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Sony Hit With Third Hacking Class Action Lawsuit By “Left In The Dark” Ex-Employees

Sony Pictures

The Interview may be pulled and the North Koreans may be behind the ravaging hack that has hit Sony but the lawsuits continue. In the space of as many days, the studio this week has been whacked with another class action from former employees over the massive and revealing data breach that has left tens of thousands of social security numbers, medical records, emails and other personal information out on the World Wide Web. Like the two lawsuits this one is seeking a… Read


Sony Hack Needs Tempered Response, White House Says

Josh Earnest

It's important the United States government not play into the hands of those responsible for the cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment by over-reacting, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at today's White House press briefing. Earnest declined to pin the attack on the North Korean government — an announcement the media is expecting to come today from the Justice Department. The investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice in to who is… Read


Foreign Language Oscar Shortlist: A Preview Of Possibilities, Part 3

foreign language oscar pic

Here's the final entry in my annual assessment of movies that have a chance to pass the first stage of the Foreign Language Oscar race. We expect the shortlist to come out tomorrow and I'm expecting a number of the films I've profiled below, and here and here, will make the grade. I spoke with the directors of the films about their inspirations and expectations and I also checked in with the U.S. distributors about why they bought the movies. Below is a look at the final… Read


Andrew Lloyd Webber Will Bring ‘School of Rock’ Musical To Broadway


Cuba-U.S. detente has nothing on the hotly competitive Shubert and Nederlander organizations. Broadway's two biggest landlords are suddenly looking like BFF's as co-producers on hoped-for blockbuster shows (not for the first time, it should be noted; in 1981 they famously co-produced The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby, among others. But still…). They're teaming with Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group and the Warner Music Group for the world premier of a new… Read


Fox News Should Air All Of ‘The Interview,’ Says Kimmel “Campaign” – Video

Jimmy Kimmel live logo

Fox News Channel rising star Megyn Kelly was ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's guest last night when the big news was the Justice Department's upcoming announcement that the Sony hacking attack, and subsequent threats to movie theaters, are believed to be the work of the North Korean government, in retaliation for the studio's movie The Interview. Kelly and Kimmel agreed Sony needed to get the movie - a now-mothballed comedy about a bumbling talk show host and his… Read


Emerson Stone, Long-Time CBS News Radio Executive, Dies At 86

Emerson Stone large horizontal

Former CBS News Executive Emerson Stone, a two-time Peabody Award winner, has died at the age of 86, from complications of a fall in his Greenwich, Conn., home on Sunday. He died Monday at Greenwich Hospital. Stone worked for CBS News nearly 35 years, first in radio, where he brought Charles Osgood to the network, and led it to 24-hour news coverage. He also oversaw the 1977 radio broadcast of Ask President Carter, a live two-hour program hosted by Walter Cronkite. Stone… Read


Byron Pitts Replacing Dan Abrams As ‘Nightline’ Anchor


Byron Pitts is replacing Dan Abrams as Nightline anchor; Abrams will remain ABC News' chief legal analyst, news division chief James Goldston announced this morning. Pitts came to ABC News in 2013, after serving as chief national correspondent for CBS Evening News and a 60 Minutes contributor. The memo: Team, I want to share big news for two of our key players, Dan Abrams and Byron Pitts. Earlier this year Dan came to talk to me about taking on a new role at ABC News and… Read


Stephen Colbert Sells Michael Stipe And Other Props As ‘The Colbert Report’ Comes To A Close – Video

Stephen Colbert Letterman

Stephen Colbert  and Comedy Central last night began winding down The Colbert Report in a big way. Colbert sold off his 9-year accumulation of “meaningful keepsakes” in a yard sale — including his shelf decoration Michael Stipes, who wound up going for 25 cents. Colbert raised $312,470 for two charities, raffling off his set's "iconic desk and legendary fireplace"; the rest of the set is being sold as industrial meat filler to a national fast-food chain, Colbert… Read


‘The Interview’ A No-Go Internationally As Well

The Interview

Deadline can confirm that international audiences won't get to see The Interview either.  Sony's statement Wednesday that the studio was pulling the U.S. Christmas Day release of the Seth Rogen-James Franco picture did not explicitly mention the film's international roll-out, which had been set for after the New Year. We have now learned that Sony has no plans to release the film anywhere for the foreseeable future. The news comes despite the lack- at least in public- of… Read


Foreign Language Oscar Shortlist: A Preview Of Possibilities, Part 2

foreign language oscar pic

Below is Part 2 of my annual look at the films that have a shot at making the Foreign Language Oscar shortlist. There are 83 submissions this year with some truly remarkable films in the bunch — and no 100% frontrunner. Here's a refresher on how the nine films are chosen for the shortlist which is expected to be revealed tomorrow: The phase one committee determines six of the candidates, and the other three entries are selected by the Foreign Language Film Award Executive… Read


Craig Ferguson Welcomes Replacement James Corden To ‘Late Late Show’ – Video


James Corden stopped by CBS's Late Late Show tonight to kick the tires. It went well. “Are you ready for this?” Ferguson asked Corden. “I think so,” Corden responded hesitantly. “I'm delighted you're taking over, and I'm very very sorry for what's about to happen,” Ferguson said, adding, “You sure you want to do it?” “I think it's too late, Craig — but you're looking good,” Corden observed hopefully. “That's because I'm leaving!” Ferguson joshed. “You'll be fine. People… Read


Japan-North Korea Talks Seen Unaffected By Sony Hack Attack Revelations

Sony Hacked

As Deadline reported yesterday, the U.S. Justice Department is expected to imminently announce that North Korean leaders did indeed order the cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment. Among many other things, the attack led to the studio's move to scrap all plans to release The Interview — which features an assassination attempt on North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un. With the dust hardly settled in this ongoing situation, the effect on geopolitics remains a… Read