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‘American Sniper’ And ‘Fifty Shades’ Drive Increase In Average Q1 Ticket Outlays


The two R-rated films were important in lifting the average ticket outlay in Q1 to $8.12, up 2% vs the same period in 2014, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners. Average ticket outlays are usually higher in a quarter when you see a lot of grown-ups paying full freight; kids films are popular in discounted matinees. American Sniper and Fifty Shades Of Grey also did well at Imax and other large-screen venues, which charge premium prices. Remember that the… Read

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How ‘Ex Machina’ Seduced Crowds And Is Poised To Be Summer’s Sleeper Hit

Ex Machina A Specialized Hit At The Box Office

Amid the bang boom of Furious 7 dominating the box office again in its fourth frame with a $320.5M domestic gross, a cult film was percolating on the charts: A24’s sci-fi drama Ex Machina. The film posted the distrib’s best weekend ever with $5.44M at 1,255 playdates, beating the wide weekend expansion of its 2013 release Spring Breakers ($4.9M). Fans around the web are already heralding the movie as Blade Runner meets Social Network. Ex Machina follows programmer Caleb… Read

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“Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck’ Rocks Specialty Box Office

Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck poster

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck raised some box-office hell this weekend and appears headed to 2015’s biggest non-fiction debut, even with only partial numbers available this morning and an HBO debut coming in about a week. On the dual-platform side, Adult Beginners acted like a VOD veteran, racking up $211,000 there, nearly five times as much revenue as in its theatrical day-and-date debut for RADiUS. Adult Beginners – starring Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne and Bobby Canavale… Read


Stars, Dinosaurs, Minions, Stuffed Bears, Fast Cars And Whips Highlight Universal’s Pitch To Exhibitors – CinemaCon


Vin Diesel, Chris Pratt, Seth MacFarland, Amy Schumer, Ice Cube, Dre and Elizabeth Banks brought some much needed star power to CinemaCon this afternoon as Universal brought up the rear with the last of the studio presentations for this year’s exhibitor confab at the Colosseum Theatre at Caesars Palace.  From Diesel’s highly emotional “from the heart” and not prompter thank you to theatre owners for the unprecedented success of Furious 7  and his surprise announcement of… Read


Fox Gives Exhibitors First Looks At New Films From Alejandro Inarritu, David O. Russell And Ridley Scott – CinemaCon

20th century Fox

It was a day of revelation for 20th Century Fox as they unlocked the vault and let loose lots of unseen footage from some very big names. And yes, I am also talking about you too, Charlie Brown. The studio, basking in the glow still of their banner 2014,  got their 2015 CinemaCon off to a roaring start earlier in the week when they had a raucous screening Tuesday of the June 5th comedy, Spy, getting lots of buzz that continued right up to this morning’s presentation of… Read


Alamo Drafthouse Gets ‘Area 51,’ ‘Drunk Wedding'; Ricki Lake-Backed Docu Goes To Bond/360 – Film Roundup

Paramount Insurge logo

Two Paramount Insurge films, Area 51 and Drunk Wedding, will get exclusive one-weekend runs at 16 Alamo Drafthouse theaters around the country in May alongside day-and-date releases on VOD and digital platforms. Area 51, a found-footage horror film, debuts May 15. It was co-written and directed by Oren Peli, and stars Reid Warner, Jamel King, Ben Rovner and Jelena Nik. Producers are microbudget horror meister Jason Blum and Steve Schneider. Drunk Wedding will run… Read


Sony Touts ‘Serious Momentum’ And A Pep Talk From Tom Rothman – CinemaCon


Sony Pictures distribution chief Rory Bruer began his studio’s slate presentation at CinemaCon late yesterday afternoon addressing the 800 pound gorilla in the room. “There were a few stories written about Sony last year, ” he said to much nervous laughter. It would be the only reference to the Sony hacking debacle in the one hour and fifteen minute show — until Bruer brought out a “surprise guest” at the end (HINT:  he just replaced Amy Pascal). Other than that you would… Read


Fox Chairman Jim Gianopulos Named Pioneer Of The Year – CinemaCon

CinemaCon 2015 - 2015 Will Rogers "Pioneer Of The Year" Dinner Honoring Jim Gianopulos

At the annual Pioneer Of The Year award dinner held each year during the CinemaCon convention, this year honoring 20th Century Fox Chairman Jim Gianopulos,  it was quite the Fox family affair as the President of the Board Of Directors of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers  Foundation is also a Fox employee. Distribution President Chris Aronson announced this dinner had raised $1.4 million for their charitable work in helping those in need in the industry.  And… Read


Clint Eastwood Feted, Says He Is NOT Doing The Richard Jewell Movie And Has Choice Words For Michael Moore – CinemaCon

CinemaCon 2015 - CinemaCon And Warner Bros. Pictures Present "The Legend Of Cinema Luncheon: A Salute To Clint Eastwood"

Clint Eastwood made it official today at CinemaCon. He confirmed he won’t be doing the film on Richard Jewell starring Jonah Hill for Fox that was said to be his follow up project to American Sniper. He indicated there were discussions but it isn’t happening for him. When Deadline’s Mike Fleming originally broke an exclusive March 31 about these discussions he correctly warned it could be complicated particularly since Eastwood has been loyal to Warner Bros for so… Read


DIsney Loves All Its Brands, But Pixar Steals Show With ‘Inside Out’ Debut – CinemaCon

Image (2) The-Walt-Disney-Studios-Logo__130920025157.jpg for post 597338

Perhaps better than any studio out there, Walt Disney Studios knows how to put on a show. But at its lean-and-screen CinemaCon presentation this morning, there were no star appearances, no flashy Vegas pizazz, not even a studio head taking a turn at the podium. The only “suit” on hand was Walt Disney Studios EVP Theatrical Distribution Dave Hollis, who wasted little time in getting to his key pitch to theater owners: the first screening of Pixar’s anxiously awaited new… Read


Warner Bros Dazzles Exhibitors With A Corporate Jet Load Of Stars, A Hefty Slate, And Lots Of New Footage – CinemaCon


As they always seem to have done in all the years I have been coming to these exhibitor gatherings, for five years as CinemaCon and before that Showest, Warner Bros puts on a great show for exhibitors who clearly enjoy the star treatment. The studio seemed to bring out as many of them who could fit on the corporate jet. Mostly in groups they strutted out on the Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace to briefly promote their upcoming film and introduce a clip. Reese Witherspoon… Read


Imax CEO Richard Gelfond On Large-Format Future: ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’, Rivals, TV Shows & Adult Fare – CinemaCon

Richard Gelfond

EXCLUSIVE: In 1994, Richard Gelfond didn’t know that much about the movie business.  He was an investment banker, a lawyer and an entrepreneur and together with his business partner Brad Wechsler, snapped up Imax, a nice purveyor of nature and science documentaries. When it came to expanding to more blockbuster fare, there was a bit of catch 22: Studios wouldn’t shoot movies in Imax unless there were more commercial theaters and exhibs wouldn’t build more theaters unless… Read