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‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Review: Raunchy Netflix Prequel Kicks Ass

Wet Hot American Summer

Some people have nothing but good memories of summer camp — I will never be one of them. However, when it comes to Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp, I have almost nothing but good things to say. Debuting on Netflix on July 31, the eight-episode series is a prequel to the 2001 flick of almost the same name from David Wain and Michael Showalter. Even though it flopped at the time, the Wain-directed film has achieved significant cult status. Flash forward to today… Read


‘Best Of Enemies’ Review: William F. Buckley Jr. & Gore Vidal Invent Shout TV

Best Of Enemies

In 1968, ABC couldn’t seem to get arrested in trying to compete for news viewers with CBS and NBC. So when the time came to cover that year’s Republican and Democratic Presidential conventions, the network came up with the go-for-broke idea of bringing in arch right-wing pundit William F. Buckley Jr. against arch left-wing pundit and author Gore Vidal. Fireworks commenced even beyond the network’s wildest dreams, and it actually scored in the ratings. Oddly enough, those… Read


‘The End Of The Tour’ Review: Jesse Eisenberg & Jason Segel Bring Writers To Cinematic Life

End Of The Tour

One of the breakout hits of the Sundance Film Festival, The End Of The Tour begins hitting theaters Friday, and as I say in my video review (click the link above), it is a literate and rewarding look at something that — on the surface at least — would not seem very cinematic. Based on a bestselling book by Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky, the movie recounts the five-day 1996 interview session Lipsky conducted with acclaimed author David Foster Wallace, whose massive… Read


‘Vacation’ Review: R-Rated Gags Rachet Up Raunch – And Fun – In Franchise Reboot


Time to hit that “holiday road” again with the Griswolds as Warner Bros and New Line Cinema have rebooted the highly successful ’80s comedy franchise Vacation, and as I say in my video review (click the link above) that is a very good thing. The new Vacation is decidedly NOT your father’s version which starred Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo — first in 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation and followed by three theatrical sequels. Now the plot has Rusty, the son in those… Read


‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ Review: Cruise In Control Of Best ‘M:I’ Yet

'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' To Top Weekend B.O.

I thought it would be hard to top Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but this franchise just keeps getting better. The latest edition, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is not just the best movie of the summer, it is the best summer movie of the summer, with its smart script and direction from Christopher McQuarrie, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Usual Suspects who has a long-standing relationship with star Tom Cruise having penned Valkyrie, Edge Of… Read


‘I Am Cait’ Review: Caitlyn Jenner & E! Deserve Gold Medal For Reality Series

I Am Cait

In many ways, Kanye West nails it best when he praises the Olympian with "you’re a celebrity, your daughter is a supermodel, and you’re saying this is who I am.” As my video review of the E! series premiering July 26 says, “this is who I really am” is the heart of Caitlyn Jenner's I Am Cait – and who the former Bruce Jenner is turns out to be a potentially very powerful voice for the LGBT community. Possibly the most important thing that either Jenner or E! ever has done… Read


‘Paper Towns’ Review: No Fault In The New Stars Of The Latest John Green Movie Adaptation

Paper Towns Featured Image 1

The plot may get a little far fetched, but the heart of the latest John Green YA novel film adaptation, Paper Townsis certainly in the right place. After last year’s huge success with Green’s mega best-selling The Fault In Our Stars, it should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox would come running for more of the same. But as I say in my video review (clink the link above), this movie has a different, less emotionally manipulative tone than that tragic teen… Read


‘Pixels’ Review: Pac Man And Donkey Kong Are Back, But Does Anyone Care?

Pixels 2

The thought of an Adam Sandler movie in which he battles video game characters from the 80s didn’t exactly set my heart spinning. But that is exactly what we have in Pixelsand when I say it is at least better than 99% of his recent dreary comedies of the past decade (Jack And Jill, That’s My Boy, Grown Ups 1 and  2, The Cobbler, Blended, etc etc) or so, it may be minor praise but what do you want from an obvious kids’ summer time-waster like this?  If I were 10 years… Read


‘Southpaw’ Review: Jake Gyllenhaal Shows A Raging Heart And Delivers Knockout Performance


At the Weinstein Company’s presentation in Cannes in May, Harvey Weinstein boldly predicted that Jake Gyllenhaal would get a Best Actor Oscar nomination for the company’s boxing picture Southpaw. And he backed it up when he unveiled the film for the first time in a private screening there a few days later. As he indicated then that it would be sweet revenge for the Academy’s inexplicable failure to nominate him for his superb work in last year’s Nightcrawler. He lost 30… Read


Emmy Nominations: Deadline’s Comedy Series Predictions


TV comedy is no laughing matter and even less so when it comes to tomorrow's Emmy nominations announcement. Will Modern Family get a serious step closer to making history? A nomination in the Outstanding Comedy Series category for the show from creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd would put it within striking distance of an unprecedented sixth win. With that in mind, check out our video above to see who we think will be among the nominees on Thursday morning. One… Read


Emmy Nominations: Deadline’s Drama Series Predictions


The nominations for the 67th Emmy Awards will be announced in less than 48 hours, and Hollywood’s guessing game about which names will be read by Uzo Aduba and Cat Deeley at 8:30 AM on July 16 is at fever pitch. Check out the video above to see what we think you'll be hearing on Thursday morning. It's a packed year for the Outstanding Drama Series category with the finale of four-time winner Mad Men and past nominees Downton Abbey and House Of Cards in play. Plus there's… Read


‘Trainwreck’ Review: Amy Schumer Shoots And Scores In Winning Romantic Comedy


Amy Schumer is on a roll. Her TV series is a success, and now — thanks to director and comedy czar Judd Apatow, who also produced with Barry Mendel — she is poised to become a movie star too. As I say in my video review (click the link above), the evidence for that is on display in Trainwrecka smart, funny, edgy and all-knowing romantic comedy about a young career woman whose love life is a bit of a commitment-free disaster. Schumer wrote the script and plays Amy… Read