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Salon Media Staffers Team With WGA East In Unionizing Effort

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The editorial staff at Salon Media today said that it wants to unionize with the WGA East. Their decision comes less than a month after the editorial staff at Gawker Media voted overwhelmingly to be represented by the union. "Every single one of the editorial employees at Salon supports unionizing with the Writers Guild of America, East, and today we're asking the management of Salon to recognize our union," the Salon staff said in a statement. "We are doing this because… Read


‘Black Swan’ Interns Lawsuit Overturned By Appeals Court

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In a decision that Hollywood has been waiting for months to hear, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals today threw the Black Swan intern case on its head by vacating an earlier judgment in favor of two interns who worked on the Darren Aronofsky-directed film. The hearing on the appeal of District Judge William Paley III’s ruling of 2-years ago was held on January 30 this year. The original 2011 lawsuit against Fox Searchlight set the stage for a slew of intern class actions… Read


Three More SAG-AFTRA Local Elections Decided Without a Single Vote Being Cast

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Three more local SAG-AFTRA elections – this time in Colorado, New Mexico and the Twin Cities – have been decided "without the necessity of a membership vote." Similar non-voting elections were recently held at the union's Hawaii, Missouri Valley, and Arizona-Utah locals. In Colorado, local president Sheila Ivy Traister was returned to office without opposition. None of the local's other officers, board members and convention delegates faced opposition either, and were… Read


Patricia Richardson To Run For SAG-AFTRA President


Home Improvement star Patricia Richardson has thrown her hat into the ring in the race for president of SAG-AFTRA. Richardson, a member of the guild’s national board, and a full slate of running mates seek to oust president Ken Howard and the guild establishment "in the cause of the betterment of all members of SAG-AFTRA." Also running on her MembershipFirst ticket, which will field a full slate of national officers and board candidates, is stuntwoman Jane Austin, a… Read


SAG Pension & Health Plans Strips Disabled Stuntwoman Of Her Pension


EXCLUSIVE: The SAG Pension & Health Plans are doubling down on their campaign to deny benefits to disabled stuntwoman Leslie Hoffman. First they refused to give her SAG health benefits, even after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that they had violated the law by not giving her a fair hearing. Now they're taking away her SAG pension on the flimsiest of pretexts. The overriding question becomes whether the Plans are in self-protection mode because of similar… Read


‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Strike Over; IATSE And Producers Reach Deal – Update

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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE, 6:46 PM: After less than 12 hours, they have a deal, and everyone’s going back to work. IATSE reps and Marriage Boot Camp producers at Thinkfactory have agreed that their postproduction and production staff now will be unionized. The deal was just struck, and while no immediate details are available, sources tell Deadline that, as usual, concerns like health and pension have been addressed. This is yet another unscripted victory for IATSE and the Editors… Read


IATSE Set Safety Hotline Launches


The IATSE has launched a safety hotline for members to anonymously report hazards on the job. The toll-free number is (844) IA AWARE, or (844) 422-9273. Callers can either leave a message for, or talk to, a safety representative who will look into the matter. Depending on the circumstances, the safety rep will contact the local IATSE office and assist them with the issue, or call the employer directly. "We remain committed to doing everything possible to keep our members… Read


Former SAG Board Member Leslie Hoffman’s Toughest Stunt: Getting Her Union Benefits


As we watch former great athletes becomes shells of their former selves suffering the debilitating long-term effect of concussions and other injuries, it is worth wondering how Hollywood is caring for the people who rack up similar injuries performing stunts for movies and TV shows. If Leslie Hoffman is a litmus test, the answer is, not very well. Hoffman was once one of Hollywood's top stuntwomen and the first ever elected to the SAG Hollywood board of directors, and… Read


Apathy Declared Winner Of Local SAG-AFTRA Elections


Local SAG-AFTRA election results already are beginning to trickle in, and the clear winner is apathy. In Hawaii, all 11 candidates, including incumbent President David C. Farmer, ran unopposed — and according to the union they "shall be declared elected without the necessity of a membership vote." The same results were reported from the union's Missouri Valley local, where incumbent President Tom Murray and eight other candidates ran unopposed and were declared elected… Read


Historic Todd-Soundelux Building Gets New Tenant


Todd-Soundelux, the fabled sound studio that went out of business last year, but its old offices in Burbank will see new life. Benchmark Post, a newly created postproduction sound company, has leased the first floor of the historic old building, which it will renovate and reopen in the fall. "We are thrilled to re-open the doors of one of the industry's most iconic sound studios and look forward to welcoming fellow talent and clients with a new audio destination in the… Read


SAG-AFTRA Negotiator Joan Halpern Weise Quietly Moves To Netflix


Joan Halpern Weise, one of SAG-AFTRA's chief contract negotiators, has quietly left the union to become manager of labor relations at Netflix, where she could find herself across the bargaining table from her former union colleagues. Weise, one of the entertainment industry's longest-serving union executives, left SAG-AFTRA about a month ago without a peep from the union. Weise joined AFTRA's Los Angeles local as a television field rep in 1981 and rose steadily through… Read


L.A. Location Managers Ink New Contract


Hollywood's Teamsters Local 399 has reached a tentative agreement with management's AMPTP for a new three-year contract covering location managers. Terms of the deal, which runs from August 1, 2015, to July 31, 2018, were not disclosed. "We were able to negotiate a good contract for our location professionals with improvements that will benefit this group of hardworking individuals," said Local 399 secretary treasurer Steve Dayan. "Teamsters Local 399 is committed to… Read