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‘Transparent’ TV Review: DeadlineNow (Video)

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Get ready to binge says Deadline's Dominic Patten in his latest TV review. The entire first season of Amazon Studios' new series Transparent began streaming at 6 AM PT today on Amazon Prime. Created by Jill Soloway, the series sees Jeffrey Tambor leading an ensemble cast telling the tale of a modern LA family about to face some big changes and some deep… Read


Violence In Movies: Mike Fleming Jr & Anita Busch Point/Counterpoint – DeadlineNow (Video)


Deadline's Co-Editor in Chief and Film Editor discuss the merits of A Walk Among The Tombstones and The Equalizer. Mike Fleming says watching Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington blow away bad guys is like Christmas morning; Anita Busch is disgusted by the gratuitous violence. Whose side are you on? Related: 'The Equalizer' Review By Pete Hammond… Read


‘Gotham’ Review: DeadlineNow (Video)


DeadlineNow restarts with a mission to deliver content you cannot read on Deadline Hollywood. We've never run a print review; if you've got two minutes and want to know what Pete Hammond, Dominic Patten and others think about the quality and Oscar and Emmy prospects of new films and TV, click the button. The scope will broaden, but we think this is a good beginning.  Read


Deadline @ Toronto: Oscar-Worthy Pics Keep Coming (Video)

2014 Toronto International Film Festival - Day 5

Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond can barely keep up with all the Toronto Film Festival pics setting themselves up for awards-season runs after their gala presentations north of the border. The fest now is kicking off non-world premiere biggies like the Steve Carell starrer Foxcatcher, Wild with Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston's role of a lifetime in Cake. But Pete couldn't resist taking the time to weigh in on the early Oscar… Read


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