'The Martian' Wins Golden Globe For Best Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy

Shocking no one, least of all those of us who might have genuinely teared up by the end of the film, Ridley Scott’s ode to the power of science and the human spirit, The Martian, has taken home the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical. This is the second win for the film – star Matt Damon took home the prize for best actor in a comedy earlier tonight.

The categorization of The Martian as a comedy instead of a drama prompted plenty of jokes throughout the night, but in the end it seems to have been to the film’s benefit. It competed against much, much lighter fare, and one film built around a more contentious and difficult subject, rather than a potential tougher fight in the drama category.

Matt Damon in Ridley Scott's The MartianAccepting the award on behalf of the film production, Ridley Scott kicked his speech off talking about the success of The Martian preceding the much more massive success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “We had success and Star Wars‘ majestic success, it’s inspiring,” he said. “You gotta stay hungry and keep your eyes on the ball.”

Scott went on to thank the crew, the full cast by name, as well as his wife and family.

Based on the 2011 novel by Andy Weir, The Martian stars Matt Damon as an astronaut accidentally stranded alone on Mars. It tells the story of the efforts by NASA on Earth and by his fellow astronauts in the ship traveling between Mars and Earth to rescue him as he fights to survive in a completely inhospitable environment.

The Martian faced off against a surprisingly diverse slew of competitors, among them David O. Russell’s biopic Joy, Adam McKay’s look at the 2007 financial crisis The Big Short, Melissa McCarthy’s espionage comedy Spy, and Amy Schumer’s smash hit romantic comedy Trainwreck.

  1. Having recently watched – and quite enjoyed – this flick, I have to say I never noticed it was supposed to be a comedy.

    1. It was not. The people who made the movie put it in that category because the other categories had too much competition. This was something alot of people talked about when it was nominated

  2. Odd choice considering the category is “best musical or comedy”. Must have been a really bad year for real musicals and comedies.

  3. I would go further and say that not only is Martian not a comedy, but neither are Joy and The Big Short. They are dramas with a few comedic moments sprinkled throughout, but almost any drama has that.

    This is why I hate that the Globes divide them. Bot that it matters, since the Globes and the entire HFPA are a joke

  4. This proves that it’s long past time for the comedy categories to be eliminated. They’ve become a kind of second-choice home for dramas; few actual comedies are nominated, and none ever win. The Globes fabled lack of integrity is emphasized by this ongoing farce.

  5. Some of the voters are from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Im sure there are plenty of voters in Asia who were laughing quite a bit at what Americans release as movies.

  6. I like the idea that if there’s too much competition in one category, you just switch to an easier category, even if you don’t belong in it.

    Maybe I’ll go play me some Pee Wee Football; I should really be able to tear up the field.

    1. I’m guessing that none of you have read the book the movie is based on which makes it clear that its comedy. Dark Comedy is still comedy! For example, he complains about disco music while he is fighting for his life!

  7. It’s simple when the classical definition of comedy is used: “A comedy is a story of the rise in fortune of a sympathetic central character.”

    Essentially, “The classic definition of tragedy and comedy is simply about the way the story ends: tragedy has a sad ending and comedy has a happy one.”

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