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‘My Life As A Zucchini’ Review: Oscar-Nominated Toon Has No End Of Wonders

My Life As A Zucchini Oscars

As this big weekend kicks off, it seems entirely appropriate to be reviewing the last of this year’s Oscar nominees to be released in U.S. theaters. That would be the wondrous Swiss animated feature My Life As A Zucchiniwhich Gkids opens today in both its original French as well as English-language version. It seems like we have been talking about this charmer for months — and we have. As I say in my video review above, the film made its debut as Ma Vie un Courgette in… Read


‘Feud: Bette & Joan’ Review: Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon Kill In H’wood War Story

Feud FX

If you thought there were sharp elbows in the campaigns for this year's Academy Awards, FX's upcoming Feud: Bette And Joan shows how just rough and ruthless things once were in Hollywood. Ryan Murphy's latest anthology series also shows stars Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange at the top of their considerable games in performances that will almost certainly see the two competing at this year's Emmys. Depicting the legendary and acidic rivalry between the pair of two-time… Read


‘When We Rise’ Review: ABC’s Ambitious LGBTQ Rights Miniseries Too Dense

When We Rise ABC

Debuting on February 27 and running for most of next week, ABC's miniseries When We Rise is an ambitious and ultimately too dense effort that seemingly forgot that less is often more. Still, as I also say in my video review above, the fact that a miniseries like this from Oscar-winning Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is on a broadcast network night after night next week is a great thing. Sadly, in some ways, even more so right now in the America of 2017, where safe… Read


‘Logan’ Review: The Marvel Comic Book Movie For People Who Hate Marvel Comic Book Movies

Logan Movie Review

After some nine X-Men movies of various stripes and styles including a couple of previous stand-alone Wolverine films, I had little hope that the best was yet to come. But indeed it has come in the form of Logana smart, exciting, bittersweet kickass of a way to send off the Wolverine movies with a final chapter that works on every level. As I say in my video review above, Hugh Jackman, who made this character the hallmark of his film career, takes this version to a… Read


‘The Good Fight’ Review: Christine Baranski-Led ‘Good Wife’ Spinoff Is Very Good

The Good Fight CBS All Access

It's been more than nine months since The Good Wife came to an end after seven award-winning seasons on CBS. But fear not fans, the drought is over and The Good Fight is almost here. Debuting its pilot February 19 on both CBS and CBS All Access before making permanent port on the streaming service, the Christine Baranski-led spinoff is good TV. The strategic move by the House of Moonves aims to bring exclusivity, more than a little prestige, and new subscribers to its… Read


The Actor’s Side: Watch Pete Hammond’s Interviews With Eight Oscar Nominees

Oscar Actor Interviews Deadline

One of the great pleasures of this awards season has been the establishment of my new Deadline video series The Actor’s Side, in which I get to interview top acting contenders for the Oscars (and yes, we are happy to announce the series will continue during Emmy season, too). Of the 13 episodes we did this movie awards season, eight of those actors went on to receive Oscar nominations. What makes this series special — and lasting — is that it focuses on the craft and… Read


‘A Cure For Wellness’ Review: The Cure For This Overwrought Horror Pic Would Be To Cut About 50 Minutes

A Cure for Wellness review

Gore Verbinski is a talented director who landed in movie jail with his bloated The Lone Ranger for Disney. But he hasn’t fared much better by shifting from Westerns to the horror genre with the intriguingly titled A Cure For Wellnesswhich at 146 minutes takes itself way too seriously while also taking its time. As I say in my video review above, even cutting 40 or 50 minutes and tightening this thing to resemble a B-horror thriller might not have made this confused… Read


Oscar Best Picture Nominees: The Deadline Reviews

Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Whenever you walk into a theater or screening room to review a movie you never know whether you are about to experience a masterpiece or a complete turkey. In the case of Oscar’s nine nominated Best Picture contenders this year — all of which I reviewed on video and in print for Deadline when they were first released — I am happy to say the Academy and I are totally in sync. There is not a dud in the bunch, and in fact six of them landed on my own year-end Ten Best List… Read


‘Big Little Lies’ Review: Nicole Kidman & Reese Witherspoon Strong In HBO Drama

Big Little Lies HBO

Debuting on February 19, HBO's Big Little Lies is a soapy, sometimes satirical, sometimes dark and often uneven ensemble exercise in the exploration of very privileged people’s very real and seething problems. The Jean-Marc Vallée-directed and David E. Kelley-penned adaptation of Liane Moriarty's 2014 bestseller also is an excellent vehicle for the very real and deep talents of Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. While Big Little Lies itself could do with some trimming… Read


‘Patriot’ Review: Amazon’s Shrewd Spy Satire Will Make You Laugh & Cry

Patriot Amazon

In television, like in life, timing can be everything, and Amazon's February 24-launching Patriot is very much of its time. The Michael Dorman-led genre-defining series is also a welcomed return to high-quality unconventionality for the House of Bezos' streaming service. Having just concluded its world premiere today with a couple of episodes at the Berlin Film Festival, Patriot, as I say in my video review above, is a fun and shrewd farce full of surprises throughout… Read


‘Kedi’ Review: Documentary Is Deeper Than A Cat Video & Purrfect Movie Entertainment


The Turkish cat documentary Kedi opened Friday in one New York theater, where it broke records and scored the top per-screen average of any movie in current release. With a 100% perfect (or is that purrfect?) rating at Rotten Tomatoes and what the theater reported as 21 sold-out shows, this little four-legged sleeper about the felines of Istanbul looks to be a breakout hit. It already has scored the best per screen of any documentary released this year or even in 2016… Read


‘A United Kingdom’ Review: True Love Conquers Racial Politics In Touching Story

A United Kingdom Review

On the heels of the interracial marriage story Loving comes A United Kingdomthe true story of another mixed marriage threatened by the political climate. Instead of the 1950s and ’60s Deep South of the landmark Richard and Mildred Loving case, this story takes place in 1947 in London and Botswana (or the British colony that became Botswana). Both films actually had their world premieres at September’s Toronto Film Festival which is where Fox Searchlight picked up Kingdom… Read