Sylvester Stallone On Rocky Balboa: “He Will Not Live On Forever” – Golden Globes

Can iconic film characters like Rocky Balboa ever die onscreen? Certain studio executives would answer “no” — claiming characters such as James Bond and Indiana Jones will live on forever. After all they’re more than characters, they’re a franchise business. Why kill them?

But according to Sylvester Stallone backstage at the Golden Globes tonight, even cinema’s greatest boxer is finite: “He will not live on forever. He represents what life is all about. It’s a cycle, and the greatest men have died. Really important men — doctors, Galileo. As it’s said in Creed‘Life is undefeated. Your time passes.'”

Further expounding, Stallone admitted, “I was very prepared in this movie to (have Rocky) pass on. So we left it at a point where he is ailing and left it up to the audience’s imagination.”

“What Creed says is that life is a one-strike baseball game. You get one chance and you better fight to leave it,” added the actor who won his first Globe tonight after being nominated in 1977 for Rocky in the best drama and screenplay categories. “That’s what Adonis gave Rocky: an ideal to live. Dying is easy. Living is hard.”

Stallone mentioned that he would be challenged today by the studio system if he tried to make Rocky. “If we released it today, it would be in 25 theaters,” he said about the changing tide in Hollywood moviemaking and the difficulty for individual artistic voices to break through. “The studios are always about the bottom line.”

  1. He deserves this award for a really fabulous career, not just Creed. He helped create two of the most iconic cinema characters of all time. Well played, Mr Stallone

  2. Sly, Ryan Coogler brought you back from the dead. How about a “thank you” at the Globes? No, I’m not black and yes, you created the character but this was Ryan’s movie. Come on, man. I expected more out of a 70 year old man.

    1. He DID thank Ryan Coogler. Blame NBC for cutting off a 70 year old man who was ill-prepared to give a speech and going to commercial.

  3. Can’t you people give it a rest? Why do you always have to make it an issue of color? Racism from the other side

  4. Fine, he created Rocky. But he should have made it about Creed. He was standing there accepted the award for the wrong movie.

      1. Stop with the race card. Sly put his most valuable possession into the hands of a black filmmaker and helped guide two black co-stars to good performances. Ask Carl Weathers or Mr. T. if they think Sly sees color. The guy is a legend – for everyone.

  5. Actually in many articles it says he went back and thanked them but it never aired. It’s a stressful moment, he’s old, people forget. Denzel forgot to thank his family and they were ON STAGE. Let’s leave race out of this.

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