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John Oliver Plasters Donald Trump, Ben Carson Over School Shooting Reaction


Updated with video: Last Week Tonight host John Oliver did not join fellow late-night comedian/show hosts by opening his first show following the latest school shooting with a few words about the tragedy.  Late-night shows’ brief serious/sad openers have become part of that post-school-shooting routine President Obama talked about so angrily, hours after 9 people were murdered at Umpqua Community College, in his latest post-shooting news conference. Instead, Oliver… Read


Major Sponsors Demand Immediate Resignation Of FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter, FIFA

The money men are finally weighing in on the ongoing corruption drama at Soccer’s world governing body. Just over a week after Swiss authorities announced the opening of a criminal investigation against embattled FIFA President Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, four of soccer’s biggest sponsors have called for his immediate resignation, rather than his planned stepping-down next year. Coca-Cola, Visa, Budweiser and McDonald’s all issued their denunciations within hours of one… Read


SAG-AFTRA Scolds HBO Over Sex Fiasco On ‘Westworld’ Set


SAG-AFTRA is scolding HBO for taking so long to rectify the Westworld sex scandal, in which more than 50 extras were told they'd have to perform simulated sex acts on camera. A consent form promulgated by Central Casting, which cast extras for the sci-fi series, said the extras would be required to take part in "graphic sexual situations," including "genital-to-genital touching" and simulated "oral sex with hand-to-genital touching." HBO issued a statement blaming Central… Read


‘Westworld’ Extras Were Paid $600 For Simulated Sex Acts On HBO Set

Westworld 3

More than 50 naked extras taking part in "graphic sexual situations" on the set of HBO's Westworld today are being well-paid for touching one another's genitals – up to $600, according to a source familiar with the shoot. SAG-AFTRA scale for background performers is $157 a day, but sources say that adjustments bringing the pay to $600 are being tacked on because of the unprecedented amount of simulated sex the extras are being asked to perform. Westworld was among the proj… Read


‘Westworld’ Extras Must Agree To Genital-to-Genital Touching; SAG-AFTRA To Monitor

WEstworld 1

Background players on HBO's Westworld have had to sign consent forms agreeing to participate in "graphic sexual situations”, including "genital-to-genital touching" and posing "on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back”. SAG-AFTRA said it will have a representative on the set today to monitor the situation when the sex scene is being shot. The consent agreement was given to an unknown number of extras by Central Casting, which is casting the show's… Read


Leone Film Group Acquires Silvio Berlusconi Docu & TV Series From Alan Friedman

Image (10) silvio-berlusconi__130714191920.jpg for post 540932

Italy’s Leone Film Group has closed a deal with journalist Alan Friedman to acquire 50% of the worldwide rights to a new documentary based on his upcoming bioography of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The deal also grants Leone 50% of worldwide distribution rights to the docu as well as an option to produce a fictionalized TV series inspired by the billionaire’s larger-than-life story. The book, entitled My Way: Berlusconi In His Own Words, is based on… Read


Amazon And Google Come Under Fire At Labour Party Conference

Amazon Featured Image

Amazon and Google were among the companies singled out that need to pay more taxes by the UK Labour Party’s firebrand shadow chancellor John McConnell during a speech at his party’s conference. The politician, a veteran of Labour’s left wing constituency and close-confidante of newly-appointed leader Jeremy Corbyn, pledged to make sure that big corporations would pay their fair share under a Labour administration. “We will force people like Starbucks, Vodafone, Amazon and… Read


Donald Trump Cartoon Character Raped & Killed On ‘South Park’ As 1.5M Watch


While Donald Trump was busy blasting Fox News Channel last night for a contributor’s description of Carly Fiorina having “cut off his balls with the precision of a surgeon” during CNN’s recent GOP debate, he may have missed being raped and murdered over on Viacom-owned Comedy Central’s South Park. On the other hand, 1.5 million people did not miss the episode in its premiere, at 10 PM ET last night. These days, viewing in other time slots and platforms significantly… Read


WGN Sorry For Using Nazi ‘Jude’ Badge To Illustrate Yom Kippur Story

WGN News Logo 1

The folks at WGN-TV have some atoning to do today. During its 9 PM newscast Tuesday, the Chicago TV outlet aired a story about Yom Kippur, the solemn end of the High Holy Days in Judaism. All good so far, but it was the graphic over the anchorman’s shoulder that spurred an apology from the Tribune station today: A local named Marc Karlinsky spotted the gaffe and took to Twitter with it. The CW affiliate was quick to reply to him and apologize for “using an offensive… Read


Jailed Al-Jazeera Journalists Pardoned In Surprise Move By Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

al jazeera jailed journalists

In a move that has left many surprised and relieved, two Al-Jazeera journalists first arrested in December 2013 have finally been released and pardoned by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Canadian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian national Baher Mohammed were among 100 prisoners, including dozens of human rights activists, who received pardons on the eve of the Muslim Eid Al-Adha celebrations. The latest development marks an end to a case that had put a spotlight on the… Read


Following SAG-AFTRA Probe, Biracial Stuntwoman Cast To Double For Zendaya In ‘K.C. Undercover’

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EXCLUSIVE: Following complaints by black stuntwomen and an investigation by SAG-AFTRA, Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover has found a new stunt coordinator and a new stunt double for the show's biracial star, Zendaya. Last season, Zendaya, whose father is black and mother is white, was doubled by a white stuntwoman who was the wife of the show's stunt coordinator. A Disney Channel spokesperson said they "departed the series for personal reasons within the past two… Read


Brian Williams Returns To Air As Obama Welcomes Pope Francis To United States

Brian Williams Feb 4 2015

"Good day. I'm Brian Williams at MSNBC headquarters. In a short time Pope Francis will arrive in this country for the first time," Brian Williams said, making his carefully orchestrated lowest-possible-key return to the air after a months-long suspension from NBC News. His return had been promoted for the very first time by the cable news network just one ad break earlier, when MSNBC's Thomas Robert said, as he threw to the break at 2:56 PM ET, "Brian Williams picks up… Read