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Emmy Predictions: Actress In A Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Just like the lead actor race, this one is ripe for a shakeup since last year's surprise winner, Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black, hasn't returned due to the show not being eligible this year. That leaves room for a winner from two years ago, a couple of perpetual nominees, someone on their last chance and a newbie to the race. A survey of the field, though, comes up with two distinct front-runners. Viola Davis How to Get Away with… Read


Emmy Predictions: Actor In A Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series There will be a rather large shakeup in this race, even though four of the seven nominated actors are returning from last year. None of them (Bob Odenkirk, Matthew Rhys, Liev Schreiber and Kevin Spacey) has won before in the category, but they have a real shot this year in the absence of reigning champ Rami Malek, whose work on Mr. Robot this season didn't draw a nomination after criticism of the show's sophomore outing. But for… Read

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NPR News Anchor Ari Shapiro Looks ‘Homeward’ At Joe’s Pub

One of four co-hosts of NPR’s flagship daily newscast “All Things Considered,” Ari Shapiro has one of the most familiar voices on radio (remember radio?). A veteran, at 38, of war zones far and farther (Iraq, Ukraine, Israel) and peace zones at least as disparate, he’s gathered songs and stories from around the globe while cultivating an unexpected side gig, moonlighting with Pink Martini, the shape-shifting pop orchestra that with some regularity makes a joyful noise at… Read


Spectacular ‘Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet Of 1812’ Crashes In Wake Of Casting Contretemps

Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, a musical whose history is nearly as complicated as the Russian novel that inspired it, will close after the matinée performance on September 3rd at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre. It will have played 32 previews and 336 regular performances. The announcement from Matt Ross, a spokesman for the $12 million show, concludes one of the most fiercely divisive episodes in recent Broadway history, in which issues of color-conscious… Read


Peter Bart: Will Time Warner’s Creative Energy Survive AT&T Takeover?

Time Warner

Time Warner, the empire that was once poised to conquer both Hollywood and the web, is about to fade into a mere corporate subsidiary, reminding industry players yet again that the ground is shifting under them. Jeffrey Bewkes could walk away with a $95 million exit visa when TW is absorbed into the amorphous corporate blob known as AT&T, as his acolytes at HBO, CNN, Warner Bros and Turner wait nervously to discover what lies in store for them. The bottom-line question… Read


Peter Bart: Police Sadism In ‘Detroit’ May Stir Audiences, But Will It Also Provoke Them?


Here's what Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal say they wanted to accomplish in shooting Detroit: That filmgoers "not so much watch the story as absorb it like a physical sensation." The question: Should a race riot be inflicted on an audience as a "physical sensation?" In making an agitprop movie, should filmmakers design scenes that might themselves be potentially inflammatory? I am not skittish about film violence nor am I a virgin with riots. As a newspaper reporter, I… Read

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Toronto’s Superb Soulpepper Troupe Beats ‘Hamilton’ At The Freebie Game

Forget about the shows, for a minute. Soulpepper, a highly, and rightly, decorated Toronto theater company in residence this month at the Signature Theatre on West 42nd Street, is offering the best freebie since Hamilton‘s Ham4Ham al fresco pre-show went the way of the $500 premium ticket. Each evening after the scheduled performances, the Soulpepper Cabaret gets underway in the Signature’s inviting café. Members of the 20-year-old company and some invited guests spend… Read


Peter Bart: Can ‘Dunkirk’s Christopher Nolan Sell Brit-Centric WWII Tale To U.S. Filmgoers?

Christopher Nolan

Poised and primped as always in his crisp blazer, Christopher Nolan takes center stage Friday as a forceful advocate for his ambitious film Dunkirk. In his pitch to filmgoers and to the media, Nolan urges viewers to see Dunkirk as a Hitchcockian suspense movie, not as a conventional war film. Indeed Nolan's repeated references to Hitchcock reflect his reverence for his mentor's showmanship in promoting his films, as well as for his directing gifts. Reserved and formal by… Read


‘Blind’ Movie: Ruderman Foundation Responds To Director Over Alec Baldwin Casting Flap

EDITORS NOTE: Over the past two weeks, a controversy has been brewing over the casting of Alec Baldwin as a blind man in the Michael Mailer-directed indie Blind. Led by the Ruderman Foundation — a non-profit that advocates for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life — the issue was raised as to why the filmmaker would cast a seeing actor for a blind role. Mailer responded last week — the day the indie drama opened in theaters — in a guest colu… Read


Peter Bart: CEOs Mulling Exec Suite Exit Might Study Sherry Lansing’s Escape Strategy

Sherry Lansing

"I have never been good at exit strategies," David Begelman once told me. A charming and talented man, Begelman managed to be fired twice as a studio president, once by Columbia and later by MGM, and narrowly escaped jail in both cases. Begelman represented an extreme example of a recurring problem for Hollywood's power elite: Once you've run a studio or a network and lost your gig, how do you create a third act? How come Michael Ovitz, Philippe Dauman, Michael Lynton and… Read


‘Blind’ Director Addresses Backlash Over Casting Alec Baldwin And Not Disabled Actor In Lead Role

Blind Alec Baldwin Demi Moore

EDITORS NOTE: Michael Mailer, director of the Alec Baldwin-starring film Blind that opens today, was criticized this month by the nonprofit Ruderman Family Foundation for casting an actor who was not actually blind as the lead. (In the Vertical Entertainment film, Baldwin plays Bill Oakland, a novelist who lost both his wife and his eyesight in a car accident.) The foundation’s goal is “to fight for the self-representation of people with disabilities on both big and… Read

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Reviews: Oscar Isaac’s Pensive Prince Steadies Hamstrung ‘Hamlet’; Sondheim’s ‘Assassins’ At Encores!

Thoughtful, self-possessed and charismatically morose, Oscar Isaac inhabits Shakespeare’s melancholy prince as naturally as the sweater he wraps himself in. This youthful Hamlet is most compelling during soliloquies as familiar to us as speech itself, delivered in the hushed cadence of prayers seeking grace, and perhaps deliverance out of the nightmare that has brought him home to Elsinore from college to see his mother marry the uncle who’s murdered his revenge-demanding… Read