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Women Lead The Charge Toward A Gender Balance Not Seen In The History Of Entertainment — Deadline Disruptors

Last year, all it took was a hashtag, #OscarsSoWhite, to re-energize an important conversation. Twelve months later, Moonlight director Barry Jenkins made history by becoming the first African-American filmmaker to be nominated for Best Director, Picture and Screenplay at the Academy Awards. And, as everyone knows, his film went on to take the Best Picture Oscar—literally—from the hands of the favorites, the makers of La La Land. Meanwhile, a similar conversation about… Read

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Review: In Hamish Linklater’s ‘The Whirligig’, Zosia Mamet Plays Another Bad-News Girlfriend

Zosia Mamet, the lethally annoying Shoshanna late of Girls, has braved some challenging stage roles, none more so than Trish in the world premiere of Hamish Linklater’s The Whirligig, which opened tonight in a New Group production at the Signature Theatre Center. Trish’s former best friend Julie (Grace Van Patten, Netflix’s Tramps) is dying a junkie’s death at home in the Berkshire Mountains, where her estranged parents can do little more than dance a jitterbug of… Read


Adam Sandler Awards Contender?, ‘Wind River’ Rises On The Croisette & Jean-Luc Godard Reborn – Cannes

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UPDATED with corrected Wind River budget information.   As the first weekend of the 70th Cannes Film Festival winds down it has lived up to the dream of great weather, some great films, many stars, endless streaming controversy, and lots of parties. That is lots and lots of parties. From Friday through Sunday it has been largely non-stop, beginning with our own Deadline soiree which drew a big crowd of top film executives Friday afternoon and continuing through Netflix’s… Read


Netflix Makes Red Carpet Debut On The French Riviera With Strong Response For ‘Okja’ – Cannes

Netflix might have had a spotty day in Cannes, what with a technically challenged early-morning press screening for its first Cannes Film Festival contender Okjaas well as some trade and newspaper headlines that quite frankly misrepresented that incident. But Friday evening’s Okja gala at the Grand Lumiere Theatre of the Palais went off without a hitch and, most important, there was no booing. The movie from revered South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho (Snowpiercer, The H… Read


Trump Tweets Displeasure Over Special Counsel Appointment

President Trump this morning took time out from preparations for his first foreign tour and a scheduled luncheon with network news anchors to alert the country via Twitter about the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the relationship between his political apparatus and Vladimir Putin’s. The tweets, which fired up news feeds across all media, came around 8 AM and concerned the naming Wednesday of former FBI director and bipartisanly honored straight… Read

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Review: ‘Sojourners’ And ‘Her Portmanteau’ Add A Rich New Voice; Derren Brown’s A Mental Case

The New York Theatre Workshop, led by James Nicola, ranks very high among those irreplaceable off-Broadway institutions that, to use Donald Trump’s famed expression, prime the pump delivering fresh voices to our stages and invaluable perspective on our times. Here is where Rent was launched, as well as Once, Caryl Churchill’s devastating Mad Forest and David Bowie’s last project, the astonishing Lazarus. Often those voices are exposed early in their development, given… Read


Bart & Fleming: After ‘King Arthur’s Fall On Sword, Is There Room For New Franchises?

King Arthur

Peter Bart and Mike Fleming Jr. worked together for two decades at Daily Variety. In this weekly column, two old friends get together and grind their axes, mostly on the movie business FLEMING: Since I first read John Steinbeck's novelized version of The Acts Of King Arthur And His Noble Knights taken from Thomas Malory's Winchester Manuscripts, I've longed to see a new movie version that would meld advances in VFX into the fantastical elements of John Boorman's Excalibur… Read

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Review: ‘Venus’, Pulitzer Winner Suzan-Lori Parks’ Drama Revived

Her name was Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman, but in the years of her fame she was called the “Venus Hottentot,” much like Joseph Merrick who, some decades later, would become famous as the “Elephant Man.” Both were human beings exhibited as freaks in 19th-century London, attracted the attention of the medical establishment and, through the rear-view mirror of social history, have become icons of cruel exploitation. Saartjie Baartman deserves a film incarnation as magnificently… Read


A Modest Oscar Proposal: Reserve One Of Those Governors Awards For Brad Grey

Here's a modest proposal for the Academy's new board when it assembles this summer: Reserve one of those annual Governors Awards for Brad Grey, who died last night. Grey wasn't fully recognized as an Oscar player — public acknowledgment seemed more often to land with Harvey Weinstein or with the co-chiefs of Fox Searchlight, Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley. But it's hard to think of a studio chief who more consistently put films in the Best Picture ranks over the past dozen… Read

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Review: Alec Baldwin Segues Smoothly From Trump To Tillerson; ‘Golden Apple’ Revived

Shape-shifting seamlessly from his Saturday Night Live alter-ego as pouty President Trump to Boy Scouts-loving Secretary of State designee Rex Tillerson, Alec Baldwin led an all-star cast Thursday night in a live performance of testimony from the recent Senate interrogations of four Trump cabinet nominees. With timing that would have been comical had it not been so chilling in light of the week’s headlines out of Washington, All the President’s Men? Scenes from the Senate… Read


Peter Bart: Scott Stuber’s Growing Netflix Slate May Surprise Filmgoers & Stir Up Status Quo

Scott Stuber has started work at what is arguably the best job in town. Presiding over the feature slate of Netflix, Stuber will have formidable resources at his command to challenge the set-in-stone processes and procedures of Hollywood's studio system. As such, he will be a disruptor – albeit unexpected casting as one, since Stuber, 48, is himself a skilled corporate player, disciplined and thoughtful. But now he will build a studio without a studio structure, operating… Read


Michael Smerconish: Stephen Colbert Helped Normalize Donald Trump With Late Night Monologue

Michael Smerconish chastised late-night host Stephen Colbert’s Monday monologue for having said on CBS what Smerconish insists belongs on HBO. Colbert has sharpened his attacks on Trump, and been rewarded with a ratings spike, the CNN show host told viewers Saturday. “But Monday [Colbert] went too far with his Trump-Putin oral sex reference, which crossed the line.” “That line might be suitable for, say, Real Time with Bill Maher, but not network television, the so-called… Read