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Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: How ‘The Voice’ Thrives Even After ‘American Idol’s’ Demise

The Voice

Warner Horizon Television’s reliable juggernaut The Voice is one of the few reality competition shows that has managed to stand up to Emmy’s perennial winner The Amazing Race. It has actually snatched the statuette twice — something no show other than Race has managed since the inception of the category. And as a consistent top 10 show, it is still standing even after the Godfather of the singing competition genre, American Idol, has gone off the air. As part of Warner… Read


Bob Odenkirk & Jonathan Banks Reflect On ‘Better Call Saul’: “I Had No Status I Could Lose”

Bob Odenkirk - Jonathan Banks - 1 - Better Call Saul

It could so easily have gone drastically wrong, and for a minute it felt like it might. When Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould announced they were looking to spin Breaking Bad's zany lawyer Saul Goodman off into his own half-hour sitcom, none of the precedent set by Bad could settle fan fears that it was a big mistake. How could one of the most highly acclaimed crime dramas in television history spawn a law procedural sitcom without fracturing memories of the serious… Read


‘Empire’ Executive Producer Sanaa Hamri: “We’re No Longer Scared Telling The Real Truth”

Sanaa Hamri

An executive producer and director on Fox's record-breaking series Empire, responsible for executing the show's musical moments, music biz vet Sanaa Hamri continues to innovate and pave the way for the family drama's success. The show's Season 1 soundtrack grabbed a Grammy nomination last year, and in Season 2, Hamri has facilitated the presence of even more music per episode, all the while incorporating live instrumentation into the mix. In signing on to the series… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: ‘You Me Her’ Roars Into TV’s New Sexual Frontier

You Me Her

AT&T’s new Audience Network is trying to make its mark on the Emmy  race this season with a couple of new series including the provocative comedy, You Me Her  which was part of their showcase at Deadline’s first-ever Contenders Emmys all day event at the DGA theatre last month where awards hopefuls got to strut their stuff in front of a packed audience of TV Academy and key guild members.  Joining me for a conversation about You Me Her was its creator/writer John Scott She… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ EPs Talk How Amazon Alt-History Series Reflects “Our World”

Man In The High Castle The Contenders

"It was a call from Morgan Wandell, who had worked with Frank Spotnitz before, asked him if there was any passion project that he'd been dying to do," revealed The Man In The High Castle EP David Zucker on how The X-Files alum developed series based on Philip K. Dick's 1962 alternative history novel came to fruition at Amazon. "Frank offered this one up, Morgan read it and we were shooting less than a year later." Scott Free Productions' Zucker was joined onstage at a… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: Bryan Cranston & Anthony Mackie Talk LBJ, MLK Jr & HBO’s ‘All The Way’

All The Way HBO

LBJ in the form of Bryan Cranston came ‘all the way’ to Deadline’s all day first-ever Contenders Emmys event at the DGA Theatre last month. Kicking off the day were director Jay Roach, actor Anthony Mackie who plays Martin Luther King Jr, and Bryan Cranston recreating his Tony Award-winning role of President Lyndon Johnson in HBO’s TV movie version of the Broadway play, All The Way. The film just premiered over the weekend on HBO to sterling reviews. At the Contenders… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: How Steve Harvey Turned ‘Little Big Shots’ Into A No. 1 First-Season Hit

Little Big Shots

Almost right out of the box, Warner Horizon Television came up with a smash hit No. 1-rated show with the simplest of ideas: Let Steve Harvey talk to kids and then watch them perform their unique talents. That’s just part of what went down during Deadline’s all-day The Contenders Emmys event last month, when Warners presented three of their top reality shows all overseen by Mike Darnell, who since 2013 has been President of Warner Bros Unscripted and Alternative… Read


Rashida Jones On ‘Angie Tribeca’: “Every Scene Is Highly Choreographed”

Rashida Jones

For a physical TV comedy loaded with gags, one in particular sticks out for Angie Tribeca star Rashida Jones, during the episode The Wedding Planner Did It: Tribeca turns to a surgeon, played by Adam Scott, and says, "While I have you here doctor, I'd love you to check out this mole." The surgeon responds, "That's a suspicious mole, you should have it looked at." And there's Jones with an animal trainer between her legs, wrestling a live mole to her face while it poops on… Read


Ellen Burstyn On ‘House Of Cards’ And The Presidential Race: “I’m Just Stunned”

Ellen Burstyn

Ellen Burstyn is mad as hell, and she's not going to take it anymore. "I've never seen anything like it in my life," she exclaims, her warm voice rising an octave or two as she does. She chuckles at a thought. "And I've had a very long life." Of course with Burstyn, as with so many others this year, the frustration has surfaced through watching the race for the Republican nomination, in which Donald Trump became the candidate on a platform that included rhetoric about… Read


America Ferrera On Diversity In Film & TV: Guest Column


It only occurred to me in retrospect, but when I signed on to play Amy in Justin Spitzer's Superstore, it was the first part I'd ever been offered that hadn't been written as Latina. I never think of myself as a Latino person; I'm simply a person. And as an actor, I feel capable of inhabiting all kinds of roles and telling all kinds of stories. When I read scripts, I can imagine playing many different kinds of roles. And when this script came to me, they'd already begun… Read


Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: ‘Power’ Creator On Starz & “Higher Stakes” For 50 Cent EP’d Series

Power The Contenders

"When I got to Starz, there was very much this feeling like 'go slower, be in The Sopranos model, be in the Six Feet Under model'" says Power creator Courtney A Kemp on the early days of the premium cabler drama "I was like faster, it has to be faster. It has to have more impact, higher stakes," adds the former The Good Wife producer of the sensibility she wanted her nimble NYC-based series to have. "I like to flirt with melodrama," Kemp also told a full house at the DGA… Read


‘The Night Manager’ Updates John Le Carré & Revitalizes The Spy Drama – Awardsline

The Night Manager Cover

With a great nimbleness, The Night Manager makes change look very good. "The center of the novel is arms dealing. It was happening in the early 90s, and of course it's happening now," reflects Tom Hiddleston on the updating of John le Carré's 1993 novel for event television. Personified by leads Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, the Susanne Bier-directed miniseries stands on the giant shoulders of le Carré's prose, deftly transposing the action from the dank end of the Cold War… Read