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Remembering Mike Nichols, Accidental Legend

Josh Boone Says Warner Bros Will Turn Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Into Four Films

the stand

Just when it seemed like studios like Warner Bros had surrendered themselves to superheroes and low-risk sequels, The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone says that the studio plans to allow him to turn Stephen King's epic novel The Stand into a four-part franchise. The studio has been trying to figure out what I would say is King's finest novel, in which the civilized world ends due to a viral genocide and the remaining population comes together in a battle between… Read


Norman Lear Nixed ‘All In The Family’ Reboot For Sony

Chipotle World Premiere Of Original Comedy Web Series "Farmed And Dangerous"

Would there be an audience today for a new version of All In The Family? Sony recently asked legendary TV producer Norman Lear - who created the original series - to consider the possibility, he told an audience at the Paley Center this morning during a conversation with Netflix's Ted Sarandos. “'Forget the Bunkers, forget the characters you know,'” he says the company told him. “Just do an All In The Family kind of show. They can be a Caucasian family or Latino family… Read

Box Office

‘Hunger Games’ Devours $17M To Open Arctic Box Office Weekend


The eastern seaboard's deep freeze couldn't keep away those Hunger Games fanatics determined to pay $17M in tribute to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, which began its pummeling of the box office competition Thursday night — though with less severity than its predecessors. Though more sluggish out of the gate than earlier Hunger installments, the third rendition of the Y.A. juggernaut remains a social media phenom. The Jennifer Lawrence series measured RelishMix's… Read


Bill Cosby To Remain In ‘Painted Down’ Docu As It Seeks Distribution Deal

Painted Down Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby may have been dumped by everyone else amid allegations of sexual abuse, but documentary filmmaker Nonie Robinson is sticking by him. Cosby was one of many black actors she's interviewed for her documentary Painted Down, which tells the little-known history of white stunt performers who were "painted down" to make them look black so that they could double for black actors. In his interview for the film, Cosby recounted how this was done to his white stuntman on… Read


Bravo Renews ‘Untying The Knot’ For Second Season

Untying the Knot - Season 1

Bravo has greenlit a second season of Untying The Knot with celebrity attorney and mediator Vikki Ziegler. Series follows Ziegler as she travels the country helping struggling couples “divorce with dignity”. Season 2 expands to a 60-minute format as Ziegler helps couples divvy up their belongings, which can range from dazzling diamonds to family pets. Also returning for the second season are Michael and Mark Millea, who evaluate and appraise the items that are in… Read


Obama’s Speech: East Coast Stations Thumb Nose At Networks And Carry POTUS


UPDATED: NBC's New York flagship station thumbed its nose at the network Thursday night and took President Obama's speech live, rather than airing The Biggest Loser at 8 PM, as NBC had planned. Fox's O&O's all carried the speech live as well, including WNYW in the country's largest TV market. Wednesday, the broadcast networks made news of their own when they decided not to carry Obama's 15-minute speech live from the White House on the East Coast. ABC instead stuck with… Read


Stephen Colbert Explains Obama’s Immigration Speech – Video

Stephen Colbert Letterman

Stephen Colbert last night joined the TV news caterwauling over President Obama's immigration speech: ” At 8 PM Mexican Standard Time, Generalissimo Obama announced his unilateral plan to allow four million illegal immigrants to remain in America without fear of deportation…My great grandfather did not come here from Ireland to see America overrun by immigrants. He came here because he killed a guy. What happened to checks and balances sir? There's supposed to be three… Read

Box Office

‘Imitation Game’ No Pretender At UK Box Office


The Imitation Game has played a huge part in reclaiming the priceless contribution made by Alan Turing during World War II, with Benedict Cumberbatch deservedly receiving strong notices for his performance as the brilliant and tragic scientist. For a film that celebrates mathematical genius, it is perhaps fitting that some new analysis is revealing just how stellar its UK box office opening has been. Morten Tyldum's film outperformed expectations with its eye-catching… Read


Aereo Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Aereo Supreme Court

The streaming company says it filed for voluntary Chapter 11 reorganization at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in NYC due to “the uncertain regulatory and legal climate” following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in June that Aereo must pay broadcasters to retransmit their free, over-the-air signals. "Even with significant victories in the federal district courts in New York and Boston and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the reversal of the Second Circuit decision in June… Read


Cosby Lawyer: “Media-Driven Feeding Frenzy” Is “Utter Nonsense”

Bill Cosby

Beverly Hills attorney Marty Singer lashed out at the media today for its handling of the Bill Cosby sex abuse scandal, while also questioning the motives and credibility of his client's accusers. “We've reached the point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous,” said Singer, who long has practiced extreme offense as a form of public defense for his clients. This is the man who just last month threatened Google with a $100 million lawsuit over hacked… Read


NFL Moves Jets-Bills To Monday Night; CBS Will Air It In NYC, Buffalo Markets

bills-jet game snow

The massive snowstorm that has buried Buffalo, NY, has forced the NFL to call an audible. The league said tonight that the Buffalo Bills' home game against their in-state and division rival New York Jets has been moved from Sunday afternoon to Monday night in Detroit. CBS will air the game at 7 PM Eastern in the NYC and Buffalo-area markets. The schedule shift means ESPN could lose a big chunk of viewers in the country's No. 1 TV market for its Monday Night Football… Read


Towering John Lithgow Dominates ‘Delicate Balance’ Revival On Broadway

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 5.09.20 PM

A storm rages at the center of the Broadway revival of Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance. Although camouflaged in the elegant, comfortable mufti of the affluent upper classes, it's leveling everyone in its wake while leaving the building intact, like a neutron bomb. Its name is John Lithgow. Don't be fooled by the Fair Isle sweater vest, the plaid trousers and tattersall shirt, the leather elbow patches. Don't get comfortable. Devastation looms like the unnamed terror… Read


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