UPDATE with more info: Martha Holdridge appears to have left as SAG-AFTRA’s Chief Human Resources Officer. However, a SAG-AFTRA spokesperson said Deadline’s report that the exec, Martha Holdridge, was terminated was wrong, and she was still on staff.

During a call earlier in the day to the union’s main switchboard, however, the operator said there was “no Martha Holdridge.”

Earlier in the day, when asked whether Holdridge had left, the union spokesperson said “we do not comment on personnel matters.

“However, five years into merger,” the spokesperson added, “it should come as no surprise that we are doing a deep-dive review of our operational structure. We know that some things are working well and that some things need adjustment. The only way we can serve a growing membership in a changing industry is to constantly improve, which we are committed to doing.”

Holdridge is one of the union’s highest-paid executives, earning $255,871 in 2015, according to SAG-AFTRA’s latest financial report filed with the U.S. Department of Labor.

She joined the Screen Actors Guild human resources department in 2002 as manager. After the 2012 merger with AFTRA, Holdridge was appointed executive director, human resources and administration, and charged with integrating the two staffs and office operations. She was named Chief Human Resources Officer in 2014, managing a workforce of more than 500 SAG-AFTRA employees nationwide.