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SAG-AFTRA Reaches Deal With Music Labels Over Online Payment

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SAG-AFTRA and a consortium of recording industry players, including Sony, Warner affiliates, Universal, Capitol and Hollywood Records, have announced a tentative deal that, if passed, will include a payment formula for online streaming and non-permanent digital downloads that accounts for revenue generated outside the U.S.. Among new provisions is an agreement to make payments based on earnings worldwide from streaming services and non permanent download services like… Read


Animation Guild Ratifies New 3-Year Contract

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Members of the Animation Guild have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new three-year contract with management. The new deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers includes 3% annual increases in contract minimums, no rollbacks and a 10% pension increase for those retiring after August 1, 2015. The contract covers some 3,100 members of IATSE Local 839 working in various aspects of the animation industry, including writers and directors, storyboard… Read


WGA East Calls for Union Exemption To Obamacare’s ‘Cadillac Tax’

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The WGA East today called for all union health plans to be exempted from the Affordable Care Act's so-called "Cadillac Tax," a 40% nondeductible excise tax that is scheduled to go into effect in 2018 on employers who provide high-end health benefits to their workers. In comments filed today with the IRS and the U.S. Department of Treasury, the guild said that "the Cadillac Tax would strip away benefits from the basic package of compensation guild members have struggled… Read


IATSE Hollywood Members Ratify New Film & TV Pact


Members of 13 Hollywood locals of the IATSE have ratified a new film and TV contract. The deal with management's AMPTP, which was reached in April, provides for 3% pay raises in each year of the three-year contract, as well as what the union is calling "major improvements" for members working in new media. Covering some 43,000 workers, the new pact also calls for employer contributions to the union's pension plan to increase by 18 cents per hour worked in each year of the… Read


SAG-AFTRA Post-Election: David White’s Power Secure But Guild Bitterly Divided


Although the recent SAG-AFTRA election might suggest that the guild's two bickering factions will be sharing power over the next two years, the balance of power actually remains unchanged. The real power at the guild is held by David White, the union's national executive director. The national board of directors has the power to fire him, but beyond that, he pretty much calls the shots. And as long as the guild's elected leaders are split roughly evenly into two camps, as… Read


SAG-AFTRA Election: LA Local Wins Apathy Award For Lowest Voter Turnout In U.S.


The Los Angeles local of SAG-AFTRA is not only the union's largest, it's also its most apathetic. In the recent elections held by the guild's 25 regional locals, LA had the lowest voter turnout as a percentage of members eligible to vote. Of course, that's not counting the 0% voter turnout at nine locals whose members didn't cast a single ballot for their local leaders because they all were running unopposed. Two of those locals haven't held a contested election since the… Read


Stuntwoman Jane Austin Leaps To Surprise Victory In SAG-AFTRA’s LA Local Vote

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Stuntwoman Jane Austin made it 2-f0r-2 in upset victories, winning the presidency of SAG-AFTRA’s LA local.In a squeaker, the Membership First candidate beat Unite for Strength incumbent Clyde Kusatsu by 105 votes. Austin’s victory, coupled with her surprise election Thursday as the new national Secretary-Treasurer – SAG-AFTRA's third-highest elected officer – makes her the union's overnight sensation, one that's been 12 years in the making. In the LA race, Austin received… Read


SAG-AFTRA Elections: New York Results Are In


Ballots are still being counted in Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA races, but the results are in from New York, where incumbent Maureen Donnelly has received the most votes in a six-way race for four local Vice President slots. New York local President Mike Hodge ran unopposed and was re-elected "without the necessity of a membership vote." He was the top vote-getter in the local board races, followed by former national SAG-AFTRA Co-president Roberta Reardon, Donnelly, Graham… Read


San Diego SAG-AFTRA President Re-Elected By One Vote


The power of a single vote was on display in San Diego, where Martin Alvillar has been re-elected president of the SAG-AFTRA local by one vote. Alvillar beat challenger Sandra Buehner 139-138, the closest race in the union's history. The vote also showed off the power of apathy, with 77% of the local's 1,224 eligible members not casting ballots. Any one of the 941 members who didn't vote could have changed the outcome. Deadline for voting in the union's national election… Read


SAG-AFTRA Election: Ken Howard Expected To Coast Amid Low Turnout

Ken Howard

The deadline for balloting in the SAG-AFTRA national election is Thursday, and all indications point to a big win for President Ken Howard and his Unite for Strength running mates. Incumbents and candidates endorsed by Howard have been sweeping local races by large margins across the country, where voter turnout has been low – clear signs that an apathetic membership sees no great need for change, much less the sweeping changes called for by challenger Patricia Richardson… Read


Patricia Richardson: SAG-AFTRA Should Organize Non-Union News Networks

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When Anderson Cooper tapes segments for 60 Minutes at the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan, he's covered by a SAG-AFTRA contract. But when he drives across town to anchor Anderson Cooper 360 at CNN's offices in Columbus Circle, he's not. Patricia Richardson, who's running for president of the actors union, wants to do something about that. A self-described "news junkie," Richardson said that if elected, she'll try to organize the broadcast news networks that are not… Read


SAG-AFTRA Lifts Ban On ‘Comedians Of LA’ TV Series

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SAG-AFTRA has lifted a "Do Not Work" order that barred its members from working on Comedians Of LA, a TV series to air on Esquire Network that followings rising comedians in Hollywood as they tour the comedy club circuit. The ban was put in place in April but has been rescinded after the show's production company, Los Angeles-based L. Plummer Media, signed a contract with the union. The union has also lifted its ban on members working on Living With Funny, a companion… Read