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‘The Martian’ Review: Matt Damon Proves There Is Life On Mars In This Sci-Fi Gem


It might be just a coincidence, but the announcement this week that water has been discovered on Mars sounds too good not to be a publicity stunt by 20th Century Fox for its new sci-fi film, The Martian. The film is about an abandoned astronaut who has to find ways to grow life on the Red Planet in order to survive. But water or not, The Martian actually presents a credible premise that conceivably could be true eventually. That’s thanks to not only the stylish direction… Read


‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Review: AMC Blockbuster Gets Jolt Of New Life

Walking Dead Season 6

The biggest show on television is back, and for its sixth season The Walking Dead has, as my video review above says, decided to go large and stay home. Debuting on October 11 on AMC, the latest installment of the zombie apocalypse finds Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and other survivors firmly in command of the Alexandria Safe Zone and its residents after the bloody ending of last season. But all is not well in the suburban oasis, and those threats, both external and… Read


‘Homeland’ Season 5 Review: Showtime Spy Series Aging With Vigor & Grace

Homeland Season 5

Playing out almost in real time with actual events in the Middle East and Europe, Homeland returns for its fifth season on October 4. The Showtime series is showing signs of age, but as my video review above says, only in the best way as it matures with vigor and grace. In fact, with the exception of the remarkable first season, this might be my favorite season of Homeland yet. Having left the CIA after the disasters and drones of last season, Claire Danes' Carrie… Read


‘The Walk’ Review: Robert Zemeckis Renews Your Faith In The Wonder Of Movies


It is a pure tribute to the filmmaking skills of Robert Zemeckis that The Walk works as well as it does.  And boy, does it ever work. Considering that the story of French tightrope artist Philippe Petit’s daring 1974 walk on wire between the two then-not-quite-finished twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center has not only been documented in Petit’s own bestselling book but also in James Marsh’s Oscar-winning documentary Man On Wire, it is remarkable the level of… Read


‘Grandfathered’ & ‘The Grinder’ Reviews: John Stamos & Rob Lowe Comedies Much More Than Nostalgia


In a new season pockmarked by often unflattering imitation so far, Fox has managed to make something new and fresh out of something relatively old. Fronted by 1980s icons John Stamos and Rob Lowe, comedies Grandfathered and The Grinder are, as my video review above says, laugh-out-loud funny — which is exactly what you want from a network sitcom in 1987 or in 2015. Set to debut tomorrow at 8 PM and 8:30 PM, respectively, both of these shows are about men who are… Read


‘Blood & Oil’ Review: Don Johnson-Led ABC Soap Doesn’t Drill Very Deep

Blood & Oil

Although the former Miami Vice star has shown up on HBO's Eastbound & Down and El Rey's From Dusk Till Dawn, it's been far too long since we've seen Don Johnson regularly on primetime Big 4 TV. Now the Emmy nominee is back as self-made ruthless oil baron Hap Briggs in Blood & Oil, which debuts at 9 PM on September 27 on what is looking like a risky night for ABC. As my video review above says, the nighttime soap about the boomtowns of North Dakota's fracking fields is a… Read


‘Quantico’ Review: Priyanka Chopra Can’t Solve Staid FBI Drama’s Quagmire

Quantico 1

In her deal with ABC, Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra had the choice to either join an existing show on the network or a new project. Her ultimate decision was to join the FBI, at least fictionally in the Joshua Safran-created Quantico. As my video review above says, the September 27 debuting drama was not the most inspired choice. The fact is from its terror plot narrative, flashbacks, and even soundtrack, the relentlessly promoted Quantico is completely… Read


‘Empire’ Season 2 Review: Terrence Howard & Taraji P. Henson Take No Prisoners In Blockbuster’s Return

Empire Season 2

Forget all the hype, rumors and everything else you've heard about Season 2 of the biggest show on the Big 4 – here's the real Empire deal. Debuting on September 23 at 9PM, the series led by Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson returns for an 18-episode season with equal parts glamour and grit and full-on force. As my video review above says, Empire is back badder and ballsier in all the best ways – and if you were among the millions who watched the Fox blockbuster… Read


‘The Player’ Review: Wesley Snipes Grips A Winning Hand In NBC Drama

The Player

If you like The Blacklist, you're going to want to cash in with The Player. As my video review above says, the September 24-debuting drama is an action-rich and fun addition to NBC's schedule – straight, no chaser. Plus The Player has the added benefit of the well-honed skills and sheer star muscle of Wesley Snipes – which lifts the drama to a much more interesting place than you'd first expect. Now, truth be told, the Las Vegas-set show from John Rogers is far from the… Read


‘Heroes Reborn’ Review: NBC’s Event Series Stuck On The Relaunch Pad

Heroes: Reborn - Season 1

There's a massive explosion at the beginning of NBC’s Heroes Reborn, but unfortunately the fireworks don't carry over to the rest of the limited-series revival from creator Tim Kring. As I say in my video review above, part of the potential stall for fans of the 2006-10 superhero series is that Heroes Reborn lacks the pace to keep up in 2015 with the likes of Arrow, The Flash, Penny Dreadful, Netflix’s Daredevil and Sense8 and the soon-to-take-flight Supergirl on CBS… Read


‘The Intern’ Review: Robert De Niro And Anne Hathaway Shine In A Comedy That Never Gets Old

The Intern

Funny, smart, warm, wise and completely winning comedies actually aimed at grown-ups don’t come around often from the major studios these days, but thank God for Nancy Meyers, the writer/director/producer of The Internwho works within the system and consistently comes up with a winning formula in this genre. As I say in my video review (click the link above), the creative force behind such later-in-life romantic comedies like Something’s Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and… Read


‘Sicario’ Review: Blunt, Brolin And Benicio Power Exceptional Drug Cartel Thriller


From its explosive premiere at the Cannes Film Festival to another smash North American launch last weekend at Toronto, director Denis Villeneuve’s new thriller Sicario is simply sensational stuff. It should be no surprise, since this director has previously wowed us with the Oscar nominated Foreign Language Film Incendies, as well as another intensely brooding thriller Prisoners a couple of years ago. But in addition to being exceptionally well made, Sicario, as I say in… Read