Jimmy Kimmel orchestrated an ER reunion together with guest George Clooney. How did that go?

“Julianna Margulies?”asked Clooney, in his doctor coat, addressing mysteriously ill patient Kimmel.
“She’s filming The Good Wife so she couldn’t make it,” Kimmel explained.

“Noah Wyle?” Clooney asked.
“He wanted to be here, but he’s got a thing with his family: Taco Tuesday,” Kimmel confessed.

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That's the point.... The skit was pathetic and not funny even tho he has a ton of...
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When your done counting numbers don't forget to laugh
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Kimmel isn't even in Corden's league and Corden's show is on an hour later. This video has...

Eric LaSalle has jury duty.  Sherry Stringfield couldn’t get an Uber.

Eventually Hugh Laurie shows up, clarifying he “was not technically on ER – I was on House” (And, Clooney’s co-star – though on Tomorrowland).

“That’s close enough,” Clooney declared. Together, they diagnose Kimmel’s condition, and save him by performing “Rapper’s Delight” – a miracle of modern made-for-TV medicine.