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Women In Hollywood: When Greta Gerwig Went Back To Her Past For ‘Lady Bird’, Saoirse Ronan Brought It To Life

On Lady Bird's first day of filming, Saoirse Ronan overheard a line that set the tone of the whole shoot. Newbie director Greta Gerwig bounced onto set, turned to the cinematographer, and grinned, "This is the happiest I've ever been in my life." Gerwig was in her hometown to shoot a personal—though not, she stresses, autobiographical—story about a Sacramento-born blonde (check) graduating high school shortly after 9/11 (check) who squabbles with her mother, a nurse… Read


‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Director Chris McKay Talks “Punk Rock” Take On The Batman Universe

With his first theatrically-released feature, director Chris McKay got to enter the studio sandbox and play with one of his all-time favorite characters: Batman. Having worked with Phil Lord and Christopher Lord on The Lego Moviea mega-hit for Warner Bros. grossing nearly $470 million worldwide—McKay was a natural fit to helm The LEGO Batman Movie (the first of two follow-up features, the other being The LEGO Ninjago Movie), given his passion for the character, which… Read


‘Downsizing’ VFX Supervisor James E. Price On Satire’s “Spectacularly Banal” Effects

When visual effects supervisor James E. Price met with Alexander Payne regarding Downsizing—his first film in which visual effects play a major role—Price expressed his desire to work on the film, calling it a dream job. “Why?” Payne inquired. “It doesn’t have a lot of the traditional things maybe associated with visual effects.” But this is precisely the reason why Price had to be involved. Having worked on blockbusters like The Lord of the Rings and Pacific Rim, Price… Read


‘SNL’: James Franco Gets Help From Seth Rogen & Jonah Hill, Bleeds Comedy

James Franco kicked off his fourth turn as host of Saturday Night Live – an unspecial milestone that doesn’t come with a commemorative jacket – with a little help from friends Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and, best of all, an embittered Steve Martin, who whined angrily from his spot in the audience, “I used to be the center of attention.” Aside from the cameos, and as SNL monologues go, Franco’s opener was otherwise unmemorable. His contributions to the show’s later sketches… Read


‘Saturday Night Live’ Tackles Sexual Harassment: Lots Of Jokes, Fewer Laughs

Remember all those minutes ago when Saturday Night Live stood accused of ignoring Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandals and crimes? Now the phrase “making up for lost time” seems to be hovering over the NBC comedy like so many groping Christmas spirits. Last night’s episode, hosted by James Franco, hit the subject often, though rarely with the fresh, gleeful mix of blunt force trauma and expert precision that’s powered the best of the show’s Trump-era political sketches… Read


‘SNL’: Al Franken, Roy Moore On Santa’s Naughty List In Cold Open

UPDATE, with video No political impressions or surprise guests to kick off tonight’s Saturday Night Live cold open – instead, the NBC comedy went with a Christmas bit that had a bunch of wised-up kids asking Kenan Thompson’s shopping mall Santa questions like, “Can you tell me, what did Al Franken do?” Asked the little boy in a reindeer sweater, “And what kinda list is Roy Moore on?” “It’s more of a registry,” replied Kate McKinnon’s helpful elf, asking Santa to refrain… Read


Carlos Saldanha On Expanding The World Of ‘Ferdinand’

The director of a number of films in the Ice Age and Rio series—the latter taking place in his native Brazil—Carlos Saldanha knows his animals. With his latest, Ferdinand, Saldanha gives his take on the classic story of a pacifist fighting bull, first told in Munro Leaf’s classic 1936 children’s book, and later, in an Oscar-winning Disney short. A 2004 Oscar nominee for his Gone Nutty animated short, Saldanha would take Blue Sky Studios to its fourth Oscar nomination if… Read


‘Now We’re Talking’ Renewed For Season 2 On Go90, Expanded To 22-Minute Format

The Now We’re Talking discussion will continue. The digital comedy series created, produced, written by and starring Tommy Dewey and Tug Coker has been renewed on go90. The eight-episode second season will be expanded to a 22-minute format. The sophomore season of Now We’re Talking sees rival frenemies and ex-pro quarterbacks Tommy and Tug finding their stride as they take the leap into professional broadcasting, after gone to broadcasting school and called high school… Read


WGA Awards: Top TV Noms Include ‘Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Americans’, ‘GLOW’

WGA Awards 2016

The WGA has announced the TV nominees for the 2018 Writers Guild Awards, which will be handed out February 11 in dual ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York. The group also revealed nominations for new media, news, radio/audio and promotion writing categories. Among the surprises is a Comedy Series nom for Netflix freshman GLOW, which takes on 1980s female pro wrestling. It will go up against such awards-season regulars as HBO’s Veep, Silicon Valley and resurrected Curb Yo… Read


‘SNL’ Promo: Skating James Franco Hits The 30 Rock Ice – Hard

James Franco – actor, director, novelist, student of many schools – can’t do everything, as this new promo for NBC’s Saturday Night Live makes very clear. In it, we see the ever-cool Franco, who is set to host SNL this weekend, with musical guest SZA, enter the famed skating rink at the base of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. With Olympics-like music playing, Franco straps on some blue skates, nods at the camera, and then gets schooled on his ice skills by a… Read


‘Coco’ Director Lee Unkrich On His Journey Into The Heart Of Mexico, Firsthand & On Screen

Winning an Oscar seven years ago for Toy Story 3—his solo directorial debut—Pixar’s Lee Unkrich looks to be a certain frontrunner again this year with his gorgeously colorful, thematically powerful Día de Muertos drama Coco. Centered on the young, musically-talented Miguel, the film charts the boy’s journey to the Land of the Dead, as he follows his dream—in spite of his conservative upbringing—and visits his deceased ancestors in their domain. Set in Mexico—with the… Read


‘Captain Underpants’ Director David Soren On Importance Of Experimenting With Narrative Style In Animation

In the late 1990s, Dav Pilkey launched the first children’s novel of the Captain Underpants series—a series which would become tremendously popular among young readers. Despite the series’ acclaim, it has taken 20 years to see a big screen adaptation, largely because it took Pilkey that long to find someone with whom he could trust his beloved property. If Pilkey were to agree to a film adaptation, he surely couldn’t find a better director for the project than David… Read