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Bill Maher To Obama On Saudi Arabia: “Stop Respecting Their Medieval Bulls**t”

Barack Obama, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Michelle Obama

“Stop respecting their medieval bullshit,” HBO late-night host Bill Maher said last night while discussing President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia to attend the funeral for King Abdullah. "I thought that [Michelle Obama] was kind of making the statement that I've been trying to get across here for a long time, which is: Stop respecting their medieval bullshit under the guise of, 'It's their culture,'" Maher said to his Real Time panelists. "Cultural relativism is… Read


Mel Brooks Tells Bill Maher: No ‘Blazing Saddles’ Allowed Today

Bill Maher Advises Hillary Clinton to Go Away Before U.S. Presidency Bid

“In today’s PC environment would you be able to make the same movies you wrote and produced in the 70s? ” Bill Maher asked Mel Brooks on HBO Real Time’s Overtime last night. “Not at all, Mel Brooks insisted. “But you certainly did open the way for a lot more farting,” Maher complained. “This is the last bastion of privacy,” Brooks said of Maher’s late-night program. “We can talk to each other and nobody will listen, because you don’t get a rating, so we can talk.” Later… Read


Jon Stewart Pounds Don Lemon For Blizzard Coverage – Video


Don Lemon got fricaseed last night on The Daily Show. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart mocked all New York-based TV news orgs’ coverage of Blizzapocalypsegeddon '15, noting that when the storm largely missed Manhattan, it left them with a tough choice: “Acknowledge that conditions have changed, ease up on the breathless hype, focus your attention on New England where it was actually really snowing, or cling desperately to the original narrative like dingleberries on a sheep's… Read

TV’s Super Bowl Ad Yanked After Being Blasted By Puppy Lovers


Mess with puppies at your own peril during Super Bowl week, learned today. The company wound up vowing not to air its ad during the big game this Sunday after unveiling it this morning, to widespread disgust. The ad, "Journey Home," mocked Budweiser’s highly anticipated “Lost Dog” Super Bowl ad that the beer label has been teasing — which, in turn, is a sequel to its wildly popular 2014 Super Bowl ad “Puppy Love.” In GoDaddy’s ad, an adorable golden retriever… Read


NFL To Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Feel-Good Super Bowl Ads With Anti-Domestic Violence PSA

Super Bowl PSA

Bad news for all those football fans Al Michaels said would "love to forget" the "issues" surrounding the NFL during Sunday's game: The Super Bowl will include a public service announcement featuring a woman calling 911 who pretends to order pizza while actually conveying to the dispatcher she is a victim of domestic violence and needs help ASAP. (See the PSA above.) The NFL announced this morning it will air the PSA during the face-off between the Seattle Seahawks and… Read


Larry Wilmore Tackles ‘American Sniper’ On ‘The Nightly Show’


Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show focused on American Sniper last night, including two Iraq vets on his panel, one of whom was a sniper: The episode ended with kind of a thud, however, when Wilmore took his Keep It 100 question: If you knew it would guarantee massive success of your show, would you do a tour in Afghanistan as a soldier? “I would do a tour as a soldier, whether or not it has to do with my show or not. That's just how I feel about it,” Wilmore said, adding,… Read


Civil Rights Org Sees Rise In Threats Against Muslims Over ‘American Sniper’

Bradley Cooper American Sniper

Washington, DC-based civil rights organization, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, has written to Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper outlining an escalation in threats made against Arab and Muslim Americans since the release of American Sniper, and asking for their help to "reduce the hateful rhetoric." In a letter dated January 21, ADC President Samer Khalaf wrote, "A majority of the violent threats we have seen over the past few days are (the) result of how… Read


Tom Brady’s Balls Rapped In ‘SNL’ DeflateGate Opening Segment

Blake Shelton Bumper Photos

Deflategate continues to puff up the Super Bowl run-up, providing Saturday Night Live with some juicy material for its own “investigation” of under-inflated footballs. The late-night show’s opening sketch featured their versions of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, star model, er, quarterback Tom Brady and the true brains in the outfit, assistant equipment co-manager Dougie Spoons, who, apparently, can handle the truth. Greg “The Human Microphone” Gumbel, as… Read


Kevin Spacey’s Tribute Revives Angry Feud Over Stanley Kramer’s Role In The Blacklist

High Noon

EXCLUSIVE: Karen Kramer is going on the offensive again against Lionel Chetwynd, who again has called her late husband, legendary filmmaker and liberal icon Stanley Kramer, an "enabler" of the Hollywood blacklist. She has accused Chetwynd, a darling of Hollywood conservatives, of defaming her husband, who produced and directed such classics as High Noon, Inherit The WindJudgment At NurembergOn The Beach and Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. The blacklist, which ended some… Read


North Korea Slams Berlin Fest Over ‘The Interview’ – But Film Isn’t Part Of Lineup

The Interview VOD

The February 5 theatrical release date of Sony’s The Interview in Germany has evidently led to a misunderstanding in North Korea. Pyongyang issued a statement on Wednesday accusing the Berlin Film Festival of “agitation of terrorism” by including the comedy in its lineup and urged the U.S. and Germany to “give up at once” the screening of the “anti-DPRK movie” or face “merciless punishment.” Here’s the rub: The Interview is not now, and never was, part of the roster. The… Read