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Will Amazon’s Deal With Whole Foods Boost Its Media & Retail Ecosystem?

Amazon isn’t just a master at selling stuff. It’s also a shrewd buyer — as its $13.7 billion agreement this morning to acquire Whole Foods demonstrates. Usually, in a big deal like this one, investors respond to the news by driving down the acquirer’s shares. But Amazon ended the day up 3%. Buyers are optimistic that CEO Jeff Bezos will boost Amazon’s revenues and reach by establishing a foothold in the nearly $1 trillion a year U.S. grocery business. That could be reason… Read


‘Julius Caesar’, The NEA, Delta Airlines And ‘The Alice’s Restaurant Massacree’

UPDATE Monday afternoon: The National Endowment for the Arts, which is facing a Trump administration effort to eliminate the agency, issued a statement distancing itself from the Public Theater’s Julius Caesar production “to correct a misunderstanding” about funding. Read more here. EARLIER: On Sunday afternoon, a few hours before the Tony Awards, Delta Airlines declared that the Public Theater had gone beyond the boundaries of civil discourse with its production of… Read


Tonys Review: Kevin Spacey Does Bill Clinton And Johnny Carson As Bette Midler Drowns Out The Band In A Low-Key Show

With no Hamilton to electrify the TV audience, the 71st Tony Awards tried hard to generate some excitement Sunday night with first-time host Kevin Spacey and a slew of competitive races that jazzed the Broadway crowd. Whether that fed the national audience, tomorrow’s ratings will reveal. For the theater fans, there were a few surprises and even an upset or two in a mostly non-political, nearly old-fashioned show. Stephen Colbert got in some choice digs at the President… Read

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How Much Profit Will ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men’ Tell?

Despite any talk of franchise fatigue at the domestic box office, or a splattering from Rotten Tomatoes, the larger story for Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is told in its global tally, which as of this morning has a worldwide start of $326 million, the 20th-best worldwide debut of all time. According to Deadline film finance sources, the consensus is that Pirates 5 is looking forward to an estimated profit north of $280M after all revenue… Read

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Broadway B.O. Inches Up For A Few Plays During The New Season’s First Week

With the rains came Week 1 of the 2017-2018 Broadway season, showing a glimmer of sunshine through the clouds that have been hovering above the Street’s non-musicals. Newcomer 1984, at the Ambassador Theatre Group’s Hudson Theatre, was up $85K to $298K for seven previews (a  very strong ad campaign surely has been helping). Among the Tony best play contenders, A Doll’s House, Part 2, at the Shubert Organization’s Golden, was up $95K to $420K, 58 per cent of gross… Read


Women Lead The Charge Toward A Gender Balance Not Seen In The History Of Entertainment — Deadline Disruptors

Last year, all it took was a hashtag, #OscarsSoWhite, to re-energize an important conversation. Twelve months later, Moonlight director Barry Jenkins made history by becoming the first African-American filmmaker to be nominated for Best Director, Picture and Screenplay at the Academy Awards. And, as everyone knows, his film went on to take the Best Picture Oscar—literally—from the hands of the favorites, the makers of La La Land. Meanwhile, a similar conversation about… Read


China As Holy Grail & Headache: How It’s Influencing Hollywood Strategy – Deadline Disruptors

China's breakneck box-office growth may have ground to a sputter in 2016, but one need only look at the recent success of The Fate Of The Furious for proof there is still gas in the market. Last month, F8 crossed 2.43 billion RMB to become the No. 1 import ever in the market. As of Sunday, it has climbed to 2.662 billion RMB ($386.7 million). That performance reflects what has become a source of excitement and consternation for Hollywood. In the five years since it paved… Read


Roger Ailes Created TV News As Contact Sport

Love him or hate him – and few consumers of media were uncertain — Roger Ailes was widely considered to be the most influential political-media figure of these times. Ailes died this morning at 77, reportedly of complications from a fall days earlier that put him in a coma. His death, which first was announced on Drudge Report, came less than a year after being ousted from Fox News under a cloud of harassment allegations, triggered by a lawsuit against Ailes filed by… Read


Roger Ailes & Fox News: A Legacy Of Cable Era Success, And Excess

Roger Ailes was a nationally known figure before 1996, when Rupert Murdoch hired him to launch Fox News Channel. But FNC will define the part of his legacy that he most coveted: The TV producer and political consultant wanted to be seen as a shrewd businessman — equal, if not superior, to his bosses at NBC and Fox. His record is mixed, at best. Ailes, who died today at 77, was no manager: He ran FNC as a fiefdom, demanding personal loyalty and success at any cost as he… Read


With A New WGA Contract In Place, Now It’s SAG-AFTRA’s Turn To Deal

Now that the WGA has reached a deal on new film and TV contract, it's SAG-AFTRA's turn, and the actors union will be tackling many of the same issues the writers dealt with when it sits down with management this month to hammer out a new three-year pact. "There are a lot of the same issues – pay rates for new media, options and exclusivity issues that hold film actors to future deals, and SVOD residuals," a knowledgeable source told Deadline. The WGA made significant… Read


Cannes: 70th Fest Welcomes Netflix, TV Series, VR & Lots Of Nicole Kidman

"It's been a very intense few weeks and months," said Cannes Film Festival chief Thierry Frémaux as he unveiled the lion's share of the Official Selection for the 70th anniversary edition this morning in Paris. Explaining why there had been so little revealed ahead of today, Frémaux said many films "arrived very late" and noted the festival has set a bar that is "not negligible" which made his team's search "longer and more stressful." However, response to today’s lineup… Read

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How ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ Beat ‘Deadpool’ & ‘Rogue One’ – The Data Behind The Dollars

The Secret Life Of Pets Movie Profit

This is Illumination Entertainment chief Chris Meledandri’s second trip up the proverbial ladder to cut the nets as the victor of Deadline’s Most Valuable Blockbuster tournament. He won in 2013 for Despicable Me 2. According to our experts who looked extensively at the behind-the-curtain data to derive the net profit and Cash on Cash Return that means most to studios, The Secret Life Of Pets beat out a slew of strong contenders, several of which surpassed the… Read