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SAG-AFTRA Developing Sexual Harassment Code Of Conduct

SAG AFTRA Code Of Conduct

SAG-AFTRA is developing a Code of Conduct to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace – and at auditions, wrap parties, film festivals and anywhere else performers gather to find jobs or promote and celebrate their work. An email sent today to the union's board members said the code "will provide clear safety guidance to performers in the work environment and in social environments attached to work where harassment frequently occurs." With the annual SAG Awards set… Read


Tronc That! Los Angeles Times Journalists Vote To Unionize

Los Angeles Times Building

In a first for the 136-year-old Los Angeles Times, editorial workers have voted to join a union. The overwhelming vote of 248-44 was certified today by the National Labor Relations Board. Voting began earlier this month. The employees will be represented by the Washington-based NewsGuild-Communications Workers of America. The vote comes during an especially turbulent period for the newspaper, whose owner re-branded from Tribune to Tronc in 2016 and installed Ross Levinsohn… Read


MPAA: Hollywood Is Key Driver Of U.S. Economy With $49 Billion Payout, Salaries Much Higher Than Nat’l Average

Hollywood 2017 2018

The Motion Picture Association of America released economic figures today culled from an analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 report — only made available in late 2017 — which shows that the American film and TV industry accounted for supporting 2.1 million jobs and 400,000 local businesses across this country. It says that the industry “continues to be a key driver of the U.S. economy, adding high quality domestic jobs and paying out $49 billion to… Read


New York Film & TV Workers Protest During MLK Day With Rev. Al Sharpton & Top Empire State Pols

UPDATE Tuesday morning with video, below. Lanere Holmes Rollins, a Parking Production Assistant who has cleared New York’s streets for film and TV crews for more than two decades, waited more than three hours to claim Martin Luther King day as her own. She had the formidable challenge of making her case before a packed meeting room in East Harlem after a power posse of the state’s top politicians joined the Rev. Al Sharpton to celebrate the slain Civil Rights leader. The… Read


IATSE Technicians Walk Off Golf Channel Jobs, Prompting Sony Open Scramble

Technicians and camera operators represented by IATSE walked off the job before the Golf Channel’s coverage Sunday of the Sony Open in Hawaii, prompting a scramble by the NBC-owned network to preserve the dulcet feel of a golf broadcast. Elements such as ambient sound from the course or close-up shots of players went out the window, with overhead blimp angles getting extra duty. Studio hosts handled the announcing duties from the network’s Orlando, Fla., headquarters… Read


SAG-AFTRA Looking Into ‘All The Money In The World’ Pay Disparity Claims

All The Money In The World

EXCLUSIVE, updated with SAG-AFTRA statement: SAG-AFTRA is looking into reports that Michelle Williams was paid peanuts compared to Mark Wahlberg to re-shoot scenes in All the Money in the World. The new footage was necessary after Christopher Plummer was brought in to the Ridley Scott-directed movie to replace Kevin Spacey, who was fired amid allegations of past sexual misconduct. "We're looking into it," said a source at the actors union, who noted that the guild's… Read


Hollywood’s Unions Had A Good Year — Except For Donald Trump & Harvey Weinstein

It was a good year for Hollywood's unions, except for two things: Donald Trump and the ever-widening sexual harassment scandal that came to involve many of their members as both victims and perpetrators. How the unions responded tested their mettle like never before and will continue to do so in the year and years to come. It was a year that saw the Writers Guild come perilously close to an industry-crippling strike, only to be averted with a last-minute deal that saved… Read


NFL Anthem Protests Week 16 – Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s Coal In The Stockings For The NFL

Steelers Ravens

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will undoubtedly sleep well tonight. The long National Football League regular season is almost over. With it gone, all the worries of this tumultuous season, where a new crisis of leadership emerged every week and league fortunes seemed to sag, will vanish into history. The playoff season will automatically lessen the number of protesters, as fewer teams participate and the player focus is more intense. Yes, Goodell will smile and tell… Read


AMPTP & Hollywood’s Unions Were “Ahead Of The Curve” Before Weinstein Sex Scandal, Producers’ Rep Says

EXCLUSIVE: Long before the Harvey Weinstein scandal made international headlines, Hollywood's employers and unions were taking steps to reduce sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. The industry, it turns out, was not asleep at the switch ahead of one of the biggest scandals in Hollywood's history. "We were very much ahead of the curve," said Carol Lombardini, president of the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers, which negotiates collective bargaining… Read


SAG-AFTRA Wins Back Jobs For Fired SBS Radio Hosts

Spanish Broadcasting System

In a major victory for the rights of workers to unionize, SAG-AFTRA today reached a nearly $500,000 settlement with the Spanish Broadcasting System in advance of a National Labor Relations Board ruling on the union's claim that eight of the company's employees at Los Angeles radio stations La Raza and MEGA were unlawfully terminated in retaliation for exercising their right to unionize. The settlement also provides that the wrongly terminated employees will return to work… Read


Beware: How Global One Management’s Questionable Practices Entangled Politicians, Child Actors And The Homeless

Global One Management

EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and seven members of the L.A. City Council earlier this year signed glowing letters of support for a talent showcase and charity run out of the downtown loft of a local talent manager who may have violated state and federal labor laws. Sunny Chae, whose Global One Management represents numerous aspiring child actors who have performed at her annual Worldwide Star Search talent showcase, doesn't… Read


LA Weekly New Owners Apologize For Transition Snafus, Name Interim Editor

Amid threats of a boycott and anger over their secretive and awkward transition, the new owners of the LA Weekly have sent out an apology statement to the readership. “We have made numerous missteps in the transition of new leadership at L.A. Weekly,” said the letter from Semanal Media’s Brian Calle and David Welch, who have spearheaded what can only be described as a ham-handed first few weeks of owning the alternative publication. “We acknowledge it. We own it. We… Read