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Manchester Attack: Donald Trump, World Leaders, Artists & Media React

As various parts of the world awoke to news of the deadly suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last night, politicians and artists have weighed in to condemn the incident which has left at least 22 dead and 59 injured, including some children. International TV news channels are blanketing coverage as British police continue their investigation in what is being treated as a terrorist attack. U.S. President Donald Trump, speaking from Bethlehem this… Read

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Who’s Afraid Of Edward Albee? Dramatists Guild Backs ‘Virginia Woolf’ Playwright In Casting Dispute

A proposed revival of Edward Albee’s landmark 1962 drama Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? has renewed a long-simmering debate about freedom of expression and the frequently fuzzy line between the rights of creative versus interpretive artists. At issue is the Albee estate’s decision to decline a license for the revival after the Portland, OR, director announced the casting of an African-American actor to play Nick, a young academic at a tony New England college who with… Read


‘Real Time’: Bill Maher Asks Sinclair’s Boris Epshteyn “Whose Side Are You On?”

UPDATED with video: Boris Epshteyn, the former Donald Trump adviser who’s now a public face for Sinclair Broadcast Group, insists his new boss is “straight down the middle” politically, repeatedly drawing gasps and laughs on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher tonight. “That’s not true,” Epshteyn said when Maher described Sinclair as wanting “to be to the right of Fox News.” “Fox is a cable channel,” Epshteyn said. “This is different.” Sinclair, he said, provides local… Read


A Fest Divided: Netflix Controversy Clouds Cannes; Will France Embrace Change?

Cannes just can't seem to win with Netflix. The first-ever film from the streaming service to premiere in Competition here, Bong Joon-Ho's Okja, was marred by technical difficulties at its press screening this morning, prompting the fest to hastily issue a mea culpa. What's more, reports from inside the Palais are that the Netflix logo elicited boos from the French contingent. That jibes with what has been the hot-button issue up and down the Croisette this week. The one… Read


Trump Tweets Displeasure Over Special Counsel Appointment

President Trump this morning took time out from preparations for his first foreign tour and a scheduled luncheon with network news anchors to alert the country via Twitter about the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the relationship between his political apparatus and Vladimir Putin’s. The tweets, which fired up news feeds across all media, came around 8 AM and concerned the naming Wednesday of former FBI director and bipartisanly honored straight… Read


DOJ Names Former FBI Chief Mueller As Special Counsel In Bureau’s Russia Probe; Trump Responds – Update

UPDATED with White House statement: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday afternoon named former FBI Director Robert Mueller to oversee the Russia probe and possible connection between Trump campaign associates and Russia. President Trump said this afternoon: “As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know: that there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. I look forward to this matter… Read


Stephen Colbert Probes New Donald Trump Scandal: James Comey Memos Edition

Today in Donald Trump Scandal, the NYT is reporting that, back in February, POTUS asked FBI director James Comey to shut down the bureau’s investigation of Michael Flynn, Stephen Colbert informed his Late Show crowd. “That is definitely an obstruction of something,” he explained. Apparently Trump told Comey he hoped he could see his way to “letting this go, letting Flynn go,” adding “he’s a good guy.” Only, Comey wrote about it in FBI memos, NYT reports, adding that Comey… Read


NYT: Former FBI Director James Comey Memo Says Donald Trump Asked Him To End Michael Flynn Investigation

The New York Times reported this afternoon that former FBI Director James Comey left a memo in February, in which he wrote that President Donald Trump had asked him to end the bureau’s investigation of his one-time National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Trump sacked Comey last week. The NYT report, which ripped through the TV news landscape Tuesday evening, again raises the question as to whether Trump was bluffing about those tape recordings of his conversations with… Read


Hackers Holding Disney’s Latest ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ For Ransom

UPDATED with comments from former hacker: Disney’s upcoming Johnny Depp film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has been pilfered by ransom hackers seeking payment from the studio. The hackers have demanded an enormous amount of money be paid in Bitcoin. Disney is currently working with the FBI and will not pay. Although Disney CEO Bob Iger did not reveal which movie the ransom hackers claim to have, he did reveal to ABC employees during a town hall meeting… Read


Netflix Sets ‘Okja’ Korea Theatrical Release; Helmer Talks Co-Existence – Reports


While controversy has been brewing in France over the inclusion of Netflix titles Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories on the Cannes Film Festival competition roster, the streaming service and Okja helmer Bong Joon-ho revealed that film's Korean theatrical release date at an event in Seoul on Monday. The movie has been slated for a June 29 release locally as it hits the streaming service in 190 countries on June 28. It will also have theatrical runs in the U.S. and… Read


John Oliver Demands Congress Intervene After Donald Trump Sacks And Threatens FBI Chief James Comey

John Oliver began Sunday’s Last Week Tonight with the biggest story of the week, which he acknowledged concerns President Trump: "Two words that continue to sound revolting together, like 'Viscous Discharge' or 'Moist Stockings’.” Trump made news Tuesday with his startling decision to sack FBI Director James Comey, as Comey was overseeing a probe into whether people involved with the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in their election meddling. “Surprise… Read


‘Real Time’: Rep. Adam Schiff Says Donald Trump “Is Dimming The Beacon Of Hope”

Update, with Schiff video Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, told Bill Maher tonight that President Donald Trump is “dimming the beacon of hope for the rest of the world." Schiff, who was the top of show interview guest on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, had called out Trump earlier in the day over the president’s suggestion of a taped White House meeting with fired FBI director James Comey. "The President should immediately… Read