Sean Hannity has booked Donald Trump for his full hour of his Fox News Channel primetime show on Monday which will be telecast live from Nevada. That’s two days after the GOP South Carolina primary, and the night before the Nevada GOP caucuses.

Trump is a heavy favorite in South Carolina. But, polling-wise Nevada is pretty wackadoodle, as all-things-polling FiveThirtyEight has noted, so pundits tend to give it a miss.

Last night, Trump won CNN’s two-night, six-hour GOP town hall-a-thon, clocking 3.4M viewers and 989K news-demo viewers. Meanwhile, Hannity home Fox News clocked 1.86M viewers and 445K news demo viewers in the hour, and MSNBC averaged 1.66M viewers and 387K news-demo viewers.

M Day
5 months
Why wouldn't Hannity have Trump for the full hour? He is so far ahead of everyone else....
Dennis Brown
5 months
The last two books TRUMP released will go a LONG way toward giving details for changes he...
Joanne Rasmussen
5 months
Hannity is bringing on the front runner who SHOULD get more time than the others. I'll be...