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Bill Maher Slams Donald Trump’s “Go Back To Univision” Comment As Racist

Bill Maher Aug 8 2015

Bill Maher is taking Donald Trump more seriously these days. While continuing to use the Republican front-runner as an ever-ready punchline, the HBO host seemed more angry than bemused during last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher when talking about the increasingly amped-up anti-immigration rhetoric used by Trump and some of his supporters. Maher was particularly outraged by the recent dust-up between Trump and Jorge Ramos, news anchor for the Spanish-language… Read


Google’s Matt Brittin Rejects Criticism That Search Engine Helps Pirates – Edinburgh

Google Logo

Google's Matt Brittin delivered a keynote to industry execs here in Edinburgh this morning, extolling the virtues of YouTube and how it can be a strong partner for the television business. The president of EMEA business and operations pointed to the 24M subscribers FremantleMedia's channel has and said The X Factor channel gets 1.1B views a month, with 75% outside the country of origin. He also talked up Jimmy Kimmel Live's Mean Tweets as an example of a TV show reaching… Read


Polish Court Sets Date For Roman Polanksi Extradition Hearing

Roman Polanski

A Polish court has set September 22 as the date for Roman Polanski’s next extradition hearing. The move is the latest in a decades-long attempt by U.S. Justice Department officials to have the now-82-year-old filmmaker extradited to the U.S. to carry out a sentence first issued in 1977 after he pled guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old during a photoshoot for French Vogue. Polanski is expected to appear before a judge at the new hearing after U.S… Read


The Too-Much-TV Debate: FX’s John Landgraf Says “We’re Choking On Our Own Abundance” – Edinburgh


FX CEO John Landgraf rang a chime of doom at TCA earlier this month when he proclaimed that "There is simply too much television" and predicted a peak and decline in the next two years. He carried the conversation across the Atlantic this week to the Edinburgh TV Festival — and took it a step further. Of the amount of content currently available, he said, "It’s like winning a pie-eating contest every day… In some ways, we’re choking on our own abundance.” He also… Read


Chris Cuomo, Megyn Kelly Interview Father Of Killed-On-Air Reporter About Gun Control


Andy Parker, father of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, spoke to CNN's Chris Cuomo this morning about her on-air murder. Her father, like relatives of victims of other shootings over the years, spoke about the need for greater gun control measures but predicted that the media will treat this as “a great story for a couple of days and then it goes to the back burner and nothing happens,” as has been the case in the past. Last night, he shared a similar observation with Fox… Read


Donald Trump Bashes TV Networks In Speech Calling For Immediate Election, Outlawing Of Teleprompters

Donald Trump Iowa

Donald Trump this afternoon called for an immediate election, complained he’s not getting paid for bringing news networks record ratings, suggested outlawing the use of teleprompters by presidential candidates and thoroughly charmed the crowd in Iowa. Noting he’s far and away the front-runner among GOP candidates in the election cycle to date, Trump refused to name the candidate who’s a distant No. 2 "because I want to be nice tonight." "Ann Coulter's here – can we call… Read


Univision Newsman Gets Ejected From Trump Event; Candidate Says Megyn Kelly Should Apologize – Update

Trump Ramos

UPDATED: Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was escorted from Donald Trump’s news conference-cum-free-for-all  in Dubuque, IA, this afternoon. Ramos had tried to ask the GOP front-runner a question about immigration, but obviously with no expectation of being able to accomplish that and so did not attempt to be given the stage to speech, instead jumping in and talking over Trump and the reporter he’d given the green light to speak.  Great theater, as Ramos no doubt intended… Read


ESPN Benches Curt Schilling After Tweet Comparing Muslim Extremists To Nazis

Image (1) ESPN_logo__130813225927.jpg for post 723218

Once again the Worldwide Leader has sidelined one of its own for making controversial comments. This time it’s ex-MLB pitcher Curt Schilling, who was pulled from Little League World Series telecasts after he posted — and quickly deleted — a tweet with a fuzzy-math graphic that compared Muslim extremists to Nazis: Three-time World Series champ Schilling joins a long list of ESPN commentators who have been suspended — or worse — in the past year-plus for making… Read


Oleg Sentsov Sentenced To 20 Years; Russia Convicts Ukraine Helmer Of Terrorism

oleg sentsov

Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov has been found guilty by a Russian court on charges of terrorism and sentenced to 20 years detention. The prosecution in the case had called for a 23-year sentence. Sentsov, who has found support from the European filmmaking community since his arrest, is the helmer of 2011's Gaamer. He has been on trial in Russia since late July, on an array of charges including terrorism, organization of a terrorist group and arms trafficking. He was… Read

breakingBox Office

Broadway, Like Wall Street, Lays An Egg As Box Office Slides 10%

Broadway musical produced by Harvey Weinstein

It’s not exactly a collapse worthy of prompting mass defenestrations, but Broadway business echoed the financial malaise sending shivers through the equities markets this week. Of course, there also was competition from a great show going on in Times Square for free as news organizations sent cameras and crews to document the crisis of the desnudas, those patriotically painted semi-nude women hustling for tips upon whom both the mayor, Bill de Blasio, and the governor… Read


NY Times To Daily News: Drop Dead! Elected Boobs Are Times Square’s True Pandering Panhandlers

Times Square's Desnudas

UPDATE Saturday morning: In a lead editorial titled “Shirtless Bodies In Pointless War,” the New York Times this morning took aim at the beleaguered Daily News with a New York Post-style headline (echoing that tabloid’s famous “Headless Body In Topless Bar” banner from decades back). “The News, horrified at the rampant shirtlessness, put these frightening women on Page 1 for four straight days. (Its usual spot for breasts is Page 3),” the Times mocked, referring to the… Read


Ellen Page Grills Ted Cruz On LGBT Rights At Iowa State Fair

Ted Cruz Ellen Page 2-shot

Ellen Page got some fodder for her upcoming TV show at the Iowa State Fair today, courtesy of GOP White House hopeful Ted Cruz. The Texas senator was grillin’ some pork when Page began grillin’ him about LGBT rights and workplace discrimination. ABC News’ cameras caught the exchange in Des Moines,  where Page was on assignment for Vice Media. Her series Gaycation will air on the new Vice channel when it launches early next year. The two sparred for five minutes — a… Read