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‘SNL’ Vs Al Franken: Weekend Update Takes On A Former Writer

Though it reserved its best sexual harassment joke for Jeremy Piven, Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” didn’t entirely forget its old regular visitor from the Al Franken Decade. “Now, I know this was taken before Franken took public office,” said “Update” co-anchor Colin Jost about the now infamous picture of Franken posing in a mock-grope position over a sleeping Leeann Tweeden, “but it was also after he was a sophomore in high school.” After Jost made a… Read


‘SNL’: “Come Back, Barack”, Stay Awhile Pete Davidson & Chance Pays Off

Chance the Rapper made the most of his opportunity to host Saturday Night Live last night, a solid, confident turn for his first time at the gig. The show itself was, well, here’s hoping the Thanksgiving break provides cast and crew a chance to regroup and refresh. Despite a few highlights – a missing-you love ballad to Barack Obama, Pete Davidson’s Weekend Update riff on his rift with Staten Island – this Thanksgiving episode left a lot on the table. Let’s start with the… Read


Saoirse Ronan To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’, With Musical Guest U2

Saoirse Ronan, flying high in the critically acclaimed Lady Bird, will host NBC’s Saturday Night Live on Dec. 2. Musical guest will be U2. The booking was announced on tonight’s SNL hosted by Chance the Rapper, with musical guest Eminem. The Dec. 2 show is the next original episode, as SNL breaks for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with a repeat of the recent Gal Gadot episode. DECEMBER 2! Read


‘SNL’: Trump Boys Inherit Dad-Free Spot With “Juilliard Massage” Of “RickiLakes”

UPDATE with video The Trump boys, as played by Saturday Night Live‘s Mikey Day and Alex Moffat, filled in for an absent dad on the show’s cold open tonight. Bypassing the usual cast-stuffed gathering, tonight’s introductory sketch featured just the two Trump sons and Kate McKinnon wearing a vaguely Andy Warhol-ish wig as WikiLeak’s Julian Assange. Watch the sketch above. In a faux-TV documentary style, The Mueller Files sketch was built around a reenactment of a 2016 Deep… Read


Bill Maher: Don’t Lump Al Franken With Weinstein, Spacey & Donald Trump

UPDATE with video Bill Maher didn’t exactly go easy on his pal Al Franken tonight, spending much of the opening monologue and a big chunk of Real Time’s season finale tossing joke grenades at the Minnesota senator. But the HBO host drew a hard line between the former Saturday Night Live staffer and the ever-growing gang of famous abusers and grabbers. Maher then described the scandal – the photo of Franken “mock-groping” Leeann Tweeden, then writing and demanding a… Read


Seth Meyers Tackles Al Franken, Updates Roy Moore Sex Misconduct Claims

Seth Meyers Donald Trump Ban

“Congress has been rocked by its own own sexual misconduct allegations this week, with Sen. Al Franken being accused of sexual harassment, and yet more women coming forward to accuse Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of assaulting them as teenagers,” Seth Meyers said on Thursday night’s Late Night. Meyers discussed the “awful” claims made against the former Saturday Night Live regular, by conservative radio host Leeann Tweeden, then moved on to note those Republicans… Read


Stephen Colbert Addresses Harassment Allegation Against Al Franken

“Every day seems like we find out about another high-profile sexual harasser,” Stephen Colbert said at the top of Thursday’s Late Show. “And today is no exception.” “Brace yourself,” he warned his Ed Sullivan Theater audience. “Because it’s Sen. Al Franken. He’s been accused of kissing and groping a woman without her consent.” The theater crowd gasped, Franken being a Friend of Late Show. “Come on, Franken!” Colbert ranted. “I guess there are no good people left. So… Read


Stephen Colbert On Anti-Semitic Roy Moore Robocall: Only Worse Stereotype A Family Values Evangelical Secret Perv

Stephen Colbert was among the late night hosts to splash around in the latest news about Alabama’s  GOP senate candidate Roy Moore. As of Colbert’s show taping, five women have made various allegations about Moore, ranging from initiating a relationship with them when they were teens and he was in his 30s (legal age of consent in the state is 16), to locking them in his car and sexually assaulting them. Many GOP lawmakers have denounced Moore, Colbert concedes, but some… Read


Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart Demonstrate Fundraiser Pants Swap For Upcoming HBO Special

Jon Stewart has been making the rounds to promote the various prizes late-night shows are offering in support of his Night of Too Many Stars fundraiser this Saturday on HBO. On Tuesday’s Tonight Show, Stewart and Jimmy Fallon demonstrated why viewers should bid on the chance to swap pants with Fallon for a day. Sweetening the offer considerably, Fallon announced the winning bidder also will win two tickets to Super Bowl LII, and the chance to attend The Tonight Show‘s… Read


Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump Jr.’s Reax To WikiLeaks Campaign Tryst Revelation

Stephen Colbert frolicked through this week’s news of secret correspondence between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks during the presidential race. The Trump campaign had insisted it had absolutely no contact with the outfit. But, in October 2016, WikiLeaks wrote to the candidate’s son, “Hey Donald, great to see you and your dad talking about our publication…There’s so many great stories the press are missing,” adding, “Btw, we just released Podesta Emails Part 4.” Don Jr… Read


Seth Meyers: Donald Trump’s Asia Trip Mostly Spent Cozying Up To Authoritarian Strongmen

Trump's 12-day trip to Asia was spent mostly cozying up to authoritarian strongmen while acting increasingly like one himself, Late Night host Seth Meyers observed Tuesday. The trip itself was mostly unremarkable except that one time he taunted a nuclear-armed nation on Twitter and bro-ed out with Vladimir Putin which, an exhausted Meyers joked, was like nine news stories ago. While Trump has been out of the country it also came to light that Don Jr. had secret… Read


Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute To Mother In Return To ‘Tonight Show’

“As some of you know, my mother, Gloria, passed away recently,” Jimmy Fallon said in making Monday’s return to the Tonight Show after taking a week off to be with his family  following her death on November 4. “She was the best audience, the one I was always trying to make laugh. She was such a fan of the show and everything I did," he told viewers. When he was a child, his mother would squeeze his hand three times and say, “I love you.” “Last week I was in the hospital… Read