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Senator Calls Jimmy Kimmel Claims “Absolute Garbage”; Obama Calls GOP Efforts “Aggravating”

“Next time, call,” seems to be the message from senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. “I wished he would’ve called Senator Cassidy to ask him if what I’m reading is true,” Graham said to NBC’s Kasie Hunt today. “Because you heard some liberal talking points that are absolute garbage. He bought it hook, line and sinker.” Graham and Cassidy, snared by Hunt in a walk & talk interview, seemed especially peeved that Kimmel questioned Cassidy… Read


Hillary Clinton To Colbert: Trump Speech “Dangerous”; President Snipes Back – UPDATE

Hillary Clinton Stephen Colbert

UPDATE, with Trump tweet Apparently responding to Hillary Clinton’s appearance on CBSLate Show with Stephen Colbert, President Donald Trump says Clinton allowed North Korea to “research and build Nukes” while she was Secretary of State. “Crooked Hillary now criticizes,” Trump tweeted today. And he takes a swipe at “Bill C” as well, possibly an acknowledgement that Bill Clinton was, well, the president. See his tweet below. PREVIOUS Tuesday Hillary Clinton’s appearance… Read


Stephen Colbert Doubles Down On Emmy Joke About John Oliver

Stephen Colbert wanted to clear things up tonight about his Emmy night quip that winner John Oliver’s show is “so high quality, they can only make one a week.” Colbert wanted to make amends. “I know I made a joke after he won,” Colbert said on tonight’s The Late Show about the second consecutive Best Variety Talk Series victory for HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. “But the truth is…they only do one a week.” “They’re not lazy,” he said about his old Comedy Central… Read


‘Late Show’: Hillary Clinton Calls Putin A Manspreader; Says She’s “Paula Revere”

UPDATE, with video Vladimir Putin not only hates democracy and has a personal grudge against Hillary Clinton, but he’s also a manspreader, Clinton told Stephen Colbert on CBS’ The Late Show tonight. “I don’t take it personally,” Clinton said of Putin’s anti-Americanism, which she told Colbert was stoked by the collapse of the Soviet Union, “I think it’s part of his world view.” But, she suggested, Putin certainly exhibited sexism, as evidenced by his inclination to… Read


‘Real Time’: Bill Maher Says States’ Rights Claim Now Belongs To Liberals

UPDATE with video Adopting a good ol’ boy accents while lamenting federal overreach, Bill Maher wrapped up tonight’s Real Time episode with a New Rule: The “States’ Rights” issue now belongs to liberals. Noting that California Gov. Jerry Brown favors a separate climate treaty between his state and China “in defiance of the federal government,” Maher launched into an extended bit about liberals finally getting the chance to tell the feds to keep its hands off. “We’re just… Read


Seth Meyers: Donald Trump “Worst Negotiator Since Daffy Duck”

Seth Meyers Donald Trump

Donald Trump “might be worst negotiator since Daffy Duck,” Late Night host Seth Meyers said of the President’s push to get Democrats on board his DACA agenda. After failing in his first eight months of office to pass any major legislation, Trump this week hosted Dems at a White House dinner. This after stunning Republicans with a Dem deal to keep open the government for three months and provide funding to hurricane victims. Following this latest canoodling with Dems… Read


Stephen Colbert Envies Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview With Sean Spicer

Stephen Colbert Jimmy Kimmel

UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert was Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night guest Thursday, in promotion of his gig this weekend hosting the Emmy Awards. But talk quickly turned to former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who was Kimmel’s big “get” the previous night. “How exciting for Americans to see two talk-show titans, side by side,” Kimmel joked when Colbert joined him onstage. “You rarely see two middle-aged white men talking on television anymore,” Colbert… Read


Sean Spicer A Ratings Magnet For Jimmy Kimmel, As Donald Trump Forecast

As President Donald Trump has pointed out, Sean Spicer is a ratings magnet. The long-suffering White House press secretary’s sit-down with Jimmy Kimmel put ABC’s late-night show on top in the metered markets last night. Spicer delivered Kimmel’s highest ratings on any night in six months, excluding episodes fueled by NBA Finals lead-ins. Among Wednesday night editions, it was  Jimmy Kimmel Lives best showing in eight months. Spicer out-clocked NBC’s Tonight Show by 17%… Read


Sean Spicer Talks Donald Trump, Melissa McCarthy And Crowd Size With Jimmy Kimmel

UPDATED with details, video: Sean Spicer has never seen President Donald Trump naked, the former White House press secretary answered when Jimmy Kimmel asked by way of trying to understand why Trump is so obsessed with the size of his inaugural crowd. This and other pressing questions got answered Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Spicer made his first TV appearance since stepping down from his White House gig. "Here we go: From the Oval Office to the bushes in… Read


Jimmy Kimmel Clears Ted Cruz In Twitter Porn Scandal: “He Masturbates To Pics Of Poor People Without Health Care”

Jimmy Kimmel was among late-night hosts spinning comedy gold from news that Sen. Ted Cruz’s official Twitter account had “liked” a porn video the previous night. “The video is from a genre known as stepmom porn,” ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live host explained of the “family values guy.” “Just think, if only he had done something this perverted during the campaign, he might be president right now!” Kimmel speculated. The situation tickled Kimmel, as it had others across the TV… Read


Jordan Klepper Collects “Impeach Hillary” Petition Signatures At Trump Phoenix Rally For ‘The Opposition’ Launch

Shortly before Donald Trump promised to pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his recent rally for fans in Phoenix, Comedy Central’s The Opposition star Jordan Klepper was outside collecting signatures on his petition to impeach Hillary Clinton. “Don’t trust anybody who’s talking to a camera,” Klepper says to a camera in the promo video for his new late-night show, debuting September 25. “What are we opposed to? The resistance! Which, technically, is the opposition,”… Read


HBO Renews John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Through 2020

HBO has picked up John Oliver’s late-night Sunday show for three more seasons, keeping it on the network through 2020. Thirty episodes will be produced each season. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver debuted in 2014 and now is in its fourth season. This year it was nommed for eight Primetime Emmys, including Outsanding Variety Talk Series, and already had won two: Best Picture Editing and Best Interactive Program. Last year it won three Emmys including Best Variety Talk… Read