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WGA Ratifies New Film & TV Contract

Ratification of the new three-year WGA film and TV contract has been overwhelmingly — almost unanimously — approved by members of the WGA East and West, bringing to a close Hollywood's most contentious contract struggle in a decade. Of the 3,647 valid votes cast there were 3,617 "yes" votes (99.2%) and 30 "no" votes (.8%). There were 9,441 eligible voters. The term of the agreement is from May 2, 2017 through May 1, 2020. "Our success in these negotiations was due to a… Read


California’s Tax Incentives Losing Battle For Blockbusters

Only three of the 100 top-grossing films of 2016 were shot in California with state tax incentives, according to a new report from FilmL.A. It's another reminder that the state's program isn't doing much to capture big-budget blockbusters, which generally produce the most jobs and generate the greatest economic impact – the two main goals of the $330 million-a-year program. As the report released today makes clear, California's incentive program just isn't set up to… Read


Preliminary Talks Underway For New SAG-AFTRA Film & TV Contract

Preliminary discussions already are underway for a new SAG-AFTRA film and TV contract. Working groups met Wednesday and Thursday, and will meet again next week, to lay the groundwork for the negotiations, which are scheduled to start May 31, when the full negotiating committees from labor and management meet for the first time. The union's current contract expires June 30, so the two sides will have about a month to reach an agreement on a new pact. If so-called "pattern… Read


Paris Barclay & Jay Roth Bid Farewell At DGA’s Annual Membership Meeting

EXCLUSIVE: Paris Barclay and Jay Roth kicked off their farewell tour last night at the DGA's annual membership meeting in Hollywood. Barclay will be stepping down as DGA president next month, and Roth recently stepped down as the guild's longtime national executive director. They'll reprise their sendoffs next Wednesday at the DGA membership meeting in New York. Barclay's second two-year term as president will end next month when delegates gather at the DGA's biennial… Read


SAG-AFTRA Makes Inroads As Video Game Strike Drags On

SAG-AFTRA video game strike rally

As SAG-AFTRA prepares for its upcoming round of negotiations for a new film and TV contract, it continues to pressure a different set of employers – video game producers – in a labor dispute that is the longest strike in the history of SAG. Now in its 207th day, the union's strike against 11 video game companies has pitted the companies' desire to maintain a 20-year-old pay structure that includes no forms of residuals against the union's demand for some type of residuals… Read


As Contract Talks Loom, SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris Says Union Has Support Of Its Members

SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris says the union has the strong support of its members as it prepares to begin negotiations for a new film and TV contract. "We are approaching negotiations on our TV/Theatrical contracts," she said in the latest issue of the union's magazine. "When we sit down to bargain with representatives of the major motion picture and television networks and studios, we will do so with a strategic and informed proposal package. It is important… Read


Studios Snubbed WGA’s Contract Proposal To Boost Women & Minority Writers

EXCLUSIVE: The WGA made no major gains in its new film and TV contract regarding diversity, which the guild has been pushing for years. "There was a proposal related to diversity on the table," an industry source said, "but the guild did not get it." The union did, however, receive additional funding for its training program for episodic TV writers, which is geared toward improving the lot of women and minority writers. Under the new deal, CBS, ABC and NBC will now be… Read


Streaming Services Will Pay A Lot More Residuals Under New WGA Pact


EXCLUSIVE: Netflix, Amazon and Hulu will be paying a lot more in writers' residuals under the new WGA film and TV contract. New details, outlined by WGA West, reveal that high-budget shows they run will generate anywhere between $3,448-$34,637 more residuals per episode over the life of the three-year contract than they did under the old contract, depending on the platform and the length of the show. Essentially, it's the same deal the DGA got in their negotiations last… Read


WGA Contract Ratification Vote To Begin Friday


Membership ratification of the new WGA film and TV contract will begin Friday, with online voting scheduled to end May 24. WGA West members can also vote in person at a special membership meeting at the guild's headquarters May 23. WGA East members will also be voting on the new pact. The ratification vote – expected to be receive overwhelming membership approval – will bring to an end months of strike threats and sets the stage for a similar deal for actors, whose film an… Read


Russ Hollander Officially Takes Over As DGA National Executive Director

Russ Hollander has taken over as the DGA's national executive director, officially ending the Jay Roth era. Hollander's appointment, which was first reported here in February, was made official at the DGA's national board meeting Saturday. Roth will stay on as a senior adviser after 22 years as the guild's top executive. Roth and Hollander have been working together in recent months with the DGA's national board, councils and senior executive staff to ensure a seamless… Read


WGA “Appalled” Over FCC Review Of Stephen Colbert’s Crude Trump Tirade

With a strike averted at the last minute last week, the WGA today struck up a defense of Stephen Colbert against the FCC's so-called investigation of last week’s scathing and lewd late-night monologue against President Donald Trump. "As presidents of the Writers Guilds of America, East and West, we were appalled to read recent remarks by Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai,” said WGA East boss Michael Winship and WGA West chief Howard Rodman this morning. “He… Read


WGA’s New Contract Provides Major Boost To Keep Health Plan Solvent; Other Key Elements Of Pact Revealed

WGA health plan

The WGA's ailing health plan will get a $65.85 million infusion of employer contributions over the next three years to keep it solvent once the guild's new contract is ratified by the members. Combined with $21 million in cost savings, the additional revenue and savings will provide $86.85 million to keep the health plan solvent, which was one of the WGA's key goals going into the recent contract negotiations. A WGA summary offers other new details of the contract, which… Read