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Donald Trump’s Presidency Is Right On Time For Another WGA Strike

Since the first writers' strike of 1960, there have been 12 U.S. presidents – five Democrats and seven Republicans, and yet all six WGA strikes occurred during Republican administrations. And if the guild launches its seventh strike in May, as threatened, it will once again be under a Republican administration. There weren't any WGA strikes during the presidencies of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson or John F. Kennedy. But there was one during the… Read


WGA “Broke Off Negotiations,” Producers Claim As Strike Vote Looms

One day before negotiations originally were scheduled to end between the WGA and AMPTP, the labor tension in Hollywood is at a 10-year high. As the scribes now confirm Deadline’s exclusive of earlier today that a strike-authorization vote has been called, the producers shot back this evening with claims of bad faith from the other side of the table. “The WGA broke off negotiations at an early stage in the process in order to secure a strike vote rather than directing its… Read


WGA Negotiators Call For Strike-Authorization Vote – Read The Letter

Lead negotiators for the WGA just sent a letter to the membership that reads, “Your Negotiating Committee has voted unanimously to recommend that the WGAW Board of Directors and WGAE Council conduct a strike authorization vote by the membership.” Read the full letter below. This would not be a vote to strike but to authorize the guild's board of directors to call a strike if further talks fail to produce a deal. Management’s Alliance of Motion Picture & Television… Read


WGA Strike Vote Could Be “Very Soon” As Talks Continue

EXCLUSIVE: With one day left in scheduled negotiations between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers over a new film and TV contract, a strike vote by the scribes is now looking like a real possibility. “That’s the way the wind is blowing,” a source with intimate knowledge of the ongoing talks told Deadline this afternoon. “We could have a strike vote very soon,” another insider told Deadline. While this could be posturing to light a fire… Read


WGA Contract Talks Coming Down To Wire

Negotiations for a new WGA film and TV contract are coming down to the wire. The talks, which started March 13, were scheduled to conclude Saturday, though they can be extended if progress is being made. The current contract doesn't expire until May 1, so there's plenty of time to make a deal. If negotiations stall, however, the leadership of the WGA East and WGA West would most likely ask members for strike authorization. Such a vote, which would almost certainly be… Read


“Progress Being Made” At WGA Contract Talks

After a week of hard bargaining, a source close to the ongoing WGA contract talks told Deadline that "there is progress being made and it's very cordial." The negotiations, which began Monday, are being held under a strict media blackout at the Sherman Oaks offices of management's Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers. Rescuing the guild's ailing health plan, which has run at a deficit in all but one of the past four years, is one of the hottest hot-button… Read


The Race Is On: Peter Antico First To Announce Candidacy For SAG-AFTRA President

Peter Antico, one of the most outspoken critics of SAG-AFTRA's leadership, has announced he'll be a candidate for president of the 160,000-member performers' union. The election will be held in August, and he's the first to announce his candidacy. Antico, a veteran actor and stunt coordinator, split with Membership First, the union's "loyal opposition," and is running independently because he feels MF has not been vocal or active enough in fighting the waste, malfeasance… Read


WGA Wants Producers To Address Pay “Inequities” For Writing Teams

Whenever you see TV writing credits in which two names are separated by an ampersand, it means they're working as a team. In many cases, it also means they're each working for half the guild minimum. That 2-for-1 deal is one of the WGA's major bones of contention in its ongoing negotiations for a new film and TV contract. Day 2 of talks are now underway today at the offices of management's AMPTP in Sherman Oaks. In the run-up to the negotiations, the guild said it wanted… Read


WGA Contract Talks “Tense” On Day 1 Of Sit-Down With AMPTP

EXCLUSIVE: The beginning of negotiations on a new contract between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers started off strained today – to put it politely. "It was very tense and got a little heated," one insider told Deadline about Day 1 of talks between the two sides at the AMPTP's Sherman Oaks headquarters. "There's a big divide when it comes to expectations and a lot of mistrust, more than I've seen before," the source added. The talks are… Read


WGA Health Care Fix A Key To Successful Contract Talks

As negotiations begin today for a new WGA film and TV contract, expect big changes ahead for the WGA's ailing Health Plan, which faces insolvency in three years at the current rates of income and expenditures. To save the plan, which has run deficits in all but one of the past four years, negotiators will either have to agree to increase employer contributions, cut benefits, or raise the amount of money writers must earn to qualify – or some combination of all three… Read


WGA Contract Talks Start Monday: Will Strike Threat Force Script Speed-ups – Again?

Negotiations for a new WGA film and TV contract get underway Monday, and if the two sides fail to reach an agreement in a couple of weeks, expect a rush to get film scripts completed in anticipation of a strike come May 1, when the union’s current contract expires. That's what happened 10 years ago before the WGA launched a strike over new media that lasted 100 days. And despite the walkout, which shortened the 2007 writing season by nearly two months, "Earnings reported… Read


Off-Broadway Designers Agree On First-Ever Contract

The Off-Broadway League and United Scenic Artists, IATSE Local USA 829, have agreed to terms on an inaugural contract covering off-Broadway designers. If ratified by members, the three-year deal will go into effect in July. More than 4,300 members comprise Local USA 829, made up of artists and designers working in film, theater, opera, ballet, TV, industrial shows, commercials and exhibitions. Costume designer Colleen Atwood, a Local USA 829 member, won the Oscar this… Read