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Donald Trump’s Presidency Is Right On Time For Another WGA Strike

Since the first writers' strike of 1960, there have been 12 U.S. presidents – five Democrats and seven Republicans, and yet all six WGA strikes occurred during Republican administrations. And if the guild launches its seventh strike in May, as threatened, it will once again be under a Republican administration. There weren't any WGA strikes during the presidencies of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson or John F. Kennedy. But there was one during the… Read

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Weinstein Company’s ‘Lion’ B.O. Cume Surpasses $50M This Weekend

The Weinstein Company's Lion crossed $50M this weekend, becoming the fifth title among the year's Best Picture nominees to surpass that box office threshold. Nominated for six Oscars, Lion grossed $784K in 621 theaters on its 17th weekend, taking its cume to $50,050,614. With a weekend per-theater-average of $1,262, Lion lands 11th in the overall box office, just above Lionsgate's La La Land, which took in $530K in 585 locations Friday to Sunday. "We're so proud of this… Read

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‘T2 Trainspotting’ Hits Weekend’s 2nd Best Average; ‘Song To Song’ So-So – Specialty Box Office

Danny Boyle's T2 Trainspotting opened to solid numbers in its initial run of five theaters this weekend. The Sony release grossed $180K, coming in behind weekend juggernaut Beauty And the Beast in terms of per theater average. Broad Green Pictures opened Terrence Malick's latest Song To Song in several locations, taking in just under $54K, while Music Box bowed French filmmaker Franćois Ozon's Frantz in two theaters, grossing $18.5K. CBS Films jumped The Sense Of an Ending… Read


Hollywood Bull: Investment Banker Says Movie Studio Tentpoles Are Still A Good Game For Institutional Investors

Is the Hollywood global studio-driven tentpole a dying model? Cowen & Co.'s Doug Creutz earlier this week issued a pessimistic appraisal of the high-stakes global blockbuster game as an investment opportunity. His withering predictions creased the Armani suit of one investment banker/financier, who invests institutional capital with major studios and formerly produced event films. It bothered him enough that the banker, who preferred to remain anonymous so he could freely… Read


Hollywood Bear: Why Media Analyst Is Gloomy About The Movies

Hollywood’s filled with talented storytellers, including executives when they craft creative arguments to portray movie-making as a vibrant business with ample growth opportunities. So it’s no wonder that many of them grind their teeth this time each year when Cowen and Co. Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst Doug Creutz releases his annual report with an alternate view — one that deems movie studios an “investment negative.” His latest release, out this week… Read


Cannes Speculation: Payne, Coppola, Haneke & What Isn’t Festival-Bound

The Cannes Film Festival will celebrate its 70th birthday beginning in a little over two months, and that means it's time to start the stroll poll of who'll be on the red carpet for the fest that runs May 17-28. With the majority of the Official Selection set to be unveiled in Paris on April 13, speculation is at a fever pitch as to what titles fest chief Thierry Frémaux will include for the landmark edition. It's still early days and nothing is confirmed until Frémaux… Read


Reviewing Al Pacino, Broadway’s Collateral Damage And Air For Sale, Cheap: Gerard & Roth

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline theater critic Jeremy Gerard and Jujamcyn Theatres president Jordan Roth discuss the hottest topics on the Rialto, the only precondition being: no holds barred. GERARD: I'm wondering whether Significant Other, which opened last week on Broadway, will end up as, to use that Vietnam-era euphemism, collateral damage in the aftermath of Charles Isherwood's abrupt departure from The New York Times. I know you loved this play when it opened at the… Read


Peter Bart: As Superhero Season Begins, Will Demand For More Violent, R-Rated Fare Hurt Teen & Family Demos?

The buoyant launch of Logan has been greeted with a sigh of relief in mainstream Hollywood. The superhero season has begun, the big bucks are flowing again, and the costly confusions of Oscar time are behind us. But here's the rub: The superhero factories are sending forth confused signals of their own. The business model that has sustained Hollywood for a generation now confronts some serious questions as the market faces saturation. Can the comic book genre satisfy the… Read

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‘Moonlight’ Takes $2.5M In Big Post-Oscar Expansion – Specialty Box Office

This weekend gold turns to green, with A24 wasting no time expanding Barry Jenkins' Best Picture winner Moonlight into wide release. The feature grossed over $2.52M in 1,564 theaters, more than double last week's count. Israeli pic The Women's Balcony debuted well in two theaters, grossing just over $18K. Oscar-nominated animation pic My Life As a Zucchini expanded, taking in $44K. Fox Searchlight's comedy Table 19 with Anna Kendrick and Lisa Kudrow grossed over $1.57M in… Read


‘The Great Wall’s Yin & Yang: Cautionary Tale Or Building Block?

Legendary/Universal's The Great Wall won’t scale the hoped-for box office heights its partners had eyed on the mega China-U.S. co-production. Just how great the losses are is up for debate, but they start at about $70 million. Wanda-owned Legendary has myriad partners in the mix including China Film Group and Le Vision Pictures on the reported $150M-budgeted fantasy. Universal, which has rights outside China, was in for roughly 20% — and is looking at a less than $10M… Read

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‘Moonlight,’ Oscar’s Surprise Best Picture Winner, Will Shine Wide This Weekend

EXCLUSIVE: In its 20th weekend at the box office, A24’s Moonlight will expand to 1,500-plus theaters following its three Oscar wins Sunday. That’s a bigger expansion than last year’s Best Picture winner Spotlightwhich jumped to 1,227 theaters, and 2015’s Birdmanwhich flew to 1,213. Similar to those Best Pic winners, Moonlight‘s win comes at a time when it’s already available on DVD and electronic sellthrough/rental. Currently, the movie is in play at 585 venues and… Read

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What Oscar’s Best Picture Snafu Spells For ‘Moonlight’ & ‘La La Land’ At The B.O.; There’s A Surprising Takeaway

After its surprise Best Picture Oscar win last night, what now for A24’s Moonlight Quite similar to the recent Best Picture winners before it, i.e. last year’s Spotlight and 2015’s Birdman, Moonlight already is streaming in homes on  transactional VOD and will hit DVD shelves tomorrow. Despite major chains’ refusal to book movies that are already occupying their second and third ancillary windows, exceptions typically are made for Best Picture winners. A24 will reveal… Read