Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios is launching a comedy talk show in 2016. Trending Funny, the company’s 40th series, is a daily one-hour talkfest hosted by a panel of comedians that features celebrity guests discussing what’s trending on social media and talking about pop culture.

“We believe Trending Funny is the perfect show for daytime television in an environment that desperately needs something fresh, current, and funny,” said Allen, founder, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios, in a statement. “The show is guaranteed to keep people informed and laughing.”

The show will be produced and distributed by Entertainment Studios.

7 months
Next time Noriega needs to come out of a hideaway, pipe this in.
The Agent
7 months
Byron is a hit-maker. I wish I had 10% of that guy.
7 months
"Panel of comedians" the utterly horrid "Comics Unleashed", this means they're just going to rehash their standup...