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Warner Bros. Stage 13 Sets Debut Dates For Three Streaming Series

Warner Bros. Digital Networks will kick off its Stage 13 digital content brand on Thursday with the launch of Independent, an unscripted series that follows the careers of four hip-hop artists. The service will stream for free via YouTube, Facebook and at, with monthly series premieres planned. It will also be available on Verizon’s mobile go90. To date, Stage 13 has produced 11 series. The service also announced debut dates for its other two planned… Read


Four Major Studios Join U.S. Launch Of Disney’s Movies Anywhere Digital Service

After pursuing a solo quest for a digital movie download alternative to the movie industry consortium-backed UltraViolet, Disney has been joined by four other major studios — Fox, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros — in launching the Movies Anywhere service in the U.S. today. While the service — which is wholly separate from Disney’s planned OTT streaming services — is owned by Disney, it has an advisory committee with representatives of the other studios. Paramount and… Read


Facebook And Instagram Go Dark Across North America And Europe


Talk about inopportune timing. At the same moment the company faces intense scrutiny from government officials and regulators over its role in spreading false news reports and enabling attacks on the electoral system, Facebook and its Instagram subsidiary are suffering widespread outages today. The details are still emerging, but since just after 11 AM ET, portions of the U.S. (in particular, the East and West Coasts) and Europe have seen the social platforms go dark. The… Read


AOL Instant Messenger Will Log Off For Good On Dec. 15

AOL Instant Messenger, the chat feature introduced by the then-dial-up ISP in the mid-1990s, is set to end its once-pioneering run on Dec. 15. Verizon acquired AOL for $4.4 billion in 2015. Its Oath media subsidiary now oversees AOL it and confirmed the move, saying the service “will always have a special place in our hearts.” The unwinding of AIM follows similar fade-outs for messenger apps from once-mighty internet gateways Yahoo and MSN. With the ubiquity of unlimited… Read


The New Yorker And Qualcomm Team For Short Films Based On Magazine’s Covers

The New Yorker‘s iconic covers are getting the cinematic treatment thanks to a new partnership between Qualcomm and the Condé Nast magazine. Three short films, all on the subject of smartphones and wireless connectivity in culture and society, will debut today as the New Yorker Festival gets under way. The shorts will be posted on YouTube and promoted on the magazine’s website and social channels in coming weeks. (See below for full video.) Each film is based on a… Read


Hollywood In Pixels Honors Universal Pictures EVP Doug Neil For Digital Campaigns

The Hollywood in Pixels organization tonight honored Doug Neil, EVP Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures, for outstanding digital campaigns in several movie franchises, including Fast & Furious, Despicable Me and Pitch Perfect. The event was held at Facebook’s Los Angeles office and brought together more than 275 of digital Hollywood’s leaders, including marketing executives, heads of digital entertainment creative agencies, digital platforms and media. Neil has… Read


Titan Platform Launches ‘Beyond OTT’ Set-Top Device In U.S. And Asia

Titan Platform, a 5-year-old Korea-based company, is entering the crowded U.S. streaming video market today with what it calls a “beyond-OTT” set-top device, which will also be available in China, Singapore and South Korea. Essentially a souped-up version of streaming boxes and dongles offered by Roku, Apple, Google and Amazon, the Titan Core is designed to combine video viewing with smart-home controls (climate control, security, appliances, etc.), enhanced encryption… Read


Yahoo Triples Estimate Of Hacked 2013 Accounts To All Of Its 3 Billion Users

Russians indicted in Yahoo hack

The 2013 cyberattack on Yahoo was bad enough at the time, with the company saying that one-third of its users were affected. The result, as with the mounting number of such incidents: a flurry of panicked users changing passwords, complaining to authorities and regulators or ditching the service altogether. Today the company, now controlled by Verizon, admitted that the breach actually was three times as severe. Based on an investigation, it tripled the original estimate… Read


Chernin Group Forms The Action Network, A Sports Analysis/Media Company

Sensing an opportunity in what it calls an “underserved” sports wagering and fantasy marketplace worth upwards of $170 billion overall, the Chernin Group has formed a sports analysis and media company called The Action Network. The network encompasses the separate units Sports Insights, FantasyLabs and SportsAction. Chad Millman, a 16-year ESPN veteran who held several top editorial and content posts there, including editor in chief of ESPN The Magazine will be Action’s… Read


Andrew House, Who Restored PlayStation’s Mojo, Leaving Sony After 27 Years

Andrew House, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment who put the PlayStation gaming console back on a winning track, is leaving the company after a 27-year run. According to a press release, House’s No. 2, John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera, has been named his successor. House will segue out of managing SIE, but will stay on as chairman through the end of 2017 in order to ensure a smooth transition. House started in the corporate communications department at Sony in 1990. In… Read


Roku Shares Soar 68% In IPO As Investors Buy Streaming Startup’s Growth Story

Shares in Roku soared 68% in their first day of trading, closing at $23.50 and boosting the streaming company’s market capitalization to $369 million. On Wednesday night, Roku priced its IPO at the top of the range it had originally specified, $12 to $14 per share, aiming to generate more than $200 million with the offering. By the opening bell, pre-session demand had nudged the stock to $15.76. Roku was founded in 2002 and has long been admired by even staunch rivals for… Read


Nielsen Acquires Multi-Touch Attribution Ad Specialist Visual IQ

Nielsen said it has acquired Visual IQ, a specialist in the “multi-touch attribution” (MTA) advertising model, which has increasing appeal to brands looking to track impressions across multiplying screens. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Nielsen said it will acquire Visual IQ’s MTA software platform, as well as the underpinning data, technology and intellectual property. The acquisition is expected to close in October. Visual IQ’s assets fit with Nielsen's push… Read