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‘The Founder’ Review: Michael Keaton Sizzles In Big Mac Biopic


I am not sure anyone was clamoring for a movie about the creation of McDonalds, but whether we wanted one or not here it is. The good news is The Founder is much better than I thought, giving moviegoers something far more substantial than the fast-food giant at its center. Actually, it is ironic that it is opening the same day as Donald Trump’s is inaugurated as President because the movie, at its core, is a perfect window into a kind of Trumpian universe. The story… Read


‘Riverdale’ Review: CW’s Soapy ‘Archie’ Series Is Young-Adult Awesome


Showtime's Twin Peaks won't debut until May 21, but if you are looking for a taste of the soapy, small-town weird and delightful while waiting for David Lynch and the gang, a stop in Riverdale will be pretty yummy. Premiering on January 26 on the CW, Riverdale is a contemporized, sexier, smelling-like-teen-spirit darker, murderous and all-around surprisingly awesome take on the iconic Archie Comics characters. Developed and written by Archie Comics chief creative officer… Read


‘The Young Pope’ & ‘Homeland’ Season 6 Review: Both Snare Spirit Of Our Times


If politics and religion really are two subjects best avoided in public, there could be some awkward conversations coming after the January 15 Season 6 premiere of Homeland on Showtime and the debut of The Young Pope on HBO. Still regardless of your faith or party affiliation, these premium cable 9 PM offerings are romps with such real-world relevance I recommend you check them both out – though for different reasons. While often veering into the absurd, the still highly… Read


‘Six’ Review: History’s Navy SEAL Drama Series Heated By Home Fires


Let's be honest, no television show or film will ever be able to totally capture the drama and dedication the Navy SEALs bring to their missions. Having said that, the January 18-debuting Six does a pretty good job of putting you at the center of the action Stateside for America's elite warriors as they and their families deal with the ups, downs and consequences of such a vocation. Which means, as I say in my video review above, that for all the blood, bravery and… Read


‘Sneaky Pete’ Review: Con Man Series Not A Bad TV Return For Bryan Cranston


Launching on January 13 on Amazon, the first season of the con man series Sneaky Pete from creators Bryan Cranston and David Shore doesn't break much new ground. But it sure shows the former Walter White as very bad – in a very good way. And, in a series that often aims to intentionally distract you from the real action, it is a thing to watch indeed; Cranston only showed up at the tail end of the 2015 pilot of Sneaky Pete. Bizarrely passed on by CBS, that Seth… Read


‘Taboo’ Review: FX’s Tom Hardy Dark Drama Offers New Look At The Old World


Debuting on January 10, Taboo is a visceral, brutish and bloody tale of early-19th century intrigue that is very dark, very dense, truly novel and very much worth watching. Created by Tom Hardy, his father Edward and Steven Knight, the eight-part FX series starring the Mad Max: Fury Road actor takes you on a journey of curse men, hidden and maybe even forgotten history and a reveals a new way of seeing the Old World. With the once rich, powerful and toxic British East… Read


‘A Monster Calls’ Review: Film Version Of Children’s Novel Is A Very Dark Proposition


When is a kids movie not for kids? Well, it doesn’t happen often, but Patrick Ness’ screen adaptation by of his award-winning children’s novel A Monster Calls is not for the little ones at all, or maybe even the semi-little ones. This story of 15-year-old Connor O’Malley (Lewis MacDougall) is a decidedly dark and often disturbing experience, and I’m not just talking about the monster here. Connor is dealing with a lot. His young mother (Felicity Jones) is dying from… Read


‘20th Century Women’ Review: Annette Bening Triumphs In A Mother Of A Role


In 2010 writer-director Mike Mills made Beginners, in which Christopher Plummer played a thinly veiled version of Mills’ father, who came out at gay in his 70s. Now this talented filmmaker has made another very personal movie ripped from the headlines of his own family. The Golden Globe-nominated comedy-drama 20th Century Women is about his mother — or at least someone resembling her circa 1979, when the movie is set. It is clear Mills has heard the adage, “Write what you… Read


‘One Day At A Time’ Review: Netflix’s Norman Lear Reboot Is A Poignant Winner


Like George Clinton and his resurrection of the funk, the Netflix reboot of Norman Lear's One Day At A Time has shown that if you stay true to your groove, old tunes can sound fresh — very fresh when you have Rita Moreno nailing it every time in what is one of the best sitcoms yet from the streaming service. Launching on January 6 for its 13-episode first season, the 2017 version from writers/executive producers Mike Royce and Gloria Calderon Kellett continues that best… Read


Deadline’s Top 10 Films Of 2016: And The Year’s Best Movie Is …


On Wednesday I revealed the first part of my annual list of the year’s best films. They are, in ascending order: Manchester by the Sea, The Edge of Seventeen and Sing Street (tied for No. 9), Moonlight, Captain Fantastic and Hidden Figures. So here then is the top five, my picks for the year’s best movies — and of course finally the one that tops them all. As I said, making this list is very tough as there are so many great choices in 2016. Assigning a number to each of… Read


Top 10 New Shows Of 2016, Part 2: Big $$$, Heroes, Trials & The A Top Year


The clock is ticking down on 2016, but there’s still time to check out some of the great new TV series that premiered this year. To aid with what to watch among the plethora of pilgrims to the pantheon of Peak TV, a couple of days ago we showed you the first part of our Top 10 New Shows of 2016, and today we have Part 2 with the five best of the new best. Before you take a look, you might want to watch Part 1 to get primed and context. The reality is there is a lot to… Read


Deadline’s Top 10 Films Of 2016 – Part 1


As the last films of 2016 are finally released in theaters this week, I can say that I found the year to be a very strong one in terms of quality. For every Dirty Grandpa-type disaster that was so jaw-droppingly awful, I  discovered maybe three other movies worth shouting to the skies about. That is what makes this annual ritual of compiling the year’s 10 best — at least from my vantage point — so difficult to do. (Click on the link above to watch.) While I want to… Read