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‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Review: Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright Swagger Back

Back for its fifth season on May 30, House of Cards has re-discovered its swagger in a new political era that makes the ruthless Frank and Claire Underwood look pretty great, reasonable and ever appealing as the Netflix series goes for the full soap opera, as I say in my video review above. No spoilers, but while the ever watchable Kevin Spacey is still going for the full LBJ, Bill Clinton and Nino Brown cocktail and Robin Wright never lets you look away, the now Frank… Read


‘Kingdom’ & ‘Bloodline’ Final Seasons Review: Strong Shows Go Out Swinging

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, let's call it a tale of two series coming to a close, with the third and final season of Bloodline launching on Netflix late tonight, and the third and final season of Kingdom debuting on AT&T's Audience on May 31. And, let’s be clear, you should make sure both get a proper sendoff. Although the former has been planned for a while and the latter saw the plug pulled suddenly only last month, the respective conclusions of both the Florida-set… Read


‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Review: Johnny Depp And A Couple Of Oscar Winners Help Keep This Fun Ride Afloat

Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

After grossing $3.7 billion worldwide over the cinematic voyage of four previous films that came about simply because of a Disneyland ride, you can probably assume the fifth installment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise might just want to coast along and not shake up the formula for success. And as I say in my video review above, while Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are following that mantra, they surprisingly have still come up with what I think is the… Read


‘War Machine’ Review: Brad Pitt’s Military Satire For Netflix Lacks Firepower

With President Donald Trump traveling in the Middle East and talking his hopes for peace, Netflix couldn't have strategized a better time to debut its Brad Pitt-starring military satire War Machine. Unfortunately, despite a few good swings from Pitt, the May 26-launching film from director David Michôd is a mind-numbing misfire. As we did back in March for a review of Netflix's docuseries Five Came Back, my colleague and TV Talk podcast partner Pete Hammond and I have… Read


‘Twin Peaks’ Review: WTF Was That?

Twin Peaks

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight's Twin Peaks debut on Showtime After all the hype, anticipation and secrecy, Twin Peaks is finally back. But WTF was that premiere that just aired on Showtime all about? With Kyle MacLachlan back as FBI Agent Dale Cooper and more, the first two parts of David Lynch and Mark Frost's new 18-part installment was weird, sometimes intentionally tedious, and amazing at the same time – and something you have to watch. As I… Read


‘Wakefield’ Review: Bryan Cranston Is Brilliant As A Man Descending Into Madness

Wakefield, which premiered at last fall’s Telluride and Toronto festivals, gives Bryan Cranston what can only be characterized as a remarkable tour de force role. He plays Howard Wakefield, a seemingly successful man with the perfect career and family life who suddenly just drops out one day. However, in writer-director Robin Swicord’s riveting and insightful adaptation of E.L. Doctorow’s 2012 short story, this man does not go far after mysteriously going missing from his… Read


‘Alien: Covenant’ Review: It’s Fassbender Vs Fassbender In Ridley Scott’s Creepy ‘Prometheus’ Follow-Up

Alien Covenant

It is not always easy to make waves with a new horror film since the genre is so over-saturated, and it feels like we have seen every variation. But in 1979, Ridley Scott managed it with the release of Alien, his brooding and terrifying sci-fi horror flick that even 38 years later can still send chills down the spine of just about anyone. It spawned of course numerous sequels including James Cameron’s Aliens, which actually managed to top the original in thrills. Then… Read


‘The Wall’ Review: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Delivers Tour De Force Performance In Tight Iraq War Thriller

Largely alone onscreen for most of the 81-minute running time of the tight new psychological thriller The Wall, Aaron Taylor-Johnson dominates this engrossing and challenging work that grown-up audiences just might want to choose over King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Snatched this weekend. As I say in my video review (click the link above to watch), director Doug Liman — who helmed such big action pictures as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow… Read


‘Anne With An E’ Review: Netflix’s Dark ‘Green Gables’ Adaptation Full Of New Life

Anne With An E Netflix

Without watching Netflix’s May 12-launching Anne With An E, some might say it is near sacrilege to have a new version of the classic Anne Of Green Gables tale. They could say that on Canada’s 150th anniversary, no small-screen version of L.M. Montgomery's much-adapted 1908 novel could hope reach the heights of the Megan Follows-starring 1985 miniseries and one of the Great White North’s most famous works of literature. Well, as good as that Kevin Sullivan-directed effort… Read


‘Snatched’ Review: Goldie Hawn Is Back And Amy Schumer Is Lucky To Have Her

Snatched Amy Schumer

If nothing else, the raucous, over-the-top new comedy Snatched should be grateful for snatching the irrepressible Goldie Hawn and luring her back to the movies after a 14-year absence. Teamed with the appealing Amy Schumer who is following up her hit debut Trainwreck, Hawn manages to ground this movie and save it time and again from its own worst comedic instincts. In lesser hands Snatched would not be worth writing about, but with Schumer and especially Hawn on board it… Read


‘King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword’ Review: Guy Ritchie’s Reinvention Is Definitely Not Your Father’s ‘Camelot’

It has been 50 years since Warner Bros released its adaptation of the Lerner and Loewe musical Camelot. Now the studio is back on the King Arthur bandwagon with a wildly different take on the famous mythical world of the Knights of the Round Table. This new version actually is more like British Punks of the Round Table as director Guy Ritchie creates a brand-new backstory for Arthur in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Since the romantic and gorgeously designed world of C… Read


‘Obit’ Review: Who Knew Obituary Writers Could Be So Fascinating?

As documentaries go, few of them are as outright entertaining to watch as director Vanessa Gould’s fascinating treatment of The New York Times obituary reporters, called, appropriately enough, Obit It’s not hard to believe that no one has ever touched this subject as a feature film before, as on the surface it doesn’t seem that appetizing, but there is a lot of meat on these bones and Gould mines it for all its worth – and then some. Focusing on the often forgotten… Read