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Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs Urges Diversity & Inclusion In Pioneer Of The Year Speech – CinemaCon

Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs was honored Wednesday night at CinemaCon as Pioneer of the Year at the 76th annual Will Rogers Motion Picture Foundation Dinner, a part of every CinemaCon convention. She became only the fourth woman and first African American ever awarded the top honor by the charitable organization, which raised $1.1 million in proceeds. It was quite an impressive affair led off  by a videotaped tribute from Steven Spielberg, an Academy Governor… Read


Paramount, Disney & STX Show Exhibitors Exactly What They Came To See With Help From Clooney, Damon And The Rock (Again!) – CinemaCon

Julianne Moore, Matt Damon and George Clooney

CinemaCon came into full swing Tuesday with presentations from STX in the morning, Paramount in the afternoon, and Disney (including a screening of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) in the evening followed by an elaborate pirate-themed party. In between, STX again threw a lunch at Mr. Chow’s for exhibitors that had them lining up to take selfies with a very patient and cooperative Jessica Chastain, who is here in Las Vegas not only talking up Molly’s Game… Read


WGA Strike Talk: Insiders Lay Out What’s At Stake

Editors Note: As Hollywood braces for the possibility of its first work stoppage since the devastating 100-day WGA strike of 2007-2008, Deadline is opening the opportunity for insiders to dissect the thorny issues that created an impasse between the union and the studio reps over a new film/TV contract to replace the one that expires in May. We expect some of the dialogue here to be delivered anonymously at such a delicate time; the hope is to capture the challenges… Read


Bart & Fleming: Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman Drive Tempting Packages As Strike Talk Looms

Peter Bart and Mike Fleming Jr. worked together for two decades at Daily Variety. In this weekly column, two old friends get together and grind their axes, mostly on the movie business. FLEMING: Why does it seem like every week in Hollywood starts with such tumultuous twists and turns? Sure, Scott Stuber is now steering Netflix's movie moves, Jim Gianopulos starts the rebuild of Paramount Pictures, and Sony seems to have its list of candidates to replace Michael Lynton… Read

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Broadway Review: In ‘Sweat’, Trump’s Pipe Dream Deferred; ‘Dear Evan Hansen’

Sharp and threatening as a box cutter blade, Lynn Nottage’s drama Sweat opened last fall at the Public Theater shortly before the election, an unnervingly prescient reality check even before Donald Trump’s victory. “No play in recent memory has shed more light on the crises and tribulations of America’s great retrenched working middle class,” I wrote then, and that remains true these five tumultuous months later. With one cast change (Alison Wright, The Americans‘ Martha… Read

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Broadway Review: ‘Miss Saigon’ Returns, ‘Copter & Caddie Intact; Glittering ‘New Yorkers’

The lumbering whirlibird with the dragonfly eyes and the glittering Cadillac have returned to Broadway, possibly, to steal a phrase from that other big revival down the street, back where they belong. Produced by Cameron Mackointosh, Miss Saigon landed here in 1991 with a record-breaking $32 million in the bank. But as fans of Babe Ruth learned on April 8, 1974, records are made for breaking, and this season the Bette Midler-led revival of Hello, Dolly! is playing the… Read


London Attack: Capital Carries On Amid New Reality

Sadly, the sort of deadly attack that hit London yesterday has become an all-too familiar occurrence throughout Europe in the past few years, from Paris to Nice and Berlin to Brussels — and even came one year to the day after bombings in the latter city killed 35 people. In the wake of some of these incidents, many public gathering sites, including cinemas, opted to or were urged to close while suspects were still on the loose and authorities and communities struggled to… Read


Peter Bart: Donald Trump Turmoil – It’s Like ‘Being There’ All Over Again

"I like to watch." In uttering that line in the 1979 movie Being There, Chauncey Gardiner (Peter Sellers) was confessing his addiction to television. Now we have Donald Trump, who also likes to watch, except he watches Fox News and believes it; that gets him into trouble — witness the Comey hearings. Of course, Chauncey could neither read nor write, but his ignorance brought him great wealth and power. Sound familiar? I invoke Chauncey mainly because the line between… Read


Harvey Weinstein On Chuck Berry, Maybelline & Jimmy Breslin

Chuck Berry Jimmy Breslin Death

Editor’s Note: Harvey Weinstein is an occasional contributor to Deadline when he has something on his mind. This weekend, two icons of my youth passed. One was a fiery musician, Chuck Berry, the other a fiery journalist, Jimmy Breslin. I didn't know either of them well but had great encounters with the two. When I was 19 or 20 years old, I started my concert company with a partner named Corky Burger. The first concert we produced, because our university ran out of money… Read

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Review: Marisa Tomei Is Dazzled (And Confused) In ‘How To Transcend A Happy Marriage’

I don’t know how many Oscar-winning actresses are willing to take a deep dive into new work on stage, especially when there isn’t even the prospect of a Tony nomination in the offing. But here is Marisa Tomei, thrice nominated, with one win (as Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny, 1992) giving her all in Sarah Ruhl’s trippy How To Transcend A Happy Marriage, which opened Monday night at Lincoln Center Theater’s off-Broadway Mitzi E. Newhouse. The enticement isn’t difficult… Read


Peter Bart: ‘Casablanca’, The Classic Love Story & Refugee Saga, Takes On New Meaning In Era Of Travel Bans

Casablanca 75th Anniversary

It did not look or even sound like a Warner Bros set. An aura of anxiety hung over the actors, most of them recent arrivals to the U.S. Between takes there were urgent off-screen conversations about relatives who were stranded overseas. Even the director, with his limited command of English, was on the phone coping with family crises abroad. The set itself was a ragged replica of a destination in North Africa which, even as the shoot began, was being targeted for attack. C… Read

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Mark Ruffalo And Danny DeVito Square Off In ‘The Price’ – Broadway Review

From the moment he climbs onstage, cane in hand, specs at tip of nose, a snowy mustache and goatee encircling his mouth, and looking jauntily proper in three-piece pinstripe suit, Danny DeVito has us in the palm of his hands. Huffing as if this breath might well be his last, he surveys the scene, making small talk with the suspicious couple who have asked him here. Producing a notebook and pencil, he begins jotting down figures. That harp in the corner? Beautiful gilding… Read