his holiday Late Night broadcast. “President Trump took office one month ago today. Wow, it's hard to believe the past few years have only been a month,” he marveled. The NBC late-night star noted a former Swedish prime minister questioned Trump's false claims during his Saturday re-election campaign speech, that there… Read


Conan O’Brien Makes Guest Appearance On Mexican Telenovela ‘Mi Adorable Maldición’

Conan O Brien Mi Adorable Maldicion

Conan O’Brien is in Mexico City filming his primetime special, Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico. Taking advantage of being in the country and in the Televisa headquarters, the Conan host filmed a guest appearance on the telenovela Mi adorable maldición. O'Brien’s role is that of Joseph Robinson, a businessman looking to export dairy products to the U.S. The host shared scenes with the telenovela’s two leads, Renata Notni and Pablo Lyle. "It was a dream come true,"… Read


John Oliver: Donald Trump Tyrannizes TV News Week With “Bat-Sh*t Crazy” News Conference, Terrorism-In-Sweden Speech


John Oliver opened his latest edition of HBO’s Last Week Tonight talking about President Trump  – “two words that will always sound unnatural together, like ‘f*ckable clown’ or ‘Wolf Blitzer,'” he said. Donald Trump once again dominated the news cycle, including Saturday’s “pointless rally” that nonetheless got roadblock cable-news coverage, though much of it was boilerplate Trump: “Media is fake, Chicago is a nightmare, I’m the Greatest.” But, catching people’s… Read


Leah Remini & Bill Maher Say Tom Cruise Has Power To “End” Scientology


Times certainly have changed when an ex-Scientologist slamming the organization isn’t the most controversial TV moment of the night, or even of the hour. Leah Remini’s appearance last night on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher was overshadowed by another guest, but her ongoing defiance of the church clearly impressed Maher. Take a look at the video above. “When the history of Scientology is finally written,” Maher said, “it will show that fate chose you to come on in Act… Read