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Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Scandal’ Marks First Time Show Ended Because World Jumped The Shark

UPDATED with more video: Scandal premiered in 2012, “back when the idea that a president would need a crisis manager seemed fantastic,” obsessed Scandal fan Jimmy Kimmel said at the top of his late-night show that followed the series finale. CAUTION: Spoiler Alert ahead. “That is obviously not the case any more. Trump getting elected while you’re writing a fictional show about the White House really isn’t fair,” Kimmel said. “It’s like what would happen to Game of Thrones… Read


‘Scandal’ Family of Actors, Writers, Producers React To Series Finale

After seven years of intrigue, Scandal bid farewell this evening. It debuted on ABC on April 5, 2012 as a Shonda Rhimes-created political thriller, with Kerry Washington starring as Olivia Pope, the head of a crisis management firm. Needless to say, the show title reflects that the firm was plenty busy. Tonight’s show was memorialized online by the team that made it one of the most popular on TV.  Here are some of the comments already posted: Fun fact: I started… Read


‘Star Wars Rebels’ Series Finale Trailer: Final 6 Episodes To Roll Out Over 3 Weeks On Disney XD

These are not the final episodes you’re looking for — wait, yes they are. Disney XD said today that the series finale of Lucasfilm Animation’s Star Wars Rebels will roll out over three consecutive Mondays. The beginning of the end launches at 9 PM ET on February 19. The cable net also released a trailer for the final countdown (watch it above). It shows Emperor Palpatine making his Rebels debut, voiced by Ian McDermid, who played the character in The Empire Strikes Back, R… Read


Fall Finale: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ Bids Farewell To Another Hero

Legends Of Tomorrow CW Crossover

SPOILER ALERT: This story includes details about last night’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow lost another superhero last night. Tuesday’s fall finale of the CW series featured the farewell of star Franz Drameh’s Jefferson “Jax” Jackson. Drameh’s departure follows the death of Victor Garber’s Martin Stein, who played the other half of Jax’s Firestorm. In last night’s episode, a grieving Jax attempted to warn a past version of Stein about his… Read


‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fall Finale Cliffhanger: Hacked Computers, Surprise Returns & One Very Sick Kid

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains details of tonight's fall season finale of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy The sound of a hospital getting hacked is the cacophony of flatliners, beeps and buzzes, and tonight’s winter finale of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy was loaded with it all, leading to a cliffhanger that had the life of an adorably precocious sick kid hanging in the balance. Written by William Harper, directed by cast member Kevin McKidd and titled “Out of Nowhere,” the last… Read


‘The Blacklist’ Writes Out Major Character In Fall Finale (SPOILERS)

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details about tonight’s fall finale of The Blacklist. Halfway through its fifth season, NBC’s The Blacklist said goodbye to an original character tonight. The series’ fall finale saw Tom Keen, the schoolteacher with a double life played since the pilot by Ryan Eggold, met his fate at the hands of a fellow Blacklister. In the episode titled “Ian Garvey: #13,” the eponymous character has Tom tied up when the latter’s wife Liz (Megan Boone)… Read


‘Pretty Little Liars’: Creator I. Marlene King Talks Finale Mysteries, Reunions & Alternate Endings

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details of last night's series finale of Freeform's Pretty Little Liars. By now, everyone who’s paid attention to Pretty Little Liars knows the big ugly truth: The evil twin did it. (And if you’re holding out and don’t want to know whose evil twin, stop reading here.) But were there other possible solutions or alternate endings considered to cap the seasons-long mystery solved in last night’s Season 7 (and series) finale? Was the… Read


‘The Leftovers’ Creators Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta On Their Story Of Survivors

In the making of HBO's The Leftovers—which recently wrapped its third and final season—there wasn't a detail that wasn't scrutinized by creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta. Wrestling with and exploring every facet of issues including mystery, faith and loss, along with every possible permutation of how their story, with its high-concept roots, could transpire, the pair arrived at an end that was emotionally satisfying, answering a number of questions while leaving… Read


‘The Leftovers’ Star Scott Glenn & Director Mimi Leder On Their Exposure To “The Oldest Culture On Planet Earth”

Several weeks ago—as the series finale of HBO’s The Leftovers was about to air on the East Coast—director and executive producer Mimi Leder and star Scott Glenn were feeling nostalgic. Sitting together and reflecting back on the series an hour before a series finale event presented by Deadline, neither Glenn nor Leder could stop complimenting the other. Directing the Season 3 premiere and finale, Leder also directed the third episode of the season, “Crazy Whitefella… Read


‘The Leftovers’ Series Finale Available On YouTube For One Week

More than two weeks after the third and final season of HBO’s The Leftovers wrapped, the premium cabler has made the final episode available on YouTube for one week only. Titled “The Book of Nora”, HBO describes the finale as “Nothing is answered. Everything is answered. And then it ends.” Created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers cast included Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, Amy Brenneman, Kevin Carroll, Christopher Eccleston, Scott Glenn, Lindsay Duncan… Read


‘The Leftovers’ Creator Damon Lindelof Talks Trump & Creative Risk Taking At Series’ Swan Song Panel

“You’re 1 for 2,” Jimmy Kimmel joked Sunday night, sitting alongside The Leftovers and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof at the Paramount Theater. Following a screening of the Leftovers series finale in front of a packed house, the series’ creative team and stars joined Kimmel for a celebratory, irreverent conversation reflecting on a series that grew its fan base over the course of its run. Along with Lindelof, panelists included series co-creator Tom Perrotta, stars Justin… Read


‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Finale: Creators Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz Talk Cast, Happy Endings & Season 7

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight's Season 6 finale of Once Upon a Time The Enchanted Forest isn’t the only place undergoing great upheaval. ABC’s Once Upon a Time tonight ended both its season and a massive chunk of its ongoing storyline, setting up next year’s Season 7 without many of the cast and characters that have been with the show since, well, once upon a time. Deadline spoke with show creators/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowi… Read