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Sony CEO Responds To Obama, Blames Theaters: “We Have Not Caved…We Have Not Backed Down” – Update

Sony Obama

“We have not caved,” Sony CEO Michael Lynton said today, defending his company from President Obama's comment that the studio had “made a mistake” in bowing to terrorist demands over the North Korea-skewering The Interview. "We have not caved. We have not given in. We have persevered, and we have not backed down. We have always had every desire to have the American public see this movie.” So who let the terrorists win? Lynton shifted blame for The Interview's cancelled… Read


Obama: Sony Made Mistake Pulling ‘The Interview'; U.S. Will Respond Proportionally At Time And Place We Choose — Update

President Obama Kim Jong Un Sony Hack

Sony “made a mistake” in caving to North Korean hackers, President Obama said bluntly this morning during his year-end news conference. He said the United States "will respond proportionally" to the cyber attack on the studio — which included threatening to harm moviegoers — "at a place and time we choose.” The studio's handling of the hack was the very first question White House press corps asked Obama at the annual year-in-review, which speaks to how seriously the… Read


Jon Stewart Assures Kim Jong Un Hollywood Just Like North Korea – Video

Jon Stewart

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart tries to figure out why Sony stood up to the release of “catty emails” and plowed ahead with plans to release The Interview on Christmas day, but capitulated when North Korean hackers threatened and “9/11 style attacks”  against movie theaters. “First of all, when did 9/11 become a 'style of attack'?” Stewart asked. “North Korea — that's why they do! They threaten people with hyperbolic language!” Stewart ranted, wondering if leader Kim Jong Un… Read


Chris Rock Tells Jon Stewart ‘The Interview’ Will Come Out – Video


Chris Rock stopped by The Daily Show to plug his new movie Top Five, but, naturally, talk turned to The Interview. Stewart noted there's a “hole” in the Christmas movie lineup in theaters right now. “Apparently there's a movie that's not going to run as planned,”  he began. “I'll say this — my movie is very Korean-friendly,” Rock joked. “We almost don't kill any Koreans. Of all the movies out, we kill the least Koreans…It's the safest Christmas movie there is. It's fun… Read


Sony Hack Needs Tempered Response, White House Says

Josh Earnest

It's important the United States government not play into the hands of those responsible for the cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment by over-reacting, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at today's White House press briefing. Earnest declined to pin the attack on the North Korean government — an announcement the media is expecting to come today from the Justice Department. The investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice in to who is… Read


Fox News Should Air All Of ‘The Interview,’ Says Kimmel “Campaign” – Video

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Fox News Channel rising star Megyn Kelly was ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's guest last night when the big news was the Justice Department's upcoming announcement that the Sony hacking attack, and subsequent threats to movie theaters, are believed to be the work of the North Korean government, in retaliation for the studio's movie The Interview. Kelly and Kimmel agreed Sony needed to get the movie - a now-mothballed comedy about a bumbling talk show host and his… Read


‘The Interview’ A No-Go Internationally As Well

The Interview

Deadline can confirm that international audiences won't get to see The Interview either.  Sony's statement Wednesday that the studio was pulling the U.S. Christmas Day release of the Seth Rogen-James Franco picture did not explicitly mention the film's international roll-out, which had been set for after the New Year. We have now learned that Sony has no plans to release the film anywhere for the foreseeable future. The news comes despite the lack- at least in public- of… Read


Japan-North Korea Talks Seen Unaffected By Sony Hack Attack Revelations

Sony Hacked

As Deadline reported yesterday, the U.S. Justice Department is expected to imminently announce that North Korean leaders did indeed order the cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment. Among many other things, the attack led to the studio's move to scrap all plans to release The Interview — which features an assassination attempt on North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un. With the dust hardly settled in this ongoing situation, the effect on geopolitics remains a… Read


#AskACop Tweets Backfire On CNN With Ratings Flatline – Video

Ask A Cop Featured Image

CNN Tonight urged viewers last night to follow along with its #CopsUnderFire special by sending questions on Twitter using #AskACop, so viewers could ask a police officer direct questions about issues raised by the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases and subsequent protests. It went off the rails: How many "I can't breathe's" does it take for a police officer to realize that someone possibly, maybe, perhaps…..can't breathe? #AskACop — Chris Rock (@ozchrisrock) December… Read


Judd Apatow On ‘The Interview’ Being Pulled: “Disgraceful”

Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow is weighing in on the controversy swirling around Sony's The Interview. Last night, he tweeted: “I am not going to let a terrorist threat shut down freedom of speech. I am going to The Interview.” But today the filmmaker aimed his anger at theater owners: I think it is disgraceful that these theaters are not showing The Interview. Will they pull any movie that gets an anonymous threat now? — Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) December 17, 2014 He followed that up… Read


Sony Has “No Further Release Plans” For ‘The Interview’ On VOD Or Elsewhere

Sony Pictures

The Interview is over - really and truly. Despite reports floating around other outlets, Sony Pictures will not be putting the now-shuttered pic out on VOD, DVD or any other platform, at least not any time soon. “Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film,” a studio spokesperson told me today. The hacked-apart Sony pulled the James Franco and Seth Rogen film from its December 25 debut date earlier today. That not-unexpected move came after Regal, AMC and… Read