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Jace Alexander Resigns As Directors Guild VP In Wake Of Child Porn Arrest


EXCLUSIVE: Five days after the former Law & Order director was arrested on child pornography charges, he no longer is Second Vice-President of the Directors Guild of America. Where Jace Alexander's name and face were just earlier today on the DGA website, there’s now a blank space and the word "Open." Alexander resigned Monday, sources say. “The DGA will elect a new Second Vice President at its October National Board meeting,” said a Guild spokesperson today. Alexander, wh… Read


Strike Over! IATSE Wins ‘Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge’ Contract


A week and a half after the picket lines went up at the offices of 51 Minds Entertainment, the union and the production company for Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge have reached a deal. Agreed to late last night, the IATSE contract sees the post-crew back at work today with enshrined health and pension benefits. “The unfair employment letters issued against the production company 51 Minds Entertainment (currently producing Broken Skull Ranch Challenge), and rGear… Read


SAG-AFTRA: Amy Aquino’s Falling Out With President Ken Howard


SAG-AFTRA secretary-treasurer Amy Aquino is turning out to be a major wildcard in the union's upcoming elections. A co-founder of Ken Howard's Unite for Strength slate, she had been his top running mate in the union's last election, and before the merger, had been his top running mate in the last two SAG elections. But now she's not endorsing him for president and doesn't even think he should be elected to serve on the SAG-AFTRA national board of directors. It would… Read


Salon Accepts WGA East As Staff Union

WGA East Logo Grid

Salon Media has agreed to recognize the Writers Guild of America East as the collective bargaining unit for its editorial staff, whose vote to unionize was unanimous. “We are very pleased” with management’s decision, WGAE executive director Lowell Peterson said in a statement. Negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement are expected to begin promptly. Salon’s announcement follows the staff’s decision a month ago to unionize with WGA East. Salon’s vote came less… Read


Zendaya’s ‘K.C. Undercover’ Probed For Using White Stunt Double For Star

KC Undercover

On Disney Channel's K.C. Undercover, 18-year-old actress Zendaya plays K.C. Cooper, the daughter of African American spies. On the show, K.C. is black; her mother is black; her father is black; her nerdy brother is black; her robot sister is black; and her grandfather is black. But her main stunt double for Season 1 was white. Several black stuntwomen have told Deadline that they want the show to hire black stuntwomen for the job when the show begins production on its… Read


SAG-AFTRA Election: Ken Howard Attacks Opponents’ “Empty Promises”


SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard today called his opposition's sweeping agenda for change "empty promises" and "hollow rhetoric." In an email sent to the union's members, he said that the record of Membership First — the slate opposing his Unite for Strength candidates in next month’s election — "is one of conflict, division and, ultimately, failure." "This election is critical to your future as a performer and as a union member," Howard wrote. "There are those who want to… Read


SAG-AFTRA Election: Challenger Patricia Richardson Calls For Sweeping Changes


EXCLUSIVE: SAG-AFTRA presidential candidate Patricia Richardson is calling for sweeping changes in the way the union does its business and deals with its diverse membership, vowing to heal the infighting and to take the fight to the producers for better wages and working conditions. Perhaps just as important, she's calling for greater transparency inside a union that some wags have come to call the Secret Actors Guild. Running atop her Membership First slate of… Read


IATSE Sued By Nu Image Over Health & Pension Contributions


It looked like it was over but Avi Lerner obviously decided it wasn't. Nearly 6-months after coming to a settlement with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees over health and pension contributions, Nu Image is taking the union plus the AFL-CIO to court over the same matter. Back in mid-2013, the IATSE health and pension plans sued Nu Image over the lack of expected payments but the two sides worked out a settlement this February to avoid a trial. Now… Read


Female ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Security Guard Kidnapped & Assaulted; Three In Custody

Sleepy Hollow

Police in the Georgia city where Sleepy Hollow is filming arrested three youths in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a female security guard who was working on the set of Fox’s fantasy drama series. Police in Conyers, GA, arrested the three suspects in the assault July 23 and they face armed robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, financial card fraud, carjacking and weapons charges. More charges may be forthcoming. According to reports, the victim was guarding the… Read


NBCU Reaches Three-Year Deal With NABET-CWA

NBC Universal

NABET-CWA has reached a tentative agreement with NBCUniversal for a new three-year contract. The pact covers about 2,700 staff and daily-hire employees working as broadcast technicians for NBC News, NBC Sports and NBC Entertainment in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. The new deal, which calls for 8.25% wage increases over the next three years, also covers a wide range of maintenance workers, staging services personnel and couriers. NABET-CWA Local 11 in… Read


SAG-AFTRA Elections: Membership First Unveils Candidate Slate

Patricia Richard Jane Austin 2-shot

Saying that "it's time for a change," Patricia Richardson today announced her Membership First slate of running mates in the upcoming SAG-AFTRA election. Richardson, best known for her starring role on Home Improvement, announced last month that she is running against Ken Howard for President. Her running mate is renowned stuntwoman Jane Austin, who's running for National Secretary/Treasurer. "It is difficult for us to campaign without talking about what needs to changed… Read


‘Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge’ Hit With Crew Strike


The union has just thrown the WWE Hall Of Famer's reality show to the mat. Demanding an IATSE contract, the crew of CMT's Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge has walked off the job this morning. Representing both production and postproduction workers on the show, the Motion Picture Editor's Guild and IATSE are putting up a picket line outside the Laurel Canyon Boulevard offices of series producer 51 Minds Entertainment. The crew of @SteveAustinBSR‘s #BrokenSkullChalleng… Read