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Disney’s Bob Iger On ‘Pirates’ Ransom Demand: “To Our Knowledge We Were Not Hacked”

Seems that those alleged Pirates pirates might have been all bluster and no blunderbuss. Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger said in an interview today that he doesn’t believe the threat to the high-profile summer tentpole Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was real. "To our knowledge we were not hacked," he told Yahoo Finance. "We had a threat of a hack of a movie being stolen. We decided to take it seriously but not react in the manner in which the person… Read


Lionsgate Q4 Beats Street With Higher Earnings & Revenue

Lionsgate first full-quarter results since acquiring Starz for $4.4B late last year show its revenue and earnings beating Wall Street forecasts. The mini-major’s earnings for Q4, ending March 31, were $62M, or 30 cents per share; forecasts has pegged the EPS at 22 cents. It also posted revenue of $1.26B, above analyst estimates of $1.19B. The results included $89M in restructuring and other costs primarily associated with Lionsgate's December 8 acquisition and subsequent… Read


Big Media CEO Compensation Rose 21% In 2016: Is It More Out Of Whack Than Ever?

EXCLUSIVE: 2016 was a so-so year for Big Media companies. But you wouldn’t know that if you look at how much boards paid the chiefs of CBS, Comcast, Discovery Communications, Disney, Fox, Time Warner, and Viacom. Their collective compensation rose 21.1% to $343.8 million — their second highest total ever — we find in Deadline's seventh annual in-depth examination of media and entertainment CEO pay. Each year at least one CEO’s pay stands out due to special circumstances… Read


CBS Extends Les Moonves’ Contract 2-Years To Mid-2021

CBS just announced that it has extended CEO Les Moonves’ contract by two years to June 30, 2021 — with terms that guarantee he’ll continue to be one of the nation’s highest paid executives. His salary will stay constant and, the release says, he’ll “continue to be eligible for an annual bonus and will receive long-term, performance-based incentives that further tie the value of the agreement to the success of the Company and its stock.” The company hasn’t yet disclosed… Read


‘Star Wars’ & Films Drove 4.4% Licensed Merchandise Sales Bump In 2016

Star Wars and other entertainment properties helped to lift global spending on licensed merchandise by 4.4%, to $262.9 billion, in 2016, according to an annual tally released today. The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (known as LIMA) released its “Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey” to coincide with the Licensing Expo confab taking place this week in Las Vegas. The U.S. and Canada accounted for 57.9% of global retail sales, up from… Read


Viacom CEO: In “Advanced Discussions” For $20/Month Entertainment TV Bundle

Viacom and other entertainment-focused programmers are in “very advanced discussions” with cable and satellite companies to offer a bundle without news and sports costing $20 or less a month — and it will “come to life this calendar year” — CEO Bob Bakish told investors this morning at the JPMorgan Tech, Media and Telecom Conference. “That will be a very exciting development in the marketplace, and is a very positive development for Viacom” the CEO says. His networks… Read


Brett Ratner On RatPac As Filmmakers’ Guardian Angel & How “The Middle Has Fallen Out” At The Box Office – Cannes

“My dream as a kid was to make movies and I never imagined I’d have my own company and business,” filmmaker Brett Ratner said today about his film finance label RatPac Entertainment. The comments came during Winston Baker’s eighth annual Cannes Film Finance Forum. Since launching RatPac five years ago, Ratner is an anomaly in the business, a savior not just for the major studios but more so for filmmakers when their films are in need of cash — read Alejandro González… Read


How Nasser al-Khelaifi Plans To Restore Miramax Luster – Cannes

EXCLUSIVE: From the veranda of their suite on the Croisette, beIn Media Group founder Nasser al-Khelaifi, his general counsel Sophie Jordan and new Miramax CEO Bill Block had a message for Hollywood as it wonders what to expect from a once-heralded film label under new ownership. "Our message is that Miramax is back," al-Khelaifi told Deadline. "The day we bought Miramax, we looked at it as a brand with an engine that had been stuck for a couple of years, to be honest. At… Read


FCC Kicks Off Effort To Roll Back Net Neutrality Rules

It’s game on in the fight over net neutrality. In a 2-to-1 vote along party lines today, the FCC authorized a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to undo the 2015 decision to enforce open internet rules under Title II of the Communications Act. That empowers the agency to regulate the medium as a common carrier similar to phones. The FCC will seek public comment for 90 days — up to August 16 — and could vote on the matter as early as October. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai made it clear… Read


Roger Ailes & Fox News: A Legacy Of Cable Era Success, And Excess

Roger Ailes was a nationally known figure before 1996, when Rupert Murdoch hired him to launch Fox News Channel. But FNC will define the part of his legacy that he most coveted: The TV producer and political consultant wanted to be seen as a shrewd businessman — equal, if not superior, to his bosses at NBC and Fox. His record is mixed, at best. Ailes, who died today at 77, was no manager: He ran FNC as a fiefdom, demanding personal loyalty and success at any cost as he… Read


Media Stocks Slide As Investors Fear Turmoil From Trump Disclosures

Media stocks were caught in the undertow today as the stock market suffered from its biggest losses in eight months. The Standard and Poor’s 500 closed down 1.7% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.5%. Investors are beginning to fear that GOP efforts to cut corporate taxes will be derailed as lawmakers deal with charges that President Trump tried to stop former FBI Director James Comey from investigating former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s Russia… Read


CBS Introduces Data To Help Ad Buyers Span Broadcast and Digital

Like other broadcasters this week, CBS used its upfront presentation today to take some shots at digital companies competing for ad dollars. But it also repeated a familiar theme: That its status as the No. 1 network sets it apart from its TV rivals. “Great content is always king,” CEO Les Moonves told the Carnegie Hall audience, adding that CBS programming is “clean, advertiser friendly and the highest quality.” With new platforms, CBS’ total audience is “greater today… Read