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‘The Last Man On Earth’ Review: Will Forte Show Funny & Original, Says Dominic Patten


There's more end of the world on Sunday nights with the March 1 debut of Fox’s The Last Man On Earth. Starring SNL alum Will Forte and produced by The Lego Movie team of Phil Lord & Chris Miller, the single-camera comedy is very different from The Walking Dead. And, as a big fan of the AMC blockbuster zombie apocalypse series, I mean that in a good way. As my video review above says, the premise is all in the title as temp Phil Miller finds himself seemingly the sole… Read


‘Secrets & Lies’ Review: Truth Is There’s Not Much There, Says Dominic Patten

Secrets and Lies

The inside track about the 10-episode limited series Secret & Lies is that you've seen it all before. As I say in my video review above, this Ryan Phillippe- and Juliette Lewis-led series about a suburbanite married father of two suspected of killing a young boy is nothing more than a collection of clichés. Based on the Australian series, ABC’s Secret & Lies — from Kapital Entertainment, ABC Studios and Down Under's Hoodlum Entertainment — has its two-hour premiere on… Read


‘Focus’ Review: Pete Hammond On Will Smith’s Sharp Look At Con Artists

Focus Will Smith Margot Robbie

Focus is about a veteran con man played by Will Smith, who runs into a former protege, now femme fatale, played dexterously by Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street), while he’s busy trying to pull a new game. But the questions that keep coming up in this terrific little caper film, as I say in the video review above, are who is playing who, and when. With con artists (and cynics might say with actors too), it’s hard to figure out who’s smitten, who’s playing someone for the… Read


‘House Of Cards’ Review: Dominic Patten Says Season 3 Shows Presidential Timber

Season 3 Netflix

He probably should be in the big house, but instead Francis Underwood is finally in the White House after spending the first two seasons of House Of Cards scheming and dealing to get there. And that’s a good thing. As my video review above says, the third season of Netflix's groundbreaking political drama remains timelier than ever. You can see for yourself when all 13 episodes of the new season become available on Friday. In the meantime, let me tell you that one of the… Read


‘The Odd Couple’ Review: Dominic Patten On A Mess Even Felix Can’t Fix

The Odd Couple Thomas Lennon Matthew Perry

Almost 40 years after the original The Odd Couple series went off the air on ABC, a new Odd Couple debuts at 8:30 tonight on CBS. The show has been gifted with a great slot between The Big Bang Theory and the series finale of Two and a Half Men but that prime scheduling is just about all the Odd Couple 2015 has going for it. Unlike a good wine picked by Felix Unger, the years have not improved the show, as my video review above says. That's not really the fault of the… Read


‘Hamilton’ Review: Jeremy Gerard On The Hip-Hop Founders Musical

Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton has been the most talked-about musical since the rapper-composer-lyricist first performed the show’s title song for the Obamas at a White House gathering six years ago. Miranda, a real rising star on Broadway, is also author of the Tony-winning In The Heights. In his latest work, Manuel tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father best known as the face on the $10 bill and loser to Aaron Burr in a gun duel. Hamilton was much… Read


‘McFarland, USA’ Review: Pete Hammond Says Run Out To Costner’s Latest Sports Film

McFarland USA Kevin Costner

In his latest strong turn in a notable late-career resurgence, Kevin Costner stars in McFarland, USA. Yes, it’s another Costner film about sports (though this is nothing like Bull Durham, Tin Cup or Draft Day). And yes, this is another inspirational sports-minded film based on a true story that can appeal to an entire family. But I say in my video review above, this one is worth running out to the theater to watch. In this case, the story revolves around a family moving… Read


‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Review: Pete Hammond Says Brit Spy Tale Is Outrageous Fun


What the world doesn’t need now is another James Bond spoof. At least that’s what I thought until I saw the enormously fun, action-filled British spy flick Kingsman: The Secret Service. Actually this is probably less a Bond take-off (ala Austin Powers) than a mixed bag of cinematic flavors that include a multitude of 1960s British spy films combined with a little X-Men and a dash of Kick-Ass and maybe even a little My Fair Lady as the plot revolves around a dashing and… Read


‘Bosch’ Review: Dominic Patten On Amazon’s Damn Good Hourlong Cop Drama


Harry Bosch has been haunting the hills and streets of Los Angeles as a character for two decades in Michael Connelly’s hugely successful crime stories. Now Amazon Studios has brought the LAPD detective to the small screen in Bosch, with Titus Welliver in the lead role. This can be a wrenching show, but, as I say in my video review above, it’s a damn good one. The entire 10-episode first season debuts February 13 on Amazon as the online giant’s first hourlong drama… Read


‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Review: Pete Hammond On The Whips And Wit

Fifty Shades of Grey Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson

Easily the most anticipated movie to be released so far in 2015, Fifty Shades Of Grey is finally upon us. So just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have a sado-masochistic love story. Well, maybe not, but it should do wonders for sales of sex toys. And, as I say in my video review above, there’s no question this movie will  be a conversation starter. The book by EL James was one of the biggest bestsellers in years, as were its two sequels. Universal says the movie trailer… Read


‘The Slap’ Review: Dominic Patten On NBC’s Hard-Hitting Drama

The Slap

A show about the fallout from when an adult strikes a child is not your standard network fare, but, as I say in my video review above,NBC and the cast and crew of The Slap deserve credit for truly pushing the primetime boundaries with this  drama about just that topic. Debuting February 12 at 8 PM, the eight-episode miniseries is based on an Australian format and the pilot is directed by Lisa Cholodenko, who recently helmed HBO’s Olive Kitteridge. Part of what makes The Sl… Read


‘The Jinx’ Review: Jeremy Gerard On HBO’s Harrowing Con Man Doc

The Jinx Robert Durst

Robert Durst – you couldn’t make this guy up, as I say in my video review above. Implicated in three deaths, including the still-unsolved disappearance of his medical-student wife Kathleen in 1982, the scion of a Manhattan real estate fortune has done time only once, and that was for shoplifting a sandwich when he had $520 in his pocket and $37,000 in the trunk of his car. Bobby Durst has passed himself off as an elderly deaf-mute woman, among other guises. Filmmaker Andre… Read